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31 Mar 2012 – Almon Brown Strowger, forgotten inventor March 31, 2012

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Yesterday I found some interesting info on Almon Brown Strowger.  Almon is a descendant of Mary Ann Wells whose family line I have been working on.  Almon is the son of Samuel Strowger and Jane Clark.  Jane is the daughter of Timothy Clark and Margaret Gilmore.  Timothy is the son of Capt Oliver Clark and Mary Ann Wells.  Mary Ann is the daughter of Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall.  Turns out Almon was quite the inventor, read the article and find out.

Fairport Herald Mail,Fairport,NY, December 22, 1949, Page 1

Telephone Industry Pays Tribute to Dial System Inventor, Penfield Native

Mrs. Dewey Foster of Cazenovia recently sent this newspaper a clipping from theTampa(Fla.) Tribune of Oct. 23, 1949, which told of a tribute paid by the telephone industry to Almon Brown Strowger, who is credited with having invented the automatic dialing system.

Following is the complete story, by Mike Morgan, Tribune staff writer:

Every time you pick up a telephone and use the dial system your action is possible because an undertaker inTopeka, Ka., became angry sometime in the late 1880’s when he learned that a close friend ha died and was to buried by a competitor.

Last week the telephone industry honored the long forgotten undertaker-turned-inventor, who is buried inSt. Petersburg, (Fla.) and who never received the recognition due him for his tremendous contribution to the telephone industry.

On Wednesday, Oct. 19, officials of the Peninsular Telephone Co., and others, placed a plaque on the grave of Almon Brown Strowger, which date was the 110th anniversary of his birth.  He died in 1902.

For years the grave had been neglected and forgotten.  In fact it had took a search to discover the weed-covered burial plot in theGreenwoodCemetery.  But at long last Strowger was given belated tribute . . . a man whose inventions should have brought him equal fame withBelland Edison, leaders in the telephone world remark.

Strowger was born inPenfield,N.Y., on Oct. 19, 1839.  As a young man he taught school but later moved toTopeka,Kan., where he bought an undertaking establishment.

How Strowger conceived the idea of an automatic dialing system to replace switchboard operators – when the telephone itself was little more than 10 years old – is a striking illustration of how events of everyday living can prompt great scientific discoveries.

The story accepted by telephone historians is that Strowger went to his office one morning, hung hisPrince Albertcoat on the wall picked up theKansas Citymorning paper, sat down in his chair and began to read.   Suddenly his attention was attracted to a news item concerning the death of a friend.  To his astonishment he read that the burial was to be handled by a competitor.  After reading this, Strowger jumped to the conclusion that his friends had tried to reach him by telephone, but the operator had erred and given the call to a competitor.   Strowger, an acknowledged high tempered individual, flew into a rage.  His eyes fell upon the telephone on the wall.  He crossed over to the instrument, rang the bell impatiently, and when the operator answered he angrily blamed her for the happening.  The surprised operator protested her innocence, but Strowger was not satisfied.

So for months Strowger haunted the local telephone exchange and harried the operators with questions about their work.  He saw there were 10 rows of subscribers lines with 10 to a row in front of the operator.  To establish a connection with number 75, she would lift the plug to the seventh row of jacks and plug into the fifth hole of the row.  Thus she would connected with 75.  One day sitting at his desk and musing the problem, he pulled open a drawer and took out a round cardboard box that contained collars.  He empties it and it’s contents and picked up a paper of pins.  One by one he stuck the pins from the outside of the box toward the center until he had 10 rows.  These 100 pins represented 100 subscribers lines.  Then he took a lead pencil and held it out to the center of the box in front of the pins.  The aspiring inventor reasoned that if he could get an electrician to introduce magnets and other equipment the could automatically connect number 75 by lifting the pencil to the seventh row, and moving it to the fifth pin point, he would connect number 75 and solve the problem.

Strowger applied himself even harder and realization of his vision.  And on March 12, 1889, he filed an application with the U.S. Patent Office for an “automatic telephone exchange”.  This was only 13 or 14 years afterBellhad successfully introduced the telephone.

Patent Number 447,918 was granted two years later.  This is the 60th anniversary of the filing of the basic patent which was the initial step underlying all of the mechanical switching and dial telephone development that had taken place since that time.

Then Strowger met the same heart-breaking problem that had facedBell.  Everyone scoffed at his automatic telephone.  He talked to all who would listen, but with little effect.  However, one day he met a man, Joseph Harris, who was convinced that the school teacher-turned undertaker-turned inventor had something that would revolutionize the telephone industry.  He agreed to assist in organizing, financing and developing the automatic system.

In 1892, in La Porte, Inc., the first automatic telephone system was put into operation.  The originalLa Porteinstallation was a “five wire” system, with five wires form the exchange to each phone.  To call number 75, the subscriber had to push a button representing “10’s” seven times and the button representing the “units” five times – a total of 12 operations of the buttons.  Then by turning the generator, they could ring the called party.  Strowger followed with many other patents pertaining to automatic telephones.  He also held valuable patents on telephone switches, fire alarms and telegraph signals.

But like many other inventors, Strowger apparently did not reap a great harvest from his patents.  Although one report claims that he was paid a million dollars for his patent, more reliable sources indicate he received between 10 or 20 thousand dollars.  Certainly later life and activities were not those of a millionaire.  His health began to fail in the late 90’s and in 1897 or 98’ he moved to the smallFloridatown ofSt. Petersburg. The retired inventor became quickly enthused about the future of the struggling little town and became active in all political and civic affairs.  He died in May 1902.  The plaque dedicated last week reads.

Here Rest the Remains of Almon Brown Strowger 1839-1902 Inventor and Pioneer Whose dream of a better telephone service inspired him to invent in 1889, the first practical automatic telephone system.  This plaque placed here in his honor on the 110th anniversary of his birth, by grateful members of the telephone industry.

Included with the story was a picture of Strowger, also a picture of his first model of an automatic telephone switch.  Pictured also is the second automatic exchange that was installed inFort Sheridan,Ind., and a modern version of the automatic exchange.

Here is a picture of Almon and his grave in Greenwood Cemetery that I found on findagrave.com


30 Mar 2012 – Notes on the Descendants of Mary Ann Wells March 30, 2012

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As I come to a close to my researching of the Mary Ann Wells (dau of Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall) line of the Wells family tree, I thought I would share some of the sources I used as it did take a considerable amount of time to research and transcribe them.  Here they are:

International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 (ancestry.com)  Yates Publishing U.S. & Intl Marriage Records, 1560-1900 [database on-line].Provo,UT,: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2004.

Name: Elizabeth Randall … Gender: Female … Birth Place: CT … Birth Year: 1708 … Spouse Name: Edward Wells … Spouse Birth Year: 1694 …Marriage Year: 1725 … Number Pages: 1

 U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 (Ancestry.com)  Yates Publishing U.S. & Intl Marriage Records, 1560-1900 [database on-line].Provo,UT,: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2004.

Name: Elizabeth Randall … Gender: Female … Birth Place: CT … Birth Year: 1702 …Spouse Name: Edward Wells … Spouse Birth Place: RI … Spouse Birth Year: 1694 … Marriage Year: 1725 …MarriageState: CT .. Number Pages: 1

Family Data Collection – Individual Records (ancestry.com) Edmund West, comp. Family Data Collection – Individual Records [database on-line].Provo,UT,: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2000.

Name: Edward Wells … Parents: Thomas Wells, Sarah Rogers … Birth Date/Place: 1694. Westerly, Washington CO., RI … Death Date/Place: Dec 1765, Hopkinton, Washington Co., RI … Spouse: Elizabeth Randall … Marriage Date/Place: 12 Jan 1725, Westerly,WashingtonCo., RI

Rhode Island Births, 1636-1930 (Ancestry.com)

Name: Mary Wells … Birth Date: 17 Oct 1740 … Birth Place:Rhode Island … 1st Parent: Edward Wells … 2nd Parent:Elizabeth Wells

Rhode Island Births, 1636-1930 (Ancestry.com)

Name: Oliver Clarke … Birth Date: 21 Nov 1743 … Birth Place:Rhode Island … 1st Parent: Joseph Clarke … 2nd Parent: Sarah Clarke

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 (Ancestry.com)

Name: Oliver Clarke … Gender: Male … Birth Place: RI … Birth Year: 1743 … Spouse Name: Mary Wells … Birth Place: RI … Birth Year: 1740 … Marriage Year: 1761 …MarriageState: RI … Number Pages: 1

U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 (Ancestry.com)  SAR Membership: 75837 …New MexicoSoc. Of the SAR, Approved 25 May 1954

Name: Capt. Oliver Clarke … Birth: 21 Nov 1743,Richmond,RI … Death: Aft 1790,Montgomery,NY.  Infantry from January 1st to December 31st, 1776.  Taken prisoner at Fort Mercer on October 22nd, 1777.

Oliver’s Father: Joseph Clarke … Born 29 Aug 1705 … Died Sep 1783 … Son of Samuel & Mary

Oliver’s Mother: Sarah Reynolds … Born 21 Oct 1709 … Married: 15 Nov 1727

Oliver’s Spouse: Mary Wells … Married 16 Dec 1761

Oliver’s Son: Samuel Clarke … Born: 25 Jun 1780 … Died: 18 Jun 1842

Samuel’s Spouse: Lois Clark … Born 1786 … Died: 2 May 1813 … Married: 1810(?)

Samuel’s Son: Richardson P. Clarke … Born 7 May 1805 … Died 18 Mar 1883 … Married: 29 Apr 1829

Richardson’s Spouse: Electa E. Ingraham … Born: 10 Dec 1808 … Died 31 Jan 1880

Richardson’s Daughter: Eliza E. Clarke … Born: 10 Dec 1832 … Died 5 Jul 1906 … Married 10 Jun 1863

Eliza’s Spouse: John McNab … Born: 9 Oct 1815 … Died: 6 Oct 1901

Eliza’s Daughter: Emma Clarke McNab … Born: 6 Oct 1866 … Died: 16 Dec 1946

Emma’s Spouse: Frank Burton … Born: 16 Jan 1861 … Died: 30 Dec 1933 … Married: 15 Jun 1887

Emma’s Son: John McNab Burton … Born: 11 Jul 1896


1860 U.S Federal Census: Huntington, Lorain Co., OH, 26 Jun 1860, Page 70, House 537, Family 540

Daniel Bush (head) Age45

Sophia Bush: Age 42

Melissa Bush: Age 19

Geo Bush: Age 17

Martin Bush: Age 14

Mary Bush: Age 13

Edward Bush: Age 11

Charles Bush: Age 9

John Bush: Age 7

Henry Bush: Age 3

Timothy Clark: Age 85 … Born in either NJ or NY (hard to read)

1850 US Federal Census: Rochester, Lorain Co., OH, 12 Sep 1850, Page 309, Family 1002, House 994

John Peet: Age 49 … Born in NY … Occ: “None” … Value of Real Estate: 2000

Betsy Peet: Age 47 … Born in NY

Clarisa Peet: Age 23 … Born in NY

Carddia (CORDELIA) Peet: Age 22  … Born in NY

Alonza Peet: Age 20 … Born in NY … Occ: Famer

Franklin Peet: Age 18 … Born in OH … Occ: Farmer

Lois Peet: Age 16 … Born in OH

Jane Peet: Age 14 … Born in OH

Amerillis Peet: Age 12 … Born in OH

Hellen Peet: Age 9 … Born in OH

Coscus W Peet: Age 6 … Born in OH

Susanna Peet: Age 4… Born in OH

1860 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule: Rochester, Lorain Co., OH, Page 3,Line 10, Archive Collection Number: T1159

Name: Betsey Peet … Gender: Female … Marital Status: Married … Place of Birth:New York… Age: 67 … Month of Death: Feb 1860 … Cause of Death: Spinal Disease

1860 US Federal Census: Rochester, Lorain Co., OH, 21 Jul 1860, Pg 181, House 1346, Family 1412

John Peet: Age 59 … Born in NY … Occ: Looks like Farmer … Value Real Estate: 3450 … Value Personal Estate: 1640

Clarissa Peet: Age 32 … Born in NY

Cordelia Peet: Age 30 … Born in NY

Franklin Peet: Age 28 … Born in OH … Occ: Looks like Farmer … Value Real Estate: 1540 … Value Personal Estate: 375

Helen Peet: Age 19 … Born in OH

Kosciusko Peet: Age 16 … Born in OH … Occ: Looks like Farmer

Lavinia Peet: Age 14 … Born in OH

1870 US Federal Census: Jamestown, Ottawa Co., MI, 6 Jun 1870, Page 12, Post Office:Holland, House 91, Family 92

Cerdilia Pete: Age 41 … Born in NY … Occ: Keeping House … Value Real Estate: 7000 (or 1000)… Value Personal Estate: 100

Mary Pete: Age 13 … Born in OH … No Occ

Mary Pete: Age 10 … Born in OH … No Occ

Allison Pete: Age 9 … Born in OH … No Occ

John Pete: Age 68 … Born in NY … No Occ … Value Real Estate: 3200… Value Personal Estate: 200


1900 U.S. Federal Census: Ithaca, Gratiot Co., MI, 1 Jun 1900, Sheet 1A, ED 51, House 5, Family 5

Kosciusk P Peet (head) Age 55 … Born Oct 1844 in OH … Parents born NY … Married 36 yrs

Lydia M Peet (wife) Age 53 … Born Jan 1849 in OH … Had 6 kids, 4 still living … Father born NY, Mother born CT

Retta Peet (daughter) Age 33 … Born Jan 1867 in OH … Single … Parents born OH … Occ: School Commissioner

Susia E Peet (daughter) Age 31 … Born Dec 1868 in MI … Single … Parents born OH

C D Peet (son) Age 26 … Born Dec 1873 in MI … Single … Parents born OH … Occ: Sales Man, Dry Goods

James O Peet (son) Age 18 … Born Aug 1881 in MI … Single … Parents born OH … At School

Sarah E Scovill (servant) Age 16 … Born Jul 1883 in MI

1910 U.S. Federal Census: Ithaca, North Main St., Gratiot Co., MI, 2 May 1910, Sheet 17B, ED 70, House 400, Family 415

Kosciusko P Peek (head) Age 66 … Born in OH … Parents born NY … Occ: own income

Lydia M Peek (wife) Age 63 … Born in OH … Father born NY, Mother born CT

Susie E Peek (daughter) Age 41 … Born in MI … Single … No Occ

Retta Peet Baker (daughter) Age 43 … Born in OH … Widowed … Occ: Principal, Public School

1920 U.S. Federal Census: North Star, Gratiot Co., MI, Jan 1920, Sheet 7B, ED 42, House 168, Family 168

Kashio Peet (head) Age 76 … Born OH … Father born CT, Mother born NY … Home rented … Occ: Laborer, Tile Yard

Lydia Peet (wife) Age 73 … Born OH … Father born NY, Mother born CT


1930 U.S. Federal Census: North Star, Gratiot Co., MI, 3 Apr 1930, Sheet 3XB, ED 29-20, House and Family 19

Koscinsko P Peet (head) Age 86 … Born in OH … Parents born NY … Married … Occ: Retires

Lydia M Peet (wife) Age 83 … Born in OH … Parents born NY … Married

Susie E Peet (daughter) Age 61 … Born in MI… Single

Retta Lee (daughter) Age 63 … Born OH …Widowed … Value of Home: 2500 … Age at Marriage: 37 … Occ: Public School Teacher

Maud L Peet (Servant) Age 58 …BornMO … Parents born OH … Widowed


Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925 (familysearch.org)

Groom’: Charles Lee … Age: 49 years … Birth Date/Place: 1863,Ohio … Residence:Ithaca,OH … Occ: Liveryman?

Bride: Retta Pert Baker Perl … Age: 45 years … Birth Date/Place: 1867,Ohio … Residence:Ithaca,OH … Occ: Teacher

Marriage Date/Place: 19 Feb 1912, Ithaca,Gratiot,Michigan  … Officiant: Frank Curry, Baptist Minister … Witnesses: CD Peet, North Star,Mich& Eunice M. Lee, Wheeler,Mich … Groom’s Parents: Hileman Lee &  Leucinda Botsford … Bride’s Parents: K Pert &  Not Known  … Film #: 2342696 … Digital Folder #: 4209156 … Image #: 559  … Ref#: v 2 p 193 rn 2494 

Michigan, Births and Christenings, 1775-1995 (familysearch.org): Name: C. D. Peet … Gender: Male …Baptism/Christening Place: Ottawa Co.,Mich… Birth Date: 22 Dec 1873 … Birthplace: Ottawa Co.,Mich… Father’s Name: Rosinske P. Peet … Mother’s Name:LydiaM. … Indexing #: C51874-3 … System Origin: Michigan-VR  … Source Film #: 984233  … Ref #: 2:16S3SGC 

Michigan, Births and Christenings, 1775-1995 (familysearch.org): Name: Jay Raymond Peet … Gender: Male … Birth Date/Place: 3 Nov 1877, Lafayette, Gratiot Co., MI … Father’s Name: Hosco P. Peet … Mother’s Name:LydiaM. Peet … Indexing #: C73694-9 … System Origin: Michigan-ODM … Source Film #: 985688

Michigan Deaths, 1867-1897 (familysearch.org): Name: J. Raymond Peet … Birthplace:Michigan… Marital Status: Single … Death Date/Place: 23 Oct 1888, Ithaca, Gratiot Co.,Michigan… Death Age: 11 years 11 months 20 days … Father’s Name: K. P. Peet … Mother’s Name: Lydia Peet … Film #: 2363634 … Digital Folder #: 4208690 … Image #: 870 … Reference #: p 282 rn 118 

Michigan Births, 1867-1902 (familysearch.org): Name: James O. Peet … Birth Date/Place: 10 Aug 1881, Lafayette, Gratiot Co., MI … Gender: Male  … Baptism/Christening Place:Gratiot,Michigan… Father’s Name: K. P. Peet … Father’s Birthplace:Ohio… Mother’s Name:LydiaM. Peet … Mother’s Birthplace:Ohio… Film #: 2320575 … Digital Folder #: 4207019 … Image #: 86 … Ref#: item 1 p 210 rn 3  … Indexing #: C73695-2 … System Origin: Michigan-VR … Source Film #: 985688 … Ref #: Pg 151 No. 3 

Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925 (familysearch.org): Marriage Date/Place: 24 Jun 1903, St Louis, Gratiot Co.,Mich. … Groom: James Oliver Peet … Age: 21 years … Birth Date/Place: 1882,Mich … Bride: Anna Louise Killeen … Age: 20 years … Birth Date: 1883 … Groom’s Parents: K. P. Peet &LydiaM. Sage … Bride’s Parents: Geo. Killeen & Nellie Whaley … Film #: 2342663 … Digital Folder #: 4033033 … Image #: 585 … Ref#: v 2 p 125 rn 3225 … Indexing #: M51841-3 … System Origin: Michigan-EASy … Source Film #: 985694 

Michigan Deaths and Burials, 1800-1995 (familysearch.org): Name: Lydia Maria Peet … Birth Date/Place: 1847,Ohio… Race: White … Married … Death Date/Place: 13 Jan 1932, North Star, Gratiot Co., MI … Age: 85 … Occ: Housewife … Father’s Name: Isaac Sage … Mother’s Name: Clarissa A. Rising  … Indexing #: B53299-4 … System Origin: Michigan-EASy … Source Film #: 985692 … Ref #: v C p 248 

Michigan Deaths, 1867-1897 (familysearch.org): Name: K. Rolla Peet … Gender: Male … Birthplace:Ohio… Marital Status: Single … Death Date/Place: 25 Sep 1888, Ithaca, Gratiot Co.,Michigan… Age: 23 yrs 8 mths 26 dys … Father’s Name: K. P. Peet … Mother’s Name: Lydia Peet … Occupation: Lawyer … Film #: 2363634 … Digital Folder #: 4208690 … Image #: 870 … Ref#: p 282 rn 117 

Berkshire Eagle, September 7, 1974, Page 4: Mrs. Charles D Peet of 1 Stoneleigh Plaza and Monterey Mass announces the engagement of her daughter Margaret Sherman Peet to Ernest Saul Schwartz ofNew York City andLake Placid.  A late fall wedding is planned.  Miss Peet, daughter also of the late Mr Peet, is a graduate of theWestoverSchool andVassarCollege.   She was presented in the 1964 season at the Debutante Cotillion and Christmas Ball the Mistletoe Ball and at a tea dance given by her parents at the River Club.  She is employed as treasurer at the Morgan Guaranty Trust Co ofNew York.  Her mother known professionally as Margot Sherman is national president of Women in Communications Inc.  She is a former senior vice president and member of the board of directors of Inc.  Mr Schwartz was graduated fromFieldstonSchool and attended Columbia University He is with Moore and Schley Cameron Co stockbrokers and is on the board of governors of the American Jewish Congress.  His previous marriage ended in divorce

1875 New York State Census: Rochester, Monroe Co., NY, Ward 16, ED 3, Family 479, Page 54, Line 26, House: 427 … Dwelling: Framed construction, valued 1600

Hiram Bellard (head) Age 38 … Born in Monroe Co., NY … Married … Occ: XXX Agent

Elisabeth Bellard (wife) Age 26 … Born in Monroe Co., NY … Married

Jane Strowger (boarder) Age: 65 … Born in Monroe Co., NY … Widowed

1875 New York State Census: Rochester, Monroe Co., NY, Ward 16, ED 3, Family 480, Page 54, Line 28, House 428

Orville H Strowger (head) Age 33… Born in Monroe Co., NY … Dwelling: Framed construction, valued 1500

Jane E Strowger (wife) Age 30 … Born in Monroe Co., NY … Married

Jane E Strowger (daughter) Age 4 … Born in Monroe Co., NY … Married

Francis O Strowger (son) Age 2 … Born in Monroe Co., NY

Samuel W Strowger (boarder) Age 41 … Born in Monroe Co., NY … Single … Occ: School Teacher

William D Strowger (brother) Age 48 … Born in Monroe Co., NY … Married … Occ: Gardener

Walter S Strowger (son) Age 12 … Born in Monroe Co., NY

U.S., Civil War Draft Registrations Records(Ancestry.com) Page 497, Dated June 1863,Webster & Orleans Counties,NY: Name: Chas H Strowger … Age on 1 July 1863: 33 … Residence:Webster,New York … Occ: Nurseryman … Married … Born in NY … Class: 1 … Congressional District: 28th

1870 US Federal Census: Webster, Monroe Co., NY, 30 Aug 1870, Page 40, House 229, Family 343

Charles H Stroger (Head) Age 39 … Born in NY … Occ: Farmer … Value Real Estate: 3600 … Value Personal Estate: 2100

Minerva Stroger (wife) Age 40 … Born in NY … Occ: Keeping House

John C Stroger (son) Age 9 … Born in NY … Occ: None listed

May Stroger (daughter) Age 2… Born in NY … Occ: None listed


1880 US Federal Census: Webster, Monroe Co., NY, 15 Jun 1880, Page 22, ED 68, House 220, Family 232

Charles Stroger (head) Age 49 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Married … Occ: Farmer

Minerva Stroger (wife) Age 50 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Occ: Keeping House

May Stroger (daughter) Age 12 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Occ: At School

Daniel Thompkins (laborer) Age 20 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Occ: Laborer

World War I Draft Registration Card, 13 Jun 1918, FHL Roll #: 1712375, Draft Board: 1: Name: John Mc Nab Burton … Address: 230 XXX, Fulton,Glovrsville,NY (FultonCounty) … Birth Date: 11 Jul 1896 … Birthplace: NY … Nearest Relative, Frank Burton, Same address … Hair & Eyes: Brown

World War I Draft Registration Card, 5 Jun 1917, FHL Roll #: 1753845, Draft Board: 3: Name: Carlton W Bowman … Address:Webster,NY … Birth Date/Place: 23 Nov 1890, NY … Race: Caucasian (White) … Occ: Farmer

The Herald-Mail, Fairport, NY, Thursday, July 18, 1940, Page 6 (www.rrlcnewspapers.org): Webster, Jul 16 – The marriage of Miss Gene Elizabeth Mason, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russel B. Mason, and Wellington Foster Bowman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Bowman of North Avenue, Webster, took place in the Presbyterian church Saturday afternoon at 5 o’clock.  Rev. John Schott performed the ceremony before a bank of palms, Madonna and Regal lilies and seven-branched candelabra with lighted tapes.  Mrs. Theodore Day ofBatavia sang “Because” and “I Love You Truly”, accompanied by Mrs. John Schott, organist, who also played the Lohengrin wedding march and Mendelssohn’s recessional.  The bride approached the altar on the arm of her father, who gave her in marriage.  She wore a gown of white chiffon Madelon fashioned on empire lines with high neck-line and long sleeves and a long train over which fell a bridal veil cape style.  She carried a white prayer book with a shower of gardenias and lilies of the valley.  Miss Beth Fry as maid of honor wore azure blue marquisette over taffeta trimmed with calencienes lace with Peter Pan collar and long sleeves, with matching halo, and carried a bouquet of sweetheart roses, delphinium and sweet peas.  Misses Caroline Bonenblust and Yvonne Winters were bridesmaids and wore gowns ofCalifornia rose with matching halos and carried old fashioned bouquets.  Samuel Foster, cousin of the groom was best man.  Hugh Mason ofGrand Rapids, brother of the bride, Lucien Corrse ofRochester, Earl Sherman and Kenneth Trude of Webster were ushers.  The Bride’s mother wore mauve marquisette andChantilly lace with a black picture hat with matching trim.  The mother of the groom wore Alice Blue al-over lace with matching hat.  Each wore a corsage of sunkist roses.  Following the ceremony a reception was held and buffet luncheon served at the home of the bride’s parents.  The bridal party received in the living room before the fireplace which was banked with ferns and white flowers.  Baskets of pink, blue and white flowers were used throughout the house.  In the dining room a wedding cake with bowls of pink and white sweet peas adorned the buffet table.  After a trip throughNew England states Mr. and Mrs. Bowman will reside at208 East Main Street, Webster.  The bride attendedMarylandCollege at Lutherville and is a graduate ofSyracuseUniversity.  The groom attended theUniversity ofMissouri and Rochester Business Institute.  Several prenuptial events were given in honor of the bride.

The Herald-Mail, Fairport, NY, Thursday, August 26, 1937, Page 6 (www.rrlcnewspapers.org): Webster, Aug. 24 – Miss Mary Eleanor Benham, only child of Mrs. and Mrs. J.D. Benham of Webster and Samuel Burnett Foster, only son of Dr. and Mrs. J.B. Foster of Webster, were married Friday, Aug. 20, 1937, at the home of the bride’s parents.  Rev. John Schott, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, performed the double ring service before the fireplace which was banked with palms and ferns and white gladioli.  The bride wore a gown of white satin and finger tip veil caught with orange blossoms and carried a bouquet of white rose buds and gypsophila.  Mis Francis Curtiss of Cortu acted as bridesmaid and wore rose moiré silk and carried a bouquet of pink roses.  Francis Pellett was best man.  Mrs. Francis Pellet, sister of the groom, played the wedding march, and William Rothfuss sang “oh Promise Me.”  The bride’s mother wore a gown of delphinium lace with a corsage of pink snapdragons and pink roses and the groom’s mother was gowned in golden beige lace with a corsage of pink roses and snapdragons.   Following the ceremony a wedding supper was served at Corning Inn to forty guests.  Out of town guests included Mr. and Mrs. Norman Foster ofPittsburgh; Mrs. Electa Foster ofMineola, L.I.; Miss Pearl Wright of Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. G. LeRoy Collins and Miss Edith Houston of Bryon; Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Merriman, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Telger of Buffalo; Miss Frances Curtis, Corfu; Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Tarbell, Fairport; Mrs. Jane Gilmore and son Frank of Geneva.  The bride is a graduate ofGeneseoNormal School and has been a member ofWebsterHigh School faculty for several years.  The groom is a graduate ofWebsterHigh School and fromHobartCollege, class of 1937.  Prenuptial events were a shower by Mrs. William Rothfuss of Penfield and a linen shower by Miss Curtiss ofCorfu.

1900 U.S. Federal Census: Webster, Monroe Co., NY, 4 Jun 1900, Sheet 3-A, E.D. 133, House 60, Family 62

George Robb (head) Age 68 … Born Mar 1832 in NY … Mother born NY, Father born NH … Occ: Farmer

Julia Ann Robb (wife) Age 63 … Born Dec 1837 in NY … Parents born NY … Married 44 yrs

Charles F Robb (son) Age 42 … Born Jan 1858 in NY … Widowed … Parents born NY … Occ: Farmer

Byron B Robb (grandson) Age 17 … Born Aug 1882 in NY … Parents born NY

Julia A Robb (granddaughter) Age 13… Born Sep 1886 in NY … Parents born NY

1880 US Federal Census: Gloversville, Fulton Co., NY , Page 165 D, House 3587, NARAFilm Number: T9-0834, Film number: 1254834 

John Mcnab (head) Age 64 … Born in NY … Father Born Scotland, Mother Born NY … Occ: Farmer & Glove Manufactor

Eliza E. Mcnab (wife) Age 46 … Born in NY … Parents born in NY … Occ: Keeping House

Emma M. Mcnab (daughter) Age13 … Born in NY

Eliza Mcnab (daughter) Age 11 … Born in NY


1900 US Federal Census: Webster, Monroe Co., NY, 8 June 1900, ED 133, Sheet 5, House 119, Fam 121

Charles Strowger (head) Age69 … Born: Aug 1830 in NY … Married 41 yrs (1859) … Parents born NY … Occ: Retired

Minerva A Strowger (wife) Age 69 … Born Mar 1830 in NY … Had 2 kids, 1 still living … Parents born in NY … Occ: Boarding House Keeping

May S Wright (daughter) Age 32 … Born Aug 1867 in NY … Had 1 kid still living … Parents born NY … married 10 yrs

Hiram W Wright (son in law) Age 36 … Born Dec 1863 in Webster NY … Married 10 yrs … Father born Webster, mother born NY … Occ: Saloon Keeper

Earl D Wright (grandson) Age 7 … Born Oct 1892 in NY

Elwayne O Wright (Boards) Age 68 … Born Oct 1881 inNew York … Widow

John Schlegel (Servant) Age 22 … Born May 1878 in NY

Budd Hill (bartender) Age 25 … Born Ma1875 in NY

Earl N Abbott (Boarder) Age 0 … Born Aug 1899 in NY

1880 US Federal Census: Webster, Monroe Co., NY, 17 Jun 1880, Page 25, ED 68, House 253, Fam 267

Byron W. Burnett (head) Age 43 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Married … Occ: Farmer

H. Hannah Burnett (wife) Age 43 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Occ: Keeping House

E. Frankie Burnett (son) Age 7 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Occ: At Home

Jennie Burnett (daughter) Age14 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Occ: At Home

Samuel Burnett (son) Age 10 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Occ: At School

Lettie Burnett (daughter) Age 7 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Occ: At School

Lucena Burnett (daughter) Age 2 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Occ: At School

1900 US Federal Census: Webster, Monroe Co., NY, Jun 1900,Sheet 3A, ED 133, Fam 54, House 52

Byron W Burnett (head) Age 63 … Born: Mar 1837 in NY … Parents born NY … Married 37 yrs

Hannah H Burnett (wife) Age 64 … Born: Nov 1835 in NY … Had 6 kids, 4 still living … Parents born NY

Samuel W Strowger (brother in law) Age 66 … Born: Jun 1833 in NY … Single … Parents born NY … Occ: Minister

Charles F Robb (grandson) Age 8 … Born: Feb 1892 in NY … Single … Parents born NY … Occ: At School

Lulu K Robb (daughter) Age 21 … Born: Mar 1879 in NY … Single … Parents born NY … Occ: At School

Samuel H Robb (son) Age 28 … Born: Mar 1872 in NY … Single … Parents born NY … Occ: teacher

The Fairport Herald, February 4, 1914: Webster: Lucina K. Burnett, aged 35 years, daughter of B.W. and the late Hannah H. Burnett, died Sunday morning at 10o’clock after a lingering illness covering a period of more than eight years.  Her death occurred at the home of her sister, Mrs. Thomas E. Wright where she has made her home the last few years.  Miss Burnett was a charter member of Webster Chapter No. 171, Order of Eastern Star.  She leaves her father, two sisters, Mrs. William Foster and Mrs. T. E. Wright, all of Webster, and one brother, Dr. Samuel H. Burnett, ofCornellUniversity; seven nephews and four nieces.  The funeral will be held from the home of Mrs. Wright inElm St., Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock.  Rev. Edward P. Hart, rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, ofRochester, will conduct the services.  Internment will be made in the Webster union cemetery.

St. Petersburg Times, June 3, 1925, Page 14: Mr. and Mrs. Francis Robert Singlehurst announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Miss Mary Catherine Singlehurst, to Einar Richard Anderson, Wednesday, June 10.  The ceremony will be performed at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

The Evening Independent, June 12, 1925: Singlehurst-Anderson Wedding Solemnized … Wednesday afternoon at 5 o’clock the marriage of Miss Mary Catherine Singlehurst, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.R. Singlehurst, to Einar Richard Anderson was prettily solemnized at St. Peter’s Episcopal church in the presence of only a few close friends and relatives.  Rev. W.W. Williams, rector, officiating.  The church was beautifully decorated with baskets and vases of pink and white roses, palms and ferns and preceding the ceremony a lovely program of music was played and the Lohengrin wedding march was heard for the entrance of the bridal party.  The bride, who entered wither father, F.R. Singlehurst, who gave her in marriage, was never more lovely than in her wedding gown of white brocaded satin with trimming of real lace.  Her veil of tulle was arranged cap effect and held in place with a wreath of orange blossoms and pearl ornaments.  She carried a bouquet of the palest pink roses with shower of buds.  Mrs. Frank Joyner,New York city, sister of the bride was most attractive in a gown of blonde satin and lace.  Her hat was of the same shade, while blue was used to trim both the dress and hat.  Her flowers were a bouquet of deep pink roses.  Mrs. Singlehurst, mother of the bride, wore a handsome dress of lace over orchid with which she wore an orchid hat.  Paul Pollard,Tampa, served as best man for Mr. Anderson.  A reception was held following the ceremony at the home of the bride’s parents,143 sixth avenue south, where the rooms were prettily decorated with pink and white roses and ferns.  Refreshments of sandwiches, wafers, ice cream, punch and wedding cake, which was prettily iced in pink and white was served.  Mrs. Alice Burner, who presided at the punch bowl assisted by Miss Margaret Fogarty, found the thimble in the wedding cake, Miss Pauline Buhner the ring, while Miss Altah Booth caught the bride’s bouquet as she threw it from the stairway.  Mr. and Mrs. Anderson left later in the evening for a motor trip throughFlorida, Mrs. Anderson wearing a becoming frock of dark blue satin embroidered in contrasting colors.  Her hat was a cloche of black.  Mr. and Mrs. Anderson will be at home to friends in this city after Aug. 15 atE-143 Ninth Avenue North.  Mrs. Anderson has made her home here the greater part of her life with the exception of the past two years when she resided inNew York City and her friends will be interested to learn that she is again to make her home here, Mr. Anderson to be connected with the Peninsular Telephone Company of this city.  Many handsome gifts have been received by the young couple and many telegrams were sent them on their wedding day from their friends inNew York City.  Mrs. Anderson was also the honoree at the number of lovely parties previous to her marriage.

St. Petersburg Independent, September 27, 1969: Mrs. Mary Catherine Anderson, 71. 135 Nineth Ave. NE, died Friday (Sept. 26, 1969). Born in East Lansing, Mich. She came here 70 years ago from there. She was the manager of the Singlehurst Hotel, was a member of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and the St. Petersbug Little Theatre.  She is survived by her husband Einar (Andy); a son, Richard S. of Tulsa, Okla; a daughter, Mrs. Bettey Cherian of Potomac, MD; a sister, Mrs. Frances H. Joyner ofSt. Petersburg; and six grandchildren.  Simmons Funeral Home is in charge.

World War I Draft Registration Card, 7 Sep 1917, FHL Roll#: 1753846, Draft Board: 3: Name: Thomas Emery Wright … Address: Webster,Monroe,NY … Birth Date: 12 Feb 1876 … Age: 48 … Race: White …Occ: Unreadable … Place of employment: 806 Insurrance Bldg, NY … Nearest RElative: Mrs Electa B Wright, Webster, Monroe Co., NY

1910 U.S. Federal Census: Lake Road, Webster, Monroe Co., NY, 2 May 1910, Sheet 19-B, E.D. 219, House 375, Family 417

Hiram W Wright (head) Age 43 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Married 2 yrs … Occ: Farmer, Home Farm

May Wright (wife) Age 42 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Married 22 yrs … Had 2 Kids, both still living … No Occ. Listed

Earl Wright (son) Age 17 … Born in NY … No Occ. Listed

Eva Wright (daughter) Age 4 … Born in NY

Olwayn E Wright (father) Age 75 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Occ: Own Income

1920 U.S. Federal Census: Lake Road, Webster, Monroe Co., NY, 8 Jan 1920, Sheet 2-A, E.D. 275, House 28, Family 28

Hiram W Wright (head) Age 56 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Occ: Dealer. “Home Dealer?”

May S Wright (wife) Age 52 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … No Occ. listed

Erva M Wright (daughter) Age 14 … Born in NY … Single … No Occ. Listed

1930 U. S. Federal Census: Lake Road, Webster, Monroe Co., NY, 6 May 1930, Sheet 16-B, E.D. 9, House 334

Hiram W Wright (head) Age 65 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Age at 1st Marr. 25 … Occ: Farmer, General Farm

May Wright (wife) Age 62 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Age at 1st Marr. 21

Social Security Death Index : Name: Erva Smith … Born: 10 Jul 1905 … Died: 10 Mar 1998 … SSN: 079-40-5404 … Last Residence: Webster,Monroe,New York,14580

1920 U.S. Federal Census: Webster, Monroe Co., NY, 9-10 Jan 1920, Sheet 3-A, E.D. 275, House 60, Family 61

Earl D Wright (head) Age 27 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Home owned … Occ: Laborer on General Farm

Hazel Wright (wife) Age 27 … Born in NY … Parents born NY


1930 U.S. Federal Census: Phillips Road, Webster, Monroe Co., NY, (Date not written) Sheet 6-A, E.D. 9, House 95, Family 98

Earl D Wright (head) Age 37 … Born in NY … Parents born NY … Occ: Farmer, General Farm

Hazel B Wright (wife) Age 37 … Born in NY … Parents born NY

Social Security Death Index : Name: Earl Wright … Born: 14 Oct 1892 … Died: Nov 1967 … SSN: 084-28-1784 … Last Residence: Webster,Monroe,New York,14580


24 Mar 2012 – Spicers in Daytona Beach FL March 24, 2012

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I got a question on my comments section:

My son was driving by a cemetery in Daytona, florida called Cedar Hill Cemetery when he noticed a headstone with his name, John Spicer. b.1882. It seemed to be near a prominent Burdick headstone with no inscription.  We didn’t know we had any Spicer family members in Florida. Our Spicers are from the Westerly, RI area , also New York and New Jersey.

In answer to your question, I looked on ancestry.com and found this Daytona Beach city directory with a John Spicer in it.  I’m thinking could be the one in that Cemetery.  I didn’t have any Spicers in FLA in my databas:


24 Mar 2012 – Descendants of Mary Ann Wells dau of Edward Wells & Elizabeth Randall

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My project for the year has been to fill in holes in my research.  For the past week months I’ve been working on fleshing out the descendants of the children of Edward Wells & Elizabeth Randall of Hopkinton, Washington Co., RI.

This past few weeks have been spent working on the descendants of daughter Mary Ann Wells (born 17 Oct 1740 in probably Westerly, RI) and her husband Captain Oliver Clark / Clarke.  I really didn’t have more than 2 or 3 generations when I started a few weeks ago and now have quite a bit more but there is still work to be done as always.

Here’s a report showing what I have so far:  Mary Ann Wells Narrative Report 3-24-2012

Let me know if you are of this line.  I’d love to get more info to add.


11 Mar 2012 – Cemetery Humor March 11, 2012

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Sorry I haven’t posted lately.  I found out I was diabetic a little over a month and a half ago and have been dealing with a whole lot of not feeling good.  I’m feeling a lot better the past few days so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.  In the mean time… My mother forwarded me a funny email with humorous gravestone inscriptions.  Here they are:

Harry Edsel Smith of Albany,New York:

Born 1903–Died 1942.

Looked up the elevator shaft to see if the car was on the way down. It was.


In a Thurmont,Maryland, cemetery:

Here lies an Atheist, all dressed up and no place to go.


On the grave of Ezekial Aikle in

East Dalhousie Cemetery,Nova Scotia:

Here lies Ezekial Aikle, Age 102. Only the good die young.


In a London,England cemetery:

Here lies Ann Mann, who lived an old maid but died an old Mann. Dec. 8, 1767


In a Ribbesford,England, cemetery:

Anna Wallace

The children of Israel wanted bread,

And the Lord sent them manna.

Clark Wallace wanted a wife,

And the Devil sent him Anna.


In a Ruidoso,New Mexico, cemetery:

Here lies Johnny Yeast. Pardon him for not rising.


In a Uniontown,Pennsylvania, cemetery:

Here lies the body of Jonathan Blake,

Stepped on the gas instead of the brake.


In a Silver City , Nevada , cemetery:

Here lays The Kid,

We planted him raw.

He was quick on the trigger,

But slow on the draw.


A lawyer’s epitaphin England: Sir John Strange.

Here lies an honest lawyer,

and that is Strange.


John Penny’s epitaph in the Wimborne, England , cemetery:

Reader, if cash thou art in want of any,

Dig 6 feet deep and thou wilt find a Penny.


In a cemetery in Hartscombe,England:

On the 22nd of June, Jonathan Fiddle went out of tune.


Anna Hopewell’s grave in Enosburg Falls, Vermont :

Here lies the body of our Anna,

Done to death by a banana.

It wasn’t the fruit that laid her low,

But the skin of the thing that made her go.


On a grave from the 1880s in Nantucket, Massachusetts :

Under the sod and under the trees,

Lies the body of Jonathan Pease.

He is not here, there’s only the pod,

Pease shelled out and went to God.


In a cemetery in England:

Remember man, as you walk by,

As you are now, so once was I.

As I am now, so shall you be,

Remember this and follow me.

To which someone replied by writing on the tombstone:

To follow you I’ll not consent,

Until I know which way you went.