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October 26, 2010 – Are you an Erbig Descendant? October 26, 2010

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I’ve been working on a pretty comprehensive history of the Erbig Family starting with Michael Erbig and Anna Kaiser in Germany.  Right now, with the help of some Erbig cousins I’ve meet on line, I’m getting a ton of great info.  But I still have several branches of the family unaccounted for.  So, are you an Erbig cousin?  If so, I’m looking for You!   Are you a descendant of any of these children of Charles August Erbig and Catherine Green of Jersey City, NJ and Ashaway, RI:

Julia Regina Erbig, born 23 Feb 1882, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married * Philip Weber, bet 1900 and 1902, Hudson Co., NJ; married * Amos Ebeneezer Handy, 1950, Washington Co., RI; died Dec 1954, Washington Co., RI.

 John D. Erbig, born 28 Oct 1884, Jersey City, New Jersey; married * Anna (Mary) Albrecht, abt 1906; died 1 Aug 1956, New Jersey.

 Dora Erbig, born Jul 1886, New Jersey; married Harry Lockwood, abt 1907, Probably New Jersey; died bet 1916 and 1941, Probably New Jersey.

 William Edward Erbig, born 7 Mar 1888, Jersey City, New Jersey; married Ida Amelotti?, abt 1911; married * Margaret V. Unknown; married Gertrude Schmidt Pampnel; died 16 Jul 1961, Rhode Island.

 Charles A. (M) Erbig was born on 31 Jan 1889 in Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ. He died on 5 Oct 1892 at the age of 3 in Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ.

 Elizabeth “Lizzie” Erbig, born 29 Aug 1894, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married Ed Pollack; married Ed Braun; married Charles Cole; died Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ.

 Florence Ada Erbig, born 22 Mar 1895, New Jersey; married * James Joseph McCarthy Sr., 2 Mar 1918, New Jersey; married * Horace Francis Card, 1954; died 13 Apr 1973.

 Raymond L.uke Erbig Sr., born 30 Dec 1896, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married Lillian Garrison, abt 1917; married Marguerite Knight or Wisdom, 26 Apr 1980, Los Angeles, California; died 25 Jun 1985, San Pedro, Los Angeles Co., CA.

 Robert Phillip Erbig Sr., born 9 Jan 1899, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married * Ann Edith Roome, abt 1919; died 25 Jun 1991, Hamilton, Gratiot, MI.

 Eva Josephine Erbig, born 31 Jan 1901, Hoboken, Hudson CO., NJ; married * Harold Albert Palmer Sr., 5 Sep 1920, New Jersey; died 30 Aug 1994, Richmond, Washington Co., RI.

Evelyn Lillian Erbig, born 9 Jan 1907, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married * Horace Francis Card, abt 1926; died 22 Nov 1996, Worcester, MA.

 Harold Erbig was born (date unknown).

I am a descendant of Julia’s.  I’m in contact with cousins that are descendants of John D’s, Florence “Ada” and Raymonds.  So if you are related to any of the other siblings, I’m REALLY looking for you.  I’m happy to share what I have learned about our family history in exchange for you filling in a few blanks on your side of the family.

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15 Responses to “October 26, 2010 – Are you an Erbig Descendant?”

  1. Emily Says:

    Hello my name is Emily Erbig and Ramond L. Erbig is my husbands father. Any information you can share will be welcome! Would love to know more about the family tree!

    • Emily Says:

      PS Raymond is the grandson or great grandson I am guessing of the one you have posted here.

      • Cathy Erbig Macri Says:

        My name is Cathy Erbig Macri. Your husband’s father is my oldest brother. Ray is the grandson of the Raymond Erbig that is posted and whom you are referring to.

    • Cathy Erbig Macri Says:

      Your husbands father, Raymond L. Erbig, is my brother. He, then, is the grandson of Raymond L. Erbig that is listed.

  2. Devan Cole Says:

    Hello, I am Devan Cole, descended from Charles Van Burren Cole, the husband of Elizabeth Eliza Louise Erbig. I have done extensive research on this side, as it is the side of my father. I have dates of birth, death, marriage, census records, and photographs. I also have a sizable record of the extended Cole family tree.

  3. Cathy Erbig Macri Says:

    Hi Emily,
    I am Cathy Erbig Macri. I was hoping that maybe you may have seen my post in response to yours dated way back in July of 2011. Your husband is my nephew, whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting. I would be happy to share any information regarding the Erbig family tree and of your husbands dad, Ray. Ray was my oldest brother whom I looked up to and loved very much. I would love to make that connection.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Hi Cathy, It’s your cousin Jennifer saying hello.

      • Cathy Erbig Macri Says:

        Hi Jennifer, how are you? So nice to hear from you. I check the website from time to time to see what you have been up to and to see if you have anything new to share. Hope you are doing well. Cathy

  4. Bob Doughty Says:

    I’m not an Erbig, but I know a small bit of Erbig lineage to help fill in your tree: Charles A. Erbig and Catherine Greene have a daughter Eva J. Erbig. Eva married Harold E. Palmer. Harold and Eva have a daughter Catherine Lillian Palmer. Catherine Lilian Palmer married Earl Glenn Jordan. Earl Glenn Jordan and Catherine Lillian Palmer have a daughter Heather Jean Jordan. Heather Jean Jordan marries Dale Kevin Clachrie as his first wife. Dale Kevin Clachrie is my first cousin. I don’t have a lot of documentation but can send family group sheets in pdf format of what I do have if you want.
    Bob Doughty, Seattle, Washington (Born Westerly, RI, resided Pawcatuck, CT)

  5. Cynthia Brady Says:

    Hi Jennifer. I sent you an email but will post a bit on here as well so the others will know that I am an Erbig descendant. Elizabeth Erbig was my great grandmother on my mom’s side of the family. She was married 3 times…Pollitz, Braun, and Cole. I have always known her as Nana Cole. It would sure be nice to find other family members out there. Thank you for doing this Jennifer !

  6. Jim McCarthy Says:

    Hi Jennifer. It’s Jim McCarthy from Pittsburgh, PA (now of Phoenix, AZ). We exchanged information about 4 years ago. I’m the son of James E. McCarthy, son of Florence Ada Erbig, daughter of Charles Erbig. The posts on here from Cynthia Brady are interesting – I have very little information about Elizabeth’s family (Florence Ada Erbig’s sister).

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