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June 30, 2010 – Randall and Russell Wells June 30, 2010

Todays ANCESTOR OF THE DAY IS ….. Russell Wells, my Great, Great, Great Grandfather.  Son of Randall Wells Sr. and Lois Maxson, Russell was born September 30, 1747 in Wellstow, Washington County, RI.  He married Lydia Rogers Crandall in 1770 and died in the Fall of 1821 in Hopkinton, RI.

Here are my nots on Russell in my genealogy program.

From: Washington County, Rhode Island Births 1770-1850, By Alden G. Beaman, Ph.D.  1976  Page 177

Wells, Russell of Randall & Lois  1780 Ho


It’s likely that Rusell was born in his father’s house.  Randall’s house is still standing in Ashaway, RI.  Here is a picture of it:

1810 Federal Census, Hopkinton, RI

Head of Household: Russell Wells ….. Males 26-44 years old: 1
Females under 10 years: 1 ….. Females 16-25: 1
(Would have been Russell, Lydia and daughter Sylvia)
1830 Federal Census, Hopkinton, RI

Head of Household: Russell Wells ….. Males 10-15 years: 1 (Jonathan or Thomas, -Silas too old)
Males 40-50: 1 (Russell) ….. Females 5-10: 1 (Lucy Ester)
Females 20-30: 1 (Probably Sylvia, but maybe Louis)
Females 40-50: 1 (Lydia)
1840 Federal Census, Hopkinton, RI

Head of Household: Russell Wells
Males 20-30 years: 1 (May be a different number-hard to read) (could be Jonathan, Thomas or Silas)
Males 60-70: 1 (Russell) ….. Females 20-30: 1 (Louis)
Females 50-60: 1 (Lydia) ….. Total in Household: 7
Number of persons employed in Agriculture: 1
Number of persons employed in Manufacture and Trade: 1
Number of persons employed in the Navigation of the Ocean: 2
1850 Federal Census, August 9th, 1850, Hopkinton, RI

Russell Wells ….. Age: 69 ….. Occupation: Farmer
Place of Birth: RI ….. Others living in same household: Lydia (wife)
Louis and Oliver Buddington are listed just before them on the Census.  Probably lived next door or close by.
From the Sabbath Recorder – October 13, 1859
“In Hopkinton, R.I. Oct. 4th, Mr. Russell Wells, aged 79 years.  Mr. Wells was a brother of the late Elder Varnum Wells.  Two of his sons from the enterprising firm of Wells & Co., Manufacturers at Ashaway.  Mr. Wells was formerly a member of the church, but of late years lived quite a retired life.

BURIAL: He is burried in Oak Grove Cemetary in Ashaway, Rhode Island.
On thier tomb stone is inscribed”
Let me go where saints are going…To the Mansions of the Blest
Let me go where my Redeamer …Has prepared his peoples rest
I would gain the rhelms of brightness …Where they dwell forevermore
I would join the frineds that wait on the other shore.

DEATH: Rhode Island Death Records:
From: http://www.geocities.com/sneezykat2003/NewEnglandWells/RhodeIslandWells.html
1)Russell-b.~1780, Hopkinton-Oct 7 1859, 79 yrs. White. Mar. farmer. s/o Randall & Lois Wells. HO 1:5
Russell Wells-Mar: Lydia (nee?):~1782, Waterford, CT.-May 8 1865, 83 yrs. near Ashaway, RI. White, widow. Pars: unk. Old age HO 1:12


From: Hopkinton Probate Book #10, Pages 136-140   (An “X” or “x” is in place of a letter or word I was unable to make out from the original writing)

 Estate of Russell Well (deceased)

At the Court of Probate of the Town of Hopkinton on this 28th day of November A.D. 1859

Jonathan R Wells of Hopkinton one of the heirs of the estate of Russel Well late of said Hopkinton deceased, presents his petition in writing, praying that letters of administration on estate of said deceased may be granted to him or some suitable person. 

The XXX XX XXX and it is ordered that the consideration there of be referee to the 10th day of January A.D. 1860 at 9 o’clock in the forenoon at the house of John W. XXX in said Hopkinton and that the Clerk XXX notice to be given to all persons interested XX XXXX a copy of this decree in a conspicuous place in his office and another copy XX the XX of XX Noyes in said town of Hopkinton for fourteen days before XX 10th day of January.

Henry Whipple   Probate Clerk

At the Court of Probate of the town of Hopkinton on this 10th day of January AD 1860

The petition in writing of Jonathan R. Wells of Hopkinton one of the heirs of the estate of Russell Wells late of said Hopkinton deceased, XXX that he may be appointed administrator on the estate of said deceased which was on the 28th day of November last presented to the court and then referred to this time with an order of notice thereon is again taken up and it appearing that notice has been given XXXXment to said order, said petition XX XX and no person appearing to object.  Upon consideration thereof it is ordered Adjudged and Decreed that the XX of said petition be granted and that said Jonathan R. Wells be and his is hereby appointed administrator of the estate of said Russel Wells.  Said Jonathan R. Wells before entering upon said trust is ordered and required to give bond in the sum of two thousand

 Page 137

 Estate of Russel Wells (deceased) continued

Dollars ($2000) with Thomas R. Wells and Oliver B. Irish as XX in the form  XX XX by law.  (Bond given)

Henry Whipple   Probate Clerk

Copy of Letter of Administration

The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

Washington Se.

By the Court of Probate of the Town of Hopkinton, in the County of Washington in the State aforesaid

(SEAL)  To Jonathan R. Wells of Hopkinton in the County and State aforesaid.  Greeting

You have been appointed by this Court Administrator  on the real and personal estate of Russel Wells late of said Hopkinton deceased intestate and having given bond as the law directly, are hereby authorized and empowered to receive, recover and take possession of the Estate which to the said Russel Wells at the time of his death did assertain and belong. And the same fully to administer according to law.

In testimony where of we have caused the seal of said Court to be hereunto affixed this tenth day of January in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty (1860)

Signed and Sealed by order and in behalf of said Court

Henry Whipple   Probate Clerk

 The foregoing is a true copy of the original letter of Administration

 Witness:                                                      Henry Whipple   Probate Clerk

 Page 138

 Estate of Russel Wells (deceased) continued

At the Court of Probate of the town of Hopkinton on this 10th day of January AD 1860

On the application of Jonathan R. Wells administrator of the estate of Russel Wells late of said Hopkinton deceased it is ordered that George W. Taylor, Oliver B Irish and Jonathan L Spencer be and they are hereby appointed to make an inventory and first appraisment of all the goods, chattels, rights and credits which were of said Russel Wells

Henry Whipple   Probate Clerk


 At the Court of Probate of the town of Hopkinton on this 5th day of March AD 1860

The appraisors hereto appointed on the estate of Russel Wells late of Hopkinton deceased return and inventory and appraisment of the good and chattels, rights and credits which were of said Russel Wells and Jonathan R. Wells administrator on said estate makes oath that said inventory is a first inventory of all the goods and chattels rights and credits whish was of said Russel Wells which have come to his knowledge:  Where upon said inventory and appraisement are received and it is ordered that the same be XXX

Henry Whipple   Probate Clerk


 Copy of Warrant to appraisers and Inventory

The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

Washington Se. – By the Court of Probate of the Town of Hopkinton in the county of Washington and State aforesaid XXX Probate jurisdiction.

(SEAL) To George W. Taylor, Oliver B Irish and Jonathan L. Spencer all of said Hopkinton


You are hereby appointed and empowered as three suitable persons, to take an inventory of

 Page 139

 Estate of Russel Wells (deceased) continued

all the goods, chattels, rights and credits where of Russel Wells late of said town of Hopkinton, deceased, did seised and possessed; and accounting to your best shill and judgment truly and justly to appraise the same as soon as may be in dollars and cents accounting to the present balance thereof, being first sworn on affirmed to the faithful discharge of that trust; and when you shall have completed said inventory as aforesaid, you are to return the same together with this warrant with you XXX  XXX to the office of the Clerk of said Court on to seal up and deliver the same to Jonathan R. Wells Administrator on the estate of the said deceased who is hereby accordingly directed so to return and exhibit the same on oath, to said Court of Probate of the Town of Hopkinton within three months from the time of taking upon himself that trust. 

In testimony Whereof XX have caused the seal of said court to be hereto affixed this tenth day of January A.D. 1860

Signed and sealed by order and in behalf of said court

Henry Whipple   Probate Clerk

Washington Sc. In Hopkinton Feb 29th  AD 1860.

Then the above names George W. Taylor, Oliver B. Irish and Jonathan L. Spencer personally appeared and made oath that they would faithfully and impartially discharge the trust XX in them by the forgoing Warrant.

Before me, Isaac Crandall Public Notary

 Washington Sc. In Hopkinton on this 5th day of March AD 1860 in presence of the written warrant who have taken an inventory and made a first appraisment of all the goods and chattels, rights and credits which were of Russel Wells, late of Hopkinton, deceased which inventory and apprasement is as follows

(see next page)

 Page 140

 Estate of Russel Wells (deceased) continued

 6 Comforters + bed quilts                                                   4oo

3 Bedsteads                                                                                7.5

6 Chairs                                                                                       120

3 Rockers                                                                                    100

1 Fell leaf Table + oil cloth                                                  50

1 Desk                                                                                          100

8 Books                                                                                       48

Lot coockery + glass vase in cupboard                        150

6 pair Sheets + Pillow cases                                               300

2 Goose feather Beds                                                           600

1 Looking Glass                                                                        25

2 Rag Carpets one on floor                                                500

1 Log chain                                                                              200

Curtains                                                                                    100

½ Doz large ½ Doz small spoons                                  100

3 Stone jars                                                                             100

1 Warming pan                                                                        25

  Knives + Forks                                                                       25



GW Taylor           

OB Irish                                 Appriasors Fees – 75.        

JL Spencer

Has not but believe

This to be a just appraisement

 The forgoing is a true copy of the original Warrant and Inventory

Witness:                                                      Henry Whipple   Probate Clerk


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June 28, 2010 June 28, 2010

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Spent a lot of time today working on updating info on ancestry.com and findagrave.com.  Adding relationship links on a few pictures on findagrave and adding lots of pictures, obit and Wells folks on ancestry on my tree there.  Hoping that maybe I’ll be able to hook up with more distant cousins this way.  

Today’s CEMETERY OF THE DAY is… the Beckett Cemetery, Waterford Township, OH (Washington Co.)  Located at the intersection of Swift Road and Echo Valley Road (T104). 

*Cory, Anne “Nancy” Wells        (Jan 1, 1770 – Feb 17, 1849)    1st Cousin 5Xs Removed…. (Anne “Nancy” is the daughter of Thomas Wells and Sarah Clarke who were both born in Washington Co. RI and died in Washington Co., OH.  Anne was born in RI as well but was married in Ohio.)

*Cory, Thomas       (May 27, 1765 – Sep 13, 1822     h/o Anne Wells  “Cory Thomas, Died: 9-13-1822, Sacred to the Memory of Thomas Cory, a Native of Rhode Island and an Active Aider in Revolution Patiently endured the Toils and Hazards of war, A Pioneer of the Western Wilds, Underwent many Privations and Hardships and He Died Sept 13, 1822 in the 59th Year of his Age.”

 Children of Thomas and Anne Corey:

Cory, Charles S.     ( Nov 29, 1792 – Jun 17, 1869)  2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed

Cory, Ann White   (X – Jan 16, 1879)  w/o Charles S. Corey

Cory, Bathsheba    (About 1805 – Feb 9, 1859)   2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed

*Cory, Charlotte   ( About 1791 – Oct 16, 1817)  2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed

Cory, Julian/Julia?  (  X – July 18, XXXX   )   2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed

Cory, William     ( About 1807 – Sep 10, 1828  ) 2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed

Cory, Vesta      ( X – Aug 30, XXXX   ) 2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed

 *Note: I had this family spelled “Corey” but when I found a photo of Charlotte’s gravestone, it is spelled “Cory” on the stone.

Thomas is the son of Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall.  This seems to be a branch of the family (children of Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall) that really branched out if you’ll pardon the pun.  Of the 12 Children I have listed for Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall, one died in Ohio (That’s Thomas), 2 in New york State, 1 in Massachusetts, 3 in Rhode Island, one in Connecticut and 4 are a mystery.


June 23, 2010 June 23, 2010

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I spent a lot of time on findagrave.com today.  Putting in names and submitting photo requests.  I was going through my Cemetery listing and was pleasantly surprised how many photos I have in ration to ones I don’t.  Would probably have a lot more in findagrave didn’t have a cap of 20 requests a week per person.   Sometimes I’m not able to get a whole cemetery done and you’d hate to have someone go take pictures only to see more requests from you the next week.  O well.  My Cemetery list is now up to like 178 cemeteries in about 24 states.  We sure do get around as a family!

Here are some articles I found today that relate to the Erbig side of the family:

Erbig – Jeffrey Alan Erbig son of Rob Jr

Erbig – Mrs Robert Erbig Jr

Erbig – Robert Erbig Jr.

I’ve been working on a side project making a family cookbook.  I recently came into possession of my grandmothers handwritten cookbook.  Some interesting recipes I’ll be trying in the future.  Not surprisingly I came across some cocktail recipes.  Here is a sample recipe out of Grandma Geoghan’s cookbook:

Old Fashioned Cole Slaw

 2 eggs                                                               ½ cup water

½ cup Heinz pure Cider Vinegar           1/3 cup sugar

1 teaspoon salt                                             ⅛ teaspoon pepper

4 cups shredded cabbage                     1 ½ teaspoon Heinz prepared yellow mustard

 Beat slightly 2 eggs.  Add, blending well, ½ cup water, 1/2 cup Heinz pure Cider Vinegar, 1/3 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, ⅛ teaspoon pepper, 1 ½ teaspoon Heinz prepared yellow mustard. Cook, stirring constantly, until thickened.  Cool and pour over 4 cups shredded cabbage, mixing thoroughly.  Serve in cups of lettuce.  Serves 8.

Sweet Potato Pie

 ¼ cup butter, melted                 2 cups cooked can med sweet potatoes

½ cup sugar                                    4 egg yolks beaten

¼ teaspoon salt                            1 teaspoon cinnamon

Dash of mace                                  2 cups milk

4 egg whites                                     Unbaked Pie Shell

 Mash sweet potatoes ; combine with butter, sugar, egg yolks, salt, cinnamon and mace.  Add milk slowly; stir until blended.  Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites.  Pour into deep pastry lined pie pan.  Bake in a very hot over (425°) 15 min. reduce heat to moderate (375°) bake about 25 min longer.

 Here’s another project I did.   Here are three pictures.  Inside of each is an old picture and with it is a new picture that I took in the fall of 2009 of the same exact view as in the old picture.  I tried to stand in the same spot the other photographer did.  They are all view from where the old Wells House stood in Ashaway, RI.  The house stood right on Route 3 as it travels through Ashaway in what is now called Crandall Field.  It was across the street from the church and just north of Wells road.  This first picture looks across what is now Crandall Field but was back then, the front lawn of the Wells House.

In this picture, you can see the Crandall Barn in both photos.  In the older one, you see the Wells Family as thy would have been located to the Right of the house if you were standing at the front of the house.  Today, the barn as been converted and the roof taken off and replaced but you can still see the same building in both pictures.  My mother is the little blonde girl in the photo.  Isn’t she cute!

In this photo, Elliott Wells is standing in the front yard of the Wells House and the background in the house across the street, what my mother tells me used to be the old church parsonage.  You can still see that same house today in the other photo.


June 21, 2010 June 21, 2010

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So I seemed to have opened up a can of worms.  I’ve been going through the ever helpful book Hopkinton, Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries by Lorraine Tarket-Arruda and Gayle Waite.  I’ve been comparing the names in my genealogy database with the names in the index at the back of the book and have found a ton more burial places. And by ton, I mean my listing of known burial places for the family is up to 104 pages so far.  Sigh.  Will I ever finish this project?   Here are a few of the more interesting discoveries I made.

 Oak Grove Cemetery, Ashaway, RI

Kenyon, Elizabeth Erbig (1912 – 1971) 1st Cousin 2Xs Removed

Kenyon, Ralph Shepard (Jun 3, 1903 – Jan 3, 1969)h/o Elizabeth Erbig & 5/1

I had no idea that Elizabeth Erbig was in Oak Grove.  I’ve been to that cemetery a few times but she seems to be a different section of the cemetery, one that I don’t have need to go to as I didn’t think I had family there.  She’s far apart from the rest of the Erbigs.

 Pine Grove Cemetery, Hope Valley, RI

Located 20 feet north of Bank Street in Hope Valley (old Section) and 20 feet east of Fairview Avenue (new section).

*Handy, Amos Ebenezer    (Oct 14, 1887 – Jun 27, 1958 ) 2nd h/o Julia Erbig Weber

 Amos is my Step Great Grandfather.   I had no info on him at all except his name.  With a little help from my cousin Jean and the folks at www.findagrave.com I got quite a bit on info on him today.   Here’s a picture of his grave.  Guess I can see why the call it “Pine” Grove Cemetery.  I’m wondering why he is buried here.   There don’t seem to be any Handys around him at this cem.  Their would have been plenty of room for him to have been buried near Julia at Oak Grove Cemetery.  Guess we’ll never know.


June 17, 2010 June 17, 2010

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Today I noticed the little area that tells you what people googled to get my blog.  Here are some of the odder examples: victorian prison cells ,sears and roebuck catalog 1840’s west wagon.  I’m thinking they were disappointed. 

So today I found 3 new cemeteries.  These are for folks that  are offshoots of the Stillman side of the family.  One in Nebraska, a whole new state for my list.  So here are today’s CEMETERIES OF THE DAY.

Hillside Cemetery, North Loup, NE  (Valley Co.) 

Worth, Catherine “Katie” Stillman (Mar 8, 1800 – Nov 24, 1893) 2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed   (Catherine is the daughter of Jesse Stillman & Esther Maxson who are in the Stillman Village Cem, Petersburg, NY)

“The Loyalist”; North Loup, Nebraska; Thursday, November 30, 1893, p 4………Katie (Stillman) Worth, daughter of Jessie and Angeline Stillman, was born at Richburg, N. Y. on March 8, 1800 and died at the home of her son-in-law, A. J. Davis, in North Loup, Nebraska, November 24th, 1893, aged 93 years, 8 months and 16 days.  Her husband, Walter Worth, died near De Ruyter, New York, in 1864. After the death of her son Jesse about 15 years ago, she has made her home with her daughter, whose death so closely preceded her own. Interment took place at the North Loup cemetery on Saturday, funeral services at which Rev. Hurley officiated, taking place at the Baptist church at the usual service hour.  The relatives of the deceased have the deep sympathy of the entire community in their deep affliction. Mrs. Worth, whose serene and peaceful existence was extended to almost a century, has been remarkable vigorous for one of her years, and has maintained a cheerfulness that has almost been the envy of her juniors. Her daughter has endeared herself to a wide circle of warm friends who will find her vacant place most difficult to fill.

Davis, Esther Stillman Worth  (Mar 13, 1835 – Nov 22, 1893 ) 3rd Cousin 3Xs Removed  (Esther is the daughter of Catherine Stillman and Walter F. Worth)

“The North Loup Loyalist”, North Loup, Nebraska, Thursday, Nov. 30, 1893, p 4…….Esther S. (Worth) Davis, whose death occurred on Wednesday of last week, was the daughter of Walter and Katie Worth, and was born in Madison county, N. Y., on March 13, 1835, and died at North Loup, Nebraska, Nov. 22, 1893, aged 58 years, 8 mo’s and 9 days.  During her school life at the De Ruyter Institute she was converted and baptized by Eld. Irish.  In 1855 she, with her sister and brother-in-law, moved to Iowa, where she became acquainted with A. J. Davis, and they were united in marriage on Oct 25, 1857.  For a number of years they resided at Welton, Iowa, where the deceased was faithful, earnest and active as a christian worker.  About twenty years ago she, with her husband and children, removed to North Loup, where they have since lived.

Davis, Adoniram Judson   (Dec 21, 1829 – Feb 25, 1906 ) h/o Esther S. Worth

“The North Loup Loyalist”, North Loup, Nebraska, Friday, March 2, 1906, p 4…..At the Norfolk Hospital, Feb. 25, 1906, comforted by the presence of his grandson, Otto R. Hill, Adonirum Judson Davis in the 78th year of his age. His funeral and burial took place at North Loup, his permanent home for the last 33 years, on Tuesday Feb. 27. The funeral services were held at the S. D. B. church of which he was a member, Rev. Fox of the M. E. church officiating. Only two children survive him, Dr. W. L., of Lincoln and Mrs. Eva Hill of this place, both of whom with their families were present at the funeral.  Mr. Davis was born in West Virginia in which state he spent his boyhood days. He lived for a time in Ohio and in Iowa coming to this place from Welton, Iowa, among the first of the S. D. B. people. He was always an active, energetic man and was greatly interested in public affairs, and was closely identified with all the interests of North Loup till his health failed him last summer. He carried the mails from the depot to the post office from the time the railroad began carrying it until he was compelled last August, to resign on account of ill health. There has been no one else who has ever lived here who was a more familiar figure than “Jud” as he was called by everyone. In his younger days he was an active worker in the S. D. B. church of which he was a member, and for a good many years acted as chorister. Before his mind failed him he again identified himself with his church, and was reinstated to full membership. Thus another old settler has gone and has left only a memory of good things conscientiously done.

Hill, Eva Elfreda Davis   ( May 13, 1859 – Jan 7, 1938)  4th Cousin 2Xs Removed

“The Sabbath Recorder”, Vol 124, No 6, p 96, Feb. 7, 1938…..Eva Elfrida Davis Hill, oldest daughter of A. Judson and Esther Worth Davis, was born in Welton, Iowa, May 13, 1859, and died at North Loup, Neb., January 7, 1938.  In 1874, she came with her parents to the North Loup settlement, where January 1, 1876, she was married to Castello W. Hill. To them were born three sons: Claude L., Otto R., and Judson V. Her one great passion in life was music. Though denied training, she had a wonderful voice which she used freely and joyously. For several years she used this gift as a singing evangelist. Music was her comfort and rest. Many did not know that when her heart was nearest breaking her singing was the best. While young she united with the Welton Church, later transferring her membership to North Loup. She was devoted to her family. Many years were devoted to being chorister, Sabbath school teacher, and other church work. Her cheerful, cordial, and helpful disposition won her friends everywhere. Besides the sons there are left to mourn her going nine grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren, and one brother, Dr. Walter L. Davis. – From “The North Loup Loyalist”.

Hill, Castello Welcome  (May 16, 1852 – Aug 5, 1933 ) h/o Eva E. Davis

“The Sabbath Recorder”, Vol 115, No 11, p 262, Oct. 30, 1933…..Castello Welcome, youngest son of Varnum and Lavina Cheesborough Hill, was born in Albion, Wis., May 16, 1852, and passed away at Ingleside, Neb., August 5, 1933.  While he was a boy his parents moved to a place near Dakota, Waushara County, Wis. They became a part of the Seventh Day Baptist group there.   About 1874 Mr. Hill came to Nebraska and soon homesteaded. On January 1, 1876, he was united in marriage with Eva Davis by Elder Oscar Babcock. To this union were born three sons: Claude, Otto, and Jud. Mr. and Mrs. Hill experienced the rigors and privations of pioneer life. They shared willingly and joyously these hardships as they built their home in a new land.   Brother Hill was highly respected by his neighbors and friends. Honesty was one of his cardinal virtues. He was good-natured and kind. Early in life he became a Christian, was baptized and joined the church. At the time of his passing he was a member of the North Loup Seventh Day Baptist Church.  Mr. Hill is the last of his immediate family of three brothers and one sister. There survive, besides his widow and his three sons, a half brother living in Burnam, Wis., eight grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.  Farewell services were conducted by Pastor Hurley S. Warren from the A. H. Babcock home. Interment was in the North Loup Cemetery. H. S. W.

Farina Cemetery, Farina, IL (Fayette Co.)

Hill, Claude Lawrence   (Apr 24, 1878 – Mar 11, 1953) 5th Cousin 1X Removed   (Claude is the son of Castello W. Hill and Eva Elfrida Davis who are in Hillside Cemetery, North Loup, NE.  His wife     Cora May Brace is also buried there)

Johnstown Center Cemetery, Johnstown Township, WI (Rock Co.)

Hill, Rev. Carroll Leigh  (Jan 14, 1902 – May 5, 1981 )   6th Cousin

Hill, Harriet Emmeline Belland ( Mar 16, 1904 – Nov 29, 1995  )w/o Carroll L. Hill


June 15, 2010 June 15, 2010

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So with the best of intentions…. I sat down at my computer this evening to do a blog entry.  A really good one, just brimming with good info on the Family.  And of course I got sidetracked.  But a good kind of side track.  I was contacted by a findagrave.com member who asked me to update some info on a Wells family member.  Orrin Marston Wells buried in Lick Creek Cemetery.  So I think I’ll make Lick Creek todays CEMETERY OF THE DAY.

Lick Creek Cemetery, Perry, MO (Ralls Co.)   Located on State Highway B south of Lick Creek Lane.

Rev. Orrin Marston Wells  (Oct 19, 1809 – Jan 9, 1896) 2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed  (Orrin parents, Dr. Varnum G. Wells and Sarah Davis are buried in Nye Cem, Near Milford, Athens Co., OH)

Mary Adelia Rash  Wells   ( Jun 5, 1823  – Mar 24, 1888 ) w/o Orrin Wells

The F.A.G.com member says that Orrin’s middle name should be Masters and not Marston.  The book Matthew James of New Hampshire, Page 266-267, has tis to say about him. “ORRIN MARSTON 6 WELLS (Varnum5, Thomas4, Edward3, Thomas2-1), b.19 Oct. 1809 [Walden, 3:139]; mar. in IN ca 1843 Mary Rash, who was b. 5 June 1823 in Dover, Delaware [DAR #336634 Mildred Norris Rivas, and #468420 Elnora Deckard Wren; U.S Census 1850, IA, Van Buren Co., Union Twp.]. On-in was licensed to solemnize marriages as a regularly ordained minister of the Church of Christ in Athens Co., OH, 2 May 1832 [Athens Co. Clerk of Court Minutes, Vol. 1-4, 1815-184 I], In a series of deeds dated 1830-1833, the adult children who were heirs to Varnum G. Wells, including On-in, sold their shares of land [Ath. Co. Deeds, 6:332, 401; 8:587]. Orrin Wells was one of those family members who moved to Tippecanoe Co., IN, ca 1834. By 1849 he was living in Union Twp., Van Buren Co., LA, where he is found in the Iowa Census taken that year. He was in Cedar Twp. of Van Buren Co. in 1850 and 1860 [U.S. Censuses]. The Van Buren Co. Deeds show Orrin M. Wells first purchased land in Cedar Twp. in Sept. 1850 [L:482], bought and sold numerous times until 1872 and 1873, when “Orin M. Wells and wife of Rails county Missouri” sold their final parcel of land in Cedar Twp. to the Watson family [9:503, 591]. By July 1870 they were liv. in Rails Co, MO, Salt River Twp., P.O. Perry [U.S. Census]. Mary d. 24 March 1888 at Peny, MO, and On-in d. 9 Jan. 1896 at Perry [DAR #336634 Mildred Norris Rivas, and #468420 Elnora Deckard Wren].”

This is where I got Marston, seems to have been his Maternal Grandmothers Maiden name.  I’m waiting to hear back from the member as to where they got Masters before I update it on F.A.G.com.  Kinda curious about that.  Maybe this person is a direct descendant and knows better than I.   This person also gave me some burial info on Orrin’s son Rufus which I didn’t have, so today you’re getting 2, count em’, 2 CEMETERIES OF THE DAY.  Here’s Rufus….

Wolfe Cemetery, Perry, MO (Ralls Co.)

Wells, Rufus    ( July 17, 1845 – Mar 17, 1923 )3rd Cousin 3Xs Removed  (Rufus is the son of Orrin Marston Wells and Mary A. Rash buried in Lick Creek Cemetery, Perry, MO)

Wells, Frank Elmer  (Jan 30, 1847 – Dec 11, 1928)4th Cousin 2Xs Removed  (Frank is the son of Rufus Wells and Charlotte Berry.  Rufus is also in Wolfe Cem.)

Wells, Margaret E. Wells   (Dec 27, 1871 – Jul 29, 1932)w/o Frank E. Wells   

So with all this going on, I never got to put together that great blog entry I’d intended.  Guess this will have to do.   But I will add some interesting articles I found on Randall’s Ordinary in North Stonington, CT, ancestral home of the Randall family.  Isn’t Google amazing, found all this on line this afternoon.

Randall House History in article

Randalls Ordinary Article and Recipes

Randalls Ordinary Purchased by Tribe Article

Randalls Ordinary Re-opening

Randalls Ordinary Sale Article

Randalls Ordinary write up 2004


June 13, 2010 June 13, 2010

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Today I thought I’d share a few photos.  First are a few family heirlooms from the old Wells House in Ashaway, RI.  A beautiful old mirror:and a table.  This is actually one of two almost identical tables.

Here are a couple of pictures of my Great Aunt Dorothy’s Trunk.  She was Dorothy Pauline Wells Van Sickles

Here are a couple of paintings done by my Great Grandparents.  Both would have hung back in the day, in the Old Wells House in Ashaway.

This one was done by Williams Rogers Wells and is of his father in laws dairy farm in Alfred, NY.  This would be Phineas Crandall Stillman’s farm and cows.

This painting was done by Williams wife and Phineas’ daughter, Pauline Rudiger Stillman Wells.

Here is a painting that was done by Pauline’s sister Amelia Stillman.  Amelia was a art teacher at Alfred University in Alfred, NY where she was born and raised.  

Born March 20, 1834 to Phineas C. Stillman and Orpha C. Stillman. She died January 1, 1902.  She  graduated from Alfred Academy  with a laureate of arts degree in 1853. Later this is called a Master of Arts degree. Nothing is known about her from 1853 until 1869. From 1869 to 1870 she was an art student in Chicago, Ill.  From 1870 to 1871 she taught painting in Hornellsville, New York Public Schools and the Select School of Miss Kingsley.  In 1881 she was an art student in Leroy, New York.  The spring and summer of 1883 she studied at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Boston and the fall and winter of 1886-1887 she studied at the Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington, DC.

She is first mentioned in the catalog of Alfred University and continuously until 1895.  She is mentioned as the following:  associate of Painting and Penciling 1870, professor of Painting and History of Art 1884-1885, professor of Fine Arts 1886, and again professor of Painting and History of Art 1891 to 1895.

Here is a painting done by her of Loch Loman.

There are many talented artists in the family.  Williams and Pauline’s daughter Dorothy Pauline Wells Van Sickles whose truck is above is one of them.  Here is a painting of hers:

I also paint, although I would not claim to be as talented as my ancestors.  Here’s a painting of mine: