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October 26, 2010 – Are you an Erbig Descendant? October 26, 2010

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I’ve been working on a pretty comprehensive history of the Erbig Family starting with Michael Erbig and Anna Kaiser in Germany.  Right now, with the help of some Erbig cousins I’ve meet on line, I’m getting a ton of great info.  But I still have several branches of the family unaccounted for.  So, are you an Erbig cousin?  If so, I’m looking for You!   Are you a descendant of any of these children of Charles August Erbig and Catherine Green of Jersey City, NJ and Ashaway, RI:

Julia Regina Erbig, born 23 Feb 1882, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married * Philip Weber, bet 1900 and 1902, Hudson Co., NJ; married * Amos Ebeneezer Handy, 1950, Washington Co., RI; died Dec 1954, Washington Co., RI.

 John D. Erbig, born 28 Oct 1884, Jersey City, New Jersey; married * Anna (Mary) Albrecht, abt 1906; died 1 Aug 1956, New Jersey.

 Dora Erbig, born Jul 1886, New Jersey; married Harry Lockwood, abt 1907, Probably New Jersey; died bet 1916 and 1941, Probably New Jersey.

 William Edward Erbig, born 7 Mar 1888, Jersey City, New Jersey; married Ida Amelotti?, abt 1911; married * Margaret V. Unknown; married Gertrude Schmidt Pampnel; died 16 Jul 1961, Rhode Island.

 Charles A. (M) Erbig was born on 31 Jan 1889 in Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ. He died on 5 Oct 1892 at the age of 3 in Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ.

 Elizabeth “Lizzie” Erbig, born 29 Aug 1894, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married Ed Pollack; married Ed Braun; married Charles Cole; died Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ.

 Florence Ada Erbig, born 22 Mar 1895, New Jersey; married * James Joseph McCarthy Sr., 2 Mar 1918, New Jersey; married * Horace Francis Card, 1954; died 13 Apr 1973.

 Raymond L.uke Erbig Sr., born 30 Dec 1896, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married Lillian Garrison, abt 1917; married Marguerite Knight or Wisdom, 26 Apr 1980, Los Angeles, California; died 25 Jun 1985, San Pedro, Los Angeles Co., CA.

 Robert Phillip Erbig Sr., born 9 Jan 1899, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married * Ann Edith Roome, abt 1919; died 25 Jun 1991, Hamilton, Gratiot, MI.

 Eva Josephine Erbig, born 31 Jan 1901, Hoboken, Hudson CO., NJ; married * Harold Albert Palmer Sr., 5 Sep 1920, New Jersey; died 30 Aug 1994, Richmond, Washington Co., RI.

Evelyn Lillian Erbig, born 9 Jan 1907, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married * Horace Francis Card, abt 1926; died 22 Nov 1996, Worcester, MA.

 Harold Erbig was born (date unknown).

I am a descendant of Julia’s.  I’m in contact with cousins that are descendants of John D’s, Florence “Ada” and Raymonds.  So if you are related to any of the other siblings, I’m REALLY looking for you.  I’m happy to share what I have learned about our family history in exchange for you filling in a few blanks on your side of the family.

To contact me, click on the “Leave a Comment” below this.


Octber 24, 2010 – Bayview – New York Bay Cemetery October 24, 2010

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Finally someone answered the phone at the Bayview – New York Bay Cemetery!  Yes, my Great, Great, Great Grandfather Jacob Green is buried there.  He is in the Cedar Lawn Section in Row 41, Grave #47.  The cemetery office was able to tell me that his wife Regina (Von Glahn) Green was buried with him.  I didn’t know where she was buried as I’d just found out where he was from getting the copy of his death record from the NJ State Archives.  I didn’t even know when she died but the cemetery said that she was interred on Feb 19, 1907.  So with that info, I’ll now send away to the NJ archives for her death record and see if that will have any good info on it.  Hopefully it will have the names of her parents. 

A mystery has come out of my call to the cemetery.  The plot that Jacob and Regina are in is a plot for 4 people.  Jacob and Regina are in 2 of the 4 spots and the other two are occupied by a Isabella and George Brady.  Brady?  Who are these folks, no Brady’s in the family tree that I’m aware of.  Isabella was buried on Sep 4th, 1913 and George on July 13, 1921.  The gal at the cemetery office said she though George was probably a child and Isabella might have been his mother but that it was hard to tell with that they had in the records.  Could Isabella be a granddaughter of Jacob and Regina’s?  I don’t have a daughter names Isabella for them.  I searched ancestry .com for them but couldn’t find much of anything.  So, if you know who they might be, I’d sure like to hear from you.


October 11, 2010 – Sons of Williams Rogers Wells (1855-1926) October 11, 2010

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I’ve been trying to gather all the World War Draft Registration Cards of the men in the family.  Here are the ones for the sons of William Rogers Wells that I’ve found:

Williams Rogers Wells Jr.:

Forest Arlington Wells:

Everett Stillman Wells:

I haven’t been able to find any on Nathaniel Dewey Wells, but he was career Navy so he probably didn’t have to fill out a draft registration card.  I also haven’t been able to find anything for Elliott Ellsworth Wells but he was a little young for WWI.  He developed MS later in life and also lost a few fingers in an accident at work.  I believe he was an air raid warden during WWII.


October 6, 2010 The Mystery Wells Photo Album October 6, 2010

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One of the old family albums we have is this one.  Unfortunately we don’t really know who any of the people are.  Most don’t have names and the ones that do, we’re not sure who they are.  I’d love it if you recognize anyone.  Heres some pictures of the album itself.

Here are the 2 front index pages.

Here are the pictures.  First one is a Sarah J Kenyon.

The one on the left is a Byron O’ something.

The photo below on the left says Hannah A Crandall, Ashaway.  The photo on the right says Langworthy, Crandall, Wells and Co.

Below is an unknown woman and J.H. Merrill Potter Hill Rhode Island.

Below Left: Altana M Wells Ashaway RI     Below Right:  Everett, Westerly

Below are two unknown gentlemen.

Below Left: Unknown Child.  Below Right: Looks like D.G. Straub  Jacksonville, Ill

Below Left:  something Prosser, Boston  Feb 7, 1866. Below Right: Unknown Man.

Below Left:  hard to read name, Middleton, Mass.  Below Right: Unknown man.

Below:  says “The Psyche”

Below: Unknown Man

Below : Unknown woman.

Below:  Left says from a studio in Cortland NY.  Right: says from studio in Westerly, RI.

Below: two unknown ladies. 

Below Left: Unknown man, Below Right: Unknown man -Studio in Ithica, NY


October 5, 2010 The Slovakian Connection October 5, 2010

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In a box of old family papers I just inherited, I found this little slip of paper:

The Sara mentioned is the mother of my great-grandmother Amalia Fabrici Kranz.  

April 4, 1876: Amalia Frabrici is born to Samuel Frabrici and Sarah Klein.  The Frabrici name has a few variant spellings including Frabrici, Fabrizi, Frabticzi and Frabritzi.  Amalia spoke German as her everyday language and never learned English.  Her Death Certificate in 1932 says place of birth as Austria. The 1900, 1910 and 1920 census’ all list her birthplace as Germany but the 1930 census lists it as Austria.

The above note suggests that Amalia’s  mother Sara was from a town called Velki Folkmao, Spiska-Zupa, Czechoslovakia.   Veľký Folkmar is in present day Slovakia but at the time that Amalia was born it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  This could be why she listed her place of birth as Austria. 

The website http://www.cisarik.com / Genealogy Slovakia lists the top 100 surnames for Veľký Folkmar.  Listed among the top 100 are: Fabric, Fabriczi, Fabriciova, Fabrircziova and Klein.

Veľký Folkmar is a village in Slovakia Gelnica district. The village lies on the northeast Slovak Ore Mountains, in the Volovské hills in the valley which flows the Kojšovská stream. Located at an altitude of 370 m above sea level.

I’m throwing this information out there to see if anyone knows of any family connections in this town.  I spent a few hours googling and working ancestry.com and pilot.familysearch.org but no luck.


October 5, 2010 Erbig and Green Death Records

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About a month ago, I sent in a request to te New Jersey State Archives requesting copies of Death Records of Jacob Green (1822/23 – 1897) and Michael Erbig (1814 – 1893)  Both are my 3rd Great Grandfathers.  About a week ago, I got copies of the records and here they are.

What’s great about these records is that it finally told me where they are buried. Micheal Erbig is in Flower Hill Cemetery in North Bergen, Hudson Co., NJ.  I called the cemetery to confirm and they did have a record for him but no record of his wife Julia Arnold as being with him there.  However, they admitted that the old records were incomplete so hopefully someone will fill the photo request I put in on www.findagrave.com and let me know if she is next to him there.  Also on Michael’s record was the names of his parents, Michael and Anna. 

Jacob is in Bay View Cemetery in Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ.  I’ve tried a couple of times to get a hold of someone in that office but no one is answering the phone when I call.


Genealogy Fun

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Thought I’d share these funnies I found today.