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October 6, 2010 The Mystery Wells Photo Album October 6, 2010

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One of the old family albums we have is this one.  Unfortunately we don’t really know who any of the people are.  Most don’t have names and the ones that do, we’re not sure who they are.  I’d love it if you recognize anyone.  Heres some pictures of the album itself.

Here are the 2 front index pages.

Here are the pictures.  First one is a Sarah J Kenyon.

The one on the left is a Byron O’ something.

The photo below on the left says Hannah A Crandall, Ashaway.  The photo on the right says Langworthy, Crandall, Wells and Co.

Below is an unknown woman and J.H. Merrill Potter Hill Rhode Island.

Below Left: Altana M Wells Ashaway RI     Below Right:  Everett, Westerly

Below are two unknown gentlemen.

Below Left: Unknown Child.  Below Right: Looks like D.G. Straub  Jacksonville, Ill

Below Left:  something Prosser, Boston  Feb 7, 1866. Below Right: Unknown Man.

Below Left:  hard to read name, Middleton, Mass.  Below Right: Unknown man.

Below:  says “The Psyche”

Below: Unknown Man

Below : Unknown woman.

Below:  Left says from a studio in Cortland NY.  Right: says from studio in Westerly, RI.

Below: two unknown ladies. 

Below Left: Unknown man, Below Right: Unknown man -Studio in Ithica, NY


6 Responses to “October 6, 2010 The Mystery Wells Photo Album”

  1. Liane Says:

    Hello Jennifer… i came across your page via some online research. I am researching the Lewis Family and through my research, i’ve stumbled across some names we seem to have in common, i.e. Burdick (Dorcas Lewis married Robert Burdick in 1710), Langworthy (Mary Lewis, sister of Dorcas Lewis, married John Langworthy), Crandall (Samuel Lewis married Joanna Crandall in 1695) Maxson (Daniel Lewis married Mary Maxson) Their son John Lewis married Tacy Crandall and the list goes on…

  2. Kris VanDenBossche Says:

    Hi Jennifer!
    I’ve visited your blog a couple of times now and figured I should offer you some information on your Civil War era carte-de-visite photograph album from Ashaway. Not too much mystery here, really. Most of the identified/semi identified images are portraits of folks from Ashaway and Potter Hill, friends and neighbors of Jonathan R. Wells and William R. Wells. You should have picked up on a couple of them–Everett is very likely Everett J. Wells (1851-1870), son of Jonathan. Altana M. Wells (1849-1912) was adopted by T. Randall Wells in 1865 and married Alan A. Palmiter (1841-1929), principal of the Hopkinton Academy in 1864 and 1865. The names in the index are for photographs of ‘Tana Wells, A.A. Palmiter, Eugenia Lewis Babcock (1847-1910), 4th wife of inventor George H. Babcock, and Welcome Wayland Lewis (1845-1915), the latter two both children of Nathan K. Lewis of Ashaway (town clerk of Hopkinton & Ashaway Bank cashier under J.R. Wells). The other identifed CDV photographs include: Susan J. Kenyon (1841-1916), daughter of Dr. Joseph D. Kenyon and later the wife of Ashaway store owner and Civil War veteran Thomas A. Barber (1843-1918); Hannah A. Cundall (1851-??), daughter of John Cundall and Harriet Babcock; Charles O. Prosser (1844-1899), son of Willard F. Prosser and Susan Maxson (of Nathan); and Dr. John Hill Merrill (1834-1893), a physician of Potter Hill. The woman you show next to Merrill’s CDV is very likely his wife, Mary Ann Babcock (1831-1914), daughter of Daniel Babcock, Jr. A couple of the identified photographs are of men who likely had little or no ties to Ashaway or Potter Hill. They may have been acquaintances met by some of the Wells family during their travels. I might be able to identify some of the unidentifed portraits in your photograph album, so post some more images. –Kris

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Unfortunately, that’s all there is. Most of the album is empty spaces where the photos probably once were. Thanks for the information. I’m sure Altana is The Altana M Wells dau of Silas Wells, adopted dau of Thomas Randall Wells. I’d like to think that Everett is Everett Jonathan Wells son of Jonathan Russell Wells as that would make him my great granduncle but there’s really no way of knowing for sure. The only pictures I have of Jonathan Russell Wells are with facial hair so its hard to see a family resemblence.

  3. Laura Albro-Gates Says:

    Wells, Stillman, Crandall, Maxson, Weber, Randall, Hubbard,Rogers, Burdick, Green, Maxson and many more also in my family tree!

    I suspect that three of your unkowns are as follows:

    William Clayton Wells
    & Wife Emily Marble Wells
    & Daughter Milla Elouine Wells

    I have pictures which I have compared them to and would like to share them.

  4. Laura Gates Says:

    William Clayton Wells’ Father John Reynolds Wells(my husband’s 4x Great Grandfather) came to the Cortland area (Chenango/Lincklaen) from RI. As I look closer I “think” that maybe the 2 pictures one from RI and one in Cortland would have probably been prior to William Clayton Wells’ birth as he was born in Cortland County; and if the 2 are the same woman would have to have been a female born in RI who later came to Cortland. John R had sisters Harriet, Huldah, Polly,and Eunice. (FATHER= Elisha Wells Birth 20 Aug 1789 in Hopkinton, Washington, RI Death 16 NOV 1843 (73) in Lincklaen, Chenango, New York, USA )

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