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16 Feb 2014 Snow Pictures of the old Wells house in Ashaway February 16, 2014

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In honor of all the snow up north, I thought I’d post some pictures I found this morning of the old Wells house in Ashaway, Rhode Island that I have that were taken in winter.  I have hundreds of photos of the house, but only a handful of them with snow.  The house was built about 1857 by Jonathan Russell Wells, stood in what is now Crandall field in Ashaway, just north of Wells St and across the street from the church.  Sadly, it was torn down in the 60’s so all we have left are the photos of this once proud home.  I would imagine that these photo were taken in the mid 1930’s.


I really like the one below because of the snow man in the front yard.


This one of my mother in a box on a sled makes me smile.  That’s the barn that was converted but still stands in Crandall Field to this day in the background.


This is a view down Route Three from in front of the house.


Of course, let’s not forget to take a photo with the outhouse in the background ….


I guess you’re never to young to start shoveling.  Either that or my mother was eager to help out her father.




This one shows the orchard behind the house in the background.

013 Myra in Sled

I’m not quite sure who this is, but I think it’s probably my grandfather Elliot Wells.  It was my grandmother Florence who was the shutter bug.


Mom looks a little guilty in this one.  It was taken on the left side of the house as seen from the street.  You can see the house across Route three in the background.


This one looks to have been taken at the same time as the one above.  I think the long shadow in the above photo was probably cast by my Mom’s cousin Dorothy.  That’s Dorothy in the photo below.  In it, you can see how they had to build up the land to make a flat surface to build the house on.  Crandall Field sloped downward from the street.


So I hope you enjoyed my snow day.  Right now I’m looking out my window here in Orlando and it’s a lovely day if not a bit chilly.  I miss the snow though.

As a progress report on my novels, I’m hoping to have the first two up for sale on Amazon and the Kindle store in about a month.  They’ll be e-books only to begin with.  Paper books are expensive to create so I’ll have to see if that’s something I want to do down the line.