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About Jennifer April 1, 2010

Hi, I’m Jennifer Geoghan and I’ve been studying my family tree for over 35 years.  My maternal side of the family comes out of Ashaway, Rhode Island near Westerly and just over the state line in Conn.  They’ve lived in that same area for hundreds of years.  My paternal side of the family are mostly immigrant stock from Germany and Ireland that have only been in the US for 150 years or so.    I created this blog as a way to connect with other studying the same family members as myself.  I’ve collected a vast amount of information on the family and would love to share it with others that share my passion.

I’m also the author of The Family History Quick Star Guide: Genealogy Made Easy, now available on Amazon.com Check it out at https://goo.gl/eSSZwa


I’d love to hear from you if you are researching the same families as me!

Feel free to contact me at jegeoghan@hotmail.com

I’m also a writer and have written a series of novels that tell the story of my real life ancestors inside the story of my main characters.  You can read more about them on my other blog:




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  1. sharon geoghan-floryan Says:

    This is so cool! I am so impressed and found it really interesting. Loved the nut story! No surprise about the Geoghan side of the family….seems like a family full of secrets!

  2. sharon Says:

    Hey Jennifer,
    Did you ever get my package? I hope so. Jeff mailed it out UPS a few weeks ago. I hope you can use it.

    My dad gave me a bog envelope of things for you to hunt and peck through….much is in german. Know a translator?

    Hope all is well, it’s rainy and chilly here Ugh…
    Can’t wait for school to be over!

  3. This is so cool! I am so impressed and found it really interesting. Loved the nut story! No surprise about the Geoghan side of the family….seems like a family full of secrets!

  4. Norman Tuttle Says:

    Came upon you when in search for info on one Francis Wells (Welles) who is the father of Elizabeth Wells who was the 2nd wife of Samuel Adams, cousin to John Adams the second President of the United States.

    In any event it caught my eye and I lingered on the various parts of your site for some time. I was in part intrigued by the mention of the name Pickering and so wanted to ask if you have a family tree published somewhere which could be referenced. I believe we have some overlap.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      My Pickering grandmother is Jane Pickering (1659-1684/85) daughter of Sir Gilbert Pickering and Lady Elizabeth Montagu. Jane was the wife of George Stillman (1654-1728). Jane supposedly died at sea while coming to the New World. George, her husband is buried in Westhersfield, CT. I visited his grave a few years back.

      • Doreen Peterson Says:

        Great work! We share several lines and I am curious whether you have a photograph of Jane Pickering’s husband’s grave site? Thank you for sharing so much of the research you have done!

      • jgeoghan Says:

        I visted George Stillman’s grave in Wethersfield. A very cool cemetery to visit if you’re ever in the area. He’s on top of the hill as yo come in the cemetery entrance. That’s one of the off things about the cemetery are the burials up the steep hill. Tha whole area is full of the Stillman Family. Also a lot of Wells’ there. They are however, no relation to the Wells family of Hopkinton.

      • Doreen Peterson Says:

        Oops! Found it! 🙂

      • Diana Stillman Caldwell Says:

        My Great Great ?? Grandmother was also Jane Pickering .My name is Diana Stillman 🙂

      • jgeoghan Says:

        Hi Cousin!! I don’t think I’ve ever meet anyone with the last name of Stillman. Strange huh? – Jennifer

  5. diane goldsmith Says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I just by luck fell upon your blog by entering ‘Jonathan Rogers grave inscription’ and magic!! Your site is fabulous. So well done. And I found more than I ever dreamed of about these distant relatives of ours & photos!! A bonanza.
    Thank you so much…


    • jgeoghan Says:

      Hi Diane, I consider it my unofficial mission to share what wealth of family info I’ve aquired over the past 20 some odd years of research. I love to collect photos of distant relatives and have a small archive of them on my computer. If there’s any questions you have about the family, feel free to ask. -Jennifer

  6. janet stemmer Says:

    I am so impressed by your cemetery book; what a tremendous amount of information ! I came looking for more information about the children of Caleb Wells and Lois Macoon; specifically their daughter Patience but don’t see anything. I do have pictures of the stones in East Hollow Cemetery if you are interested.

  7. Adam Tarbox Says:

    I never knew I had a cousin or any family still alive other than my Grandmother. David Tarbox is my father. So I guess I am your 3rd cousin. please contact me when you can. Thank you.

  8. Liz Sims Says:

    Thank you for sharing so much family information! I found your site by accident…so glad google led me to you. I’m a descendant of Lois Wells, (1810-1880) daughter of Russell Wells.

  9. Sherrie Day Says:

    Hello Jennifer, I was very interested in seeing your listing for your Cemetery Book. I am actually about 2 yrs into my genealogy search for family records on both myself as well as my husbands. I was most interested in finding your site since I am including grave markers in my family records as it seems you are as well. I have visited the find a grave site and have gotten some success with that but not in all cases. I have found that sometimes the main cemetery site is listed but doesn’t show names in, say, the older parts of the cememteries such as the “pioneer” sections. Have you found that to be true? Just recently I went to one of the local cememteries where I knew some of the relatives were and they couldn’t be located until I found that the main cemetery had another smaller attached cemetery listed under a different name. For instance the larger cemetery is Pilot Butte and is managed by one of the funeral homes where I was able to get a map and coordinates of the graves I wanted. Then there is a smaller, though attached, cemetery that is Greenwood and it is managed by the city of Bend.
    I recently also called a Colorado Cemetery and they just sent me photos of the graves I requested. It’s a complete journey of it own, looking for graves.
    I wanted to see if you had some information on other ways to search for graves other than the find a grave site. Most of my relatives are gone and the ones remaining, don’t remember a lot of the information.
    Do you have some favorite web sites that could be helpful in my search?
    I’m always anxious to share information with folks that share my desire to search for family roots. Are you doing mostly just doing the cemeteries and graves?
    I am actually creating a DVD record that eventually will be distributed to all of our family members. My record includes folders for each family member I have information on, including pictures, letters, birth records, death records etc. I have gone into the homes of most of our relatives and scanned a lot of items from their various personal collections. I found this is the least intrusive way to ask for family to share what they have. I would appreciate any help you might be able to give me to help in my search for records. Thanks so much and keep up the good work……….I’m looking forward to seeing your progress with posting on the web, Looking forward to hearing from you. Sherrie Day

    • jgeoghan Says:

      HI, was just reading your comment on my blog. I had a hard time locating several cemeteries in the area of Grafton NY. It was really a problem. Didn’t seem to be any info anywhere on the internet about them. Grafton didnt’ have a local historical society either. I contacted th enext town overs historical Society and a lady there was so nice and sent me a map of Graftons cemeteries. Had all the info I was looking for. From this I’d suggest contacting the nearest historical soc. to where the cemeteries are that you are trying to find info on. If they aren’t able to help you, they may know someone who can. You’d be surprised at how many books are written on a towns or county’s cemeteries and these books are ususally sold by the Hist. Soc. I also have gotten a lot of info and help from folks who saw listings I posted on findagrave. When I would put in a photo request, I’d note that I was looking for help in that cemetery. I also contacted via findagrave people who had posted photos for other graves in the same cemetery. Sometimes people would respond and answer questions for me if they knew anything. I also posted questions on the findagrave forums for that state. I’ll also note that I’ve been trying to get a hold of copies of death records. I just got copies of 2 of my 3rd great grandfathers death records from the NJ State Archives and it listed their burial place. I haven’t had much experience with “older” sections of the cemeteries being less recorded. I was luck enough that most of my relatives were buried in Rhode Island, one of the best states for records on burials. I still have like 104 pending photo requests on Findagrave if you can believe it and months later they are still slowing being filled.

  10. Donald Simpson Says:

    Hi Jennifer…..Thank you for the amazing website and blog. I am the son of Allan and Patrice Simpson . My father, Allan, is the son of Orpha Wells who was the daughter of William Rogers Wells. My father and mother are doing well at the ages of 95 and 83 respectively. They live in Florida. If I can help fill in any of the blanks , please let me know. I would love to talk to you.

  11. Jim Lott Says:

    I found your blog through FindAGrave. My mother was Mary Louise Wells. Her father was Hubert Monroe Wells (of Livingston Co., MI). His father was Ansel Monroe Wells (of E. Pharsalia, NY). Ansel’s father was John Hewitt Wells (of Stonington, CT). John’s father was David Wells (of Westerly, RI).

  12. Bev West Says:

    I guess we are cousins!
    My line is Hubbard and the Burdick’s. Then on down from there!
    Do you know of any family reunions?

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Hi Cousin! I do not know of any Hubbard or Burdick family reunions. There is a Burdick Family Association at the website below but I do not think they have any reunions. I’ve never heard of a Hubbard Family association of any kind. There might be one but if there is, they don’t have a website that I can find.
      I can tell you who does have reunions and that is the Maxsons and the Crandalls. (see websites below).
      Sadly there is no Wells Family Association that is of the Wells Family of Rhode Island/Washington County. I think I did find a website for another Wells family some time back but they weren’t relations of mine.

  13. Joy Says:

    Hi Jennifer. I came across your website while Googling for info on Josie Rogers and her niece, Ruth Rogers, for a possible book. (Does Ruth show up on your tree too?) Actually, I’m planning a visit to the Halifax Historical Society in two days. And I’m looking for anyone who might have known these two interesting women. I was a child when they attended my church (Seventh Day Baptist) in Daytona Beach, Fla. Coincidentally, I was born at Westerly Hospital and, as a small child, lived in Hopkinton and went to church in Ashaway. My family also lived for hundreds of years in Rhode Island. We MUST be related somewhere along the line. 🙂 There were lots of Crandalls and Burdicks at our church. Are Earl and Blanche Burdick on your tree? I knew them. My maiden name is Kenyon. I’m also related to the Niles family around Hope Valley, R.I. If you have any personal info on Josie or Ruth, or know someone who does, I’d love to talk to them.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Hi. I visited the Halifax Hist. Soc at the museum there in Daytona. Lots of stuff on the Rogers’ family there. I was there looking for the burial locations of that branch of the Rogers family. I did find that Josie’s grandparents, David Dunham Rogers and Mary A Titsworth are buried in Hilsode Cemetery in Scotch Plains, New Jersey (you can see thier stones on findagrave.com). Supposedly her parents were also buried up in Jersey and the Soc had no idea where she was buried. Probably either up in Jersey or at the old cemetery over the bridge up around from their house. Definitly go see the Rogers house. It’s on the same road as the museum just a bit north. It’s at the entrance to the little nature sanctuary that is a little island in the intercoastal. There is a foot bridge to the island just behind the house. The house is on the water just past the auditorium/stadium that you pass on the way.

  14. Hi Jennifer! I am a descendant of JDB Stillman and Mary Gavitt Wells. It’s good to find your site. I am eager to explore all you have posted!!

  15. Gerald A. Card Says:

    Hello I wanted to tell you that the Evelyn(Erbig) Card of Worcester Massachusetss was my Grandmother and the Mother of my Father Richard A. Card. My Uncle is Eugene Card and my cousins are both Harry F. and James R. My Uncle Elliots wife Stacia passed a few years back and my Aunt Gloria from Oxford passes also. My Uncle Harry had 12 children and my father and mother had six. It was amazing to fine someone who has traced this family tree back so far as to the Card/Erbig side. I would be very interested in exchanging pictures and stories with you. If you would like you may E-Mail me Thanks…

  16. Carolyn Says:

    Hi.. I’ve just learned that there is a little unmarked “Rogers Cemetery” in West Islip, Long Island, New York. So far, we don’t see any headstones in it. Do you know anything about this cemetery or the family it belonged to? BTW – I have really enjoyed my visit to your site, and almost forgot to leave my question 🙂


    • jgeoghan Says:

      Humm… That’s very interesting as the cemetery is not listed on findagrave.com I also googled it to see if I could find a list of burials and nothering came up. How did you hear about it?

  17. J. Weir Says:

    Do you have any information on the B.M.J. Board of Transport
    385 Flatbush Ave. Ext., Kings, NY?

  18. Glenn Bradfield Says:

    Hi Jennifer: If you would like to visit the Thurston-Wells House in Hopkinton City, RI let me know. -Glenn.

  19. Scott A. Jacob Says:

    Hello Jennifer, I am doing research on my Rogers family line and came across your wonderful site! Thank you for having done some amazing research and kindly allowed others to view and use it.
    I’ve been tracing my father’s mother’s father’s family, who were Rogers’, and have traced them back to New London and Lyme Connecticut, but can go no further. Even the information I have been able to find is suspect and confusing to me. I wonder if you might have ever researched or come across information pertaining to a Roger’s family line including; Elisha Rogers, b. Jan 24, 1790, Lyme, Ct., d. 1872, Dekalb Co. IN, and his wife; Hannah(?) b. 1792, MA. d. 1860, Dekalb Co. IN. They had at least two sons; Harris Rogers, b. 1821 in NY, and Martin Sydney Rogers, b. 1829 in PA. The family eventually settled in and around the area of Auburn, IN. I am descended from Harris Rogers and his wife Pauline Vaughn. Their son; Charles F. Rogers, b. 1843 in Dekalb Co. IN, and his wife Sarah E. (?) b. 1844, had a son; Edwin Harris Tecumseh Rogers, b. 1868 in Garrett, IN, d. 1927 in Toledo, OH. Edwin H.T. Rogers is my great grandfather; my father’s mother’s father. There is very little that has passed down the family line to this day and my quest for Rogers information pertaining to my family is scant at best. Additionally, I am able to find 1/2 of what I might otherwise find to be correct as others’ research mistakenly connects the wrong people as many seemed to have the same names and be born or living around the same area at the same time. I’m hoping you might be able to help me clear up some of my Rogers family confusion as there’s a Rogers family reunion coming up this August that I’d like to present my family research to. Any help or leads in the right directions to help me correct mistakes and fill in blanks would be greatly appreciated! Keep up the great work on all your research and site development. It is, I’m sure, helpful to so many people!

  20. Patricia Tiller Says:

    Hi Jennifer:
    Am descended through John Rogers and Bathishba (sp?) Smith. ‘Have read many of these stories before, but I enjoyed the way you put them all together. Enjoyed your site, too. Many thanks for all your hard work. I and the many other descendants appreciate it!
    Pat Flaherty Tiller

  21. Sue Wells Sidener Says:

    Hello just saw where you did Willow Branch Cemetary from Waynesfield Ohio I live there Orrin Wells is my Great Grandpa his son Lloyd is my Grandpa, Bob was my dad he was killed in an accident in 1973. Anything I can help with let me know look me up on facebook I belong to a group called Wells family and Beyond Most are relatives of Don Wells and we are all relatives of Orrin wells I know some of them might have the answers you are looking for. My name is Sue Wells Sidener my email is proudafmom@hotmail.com look forward to hearing from you!

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Nice to hear from you Sue. I did some more updating on Willow Branch Cemetery on findagrave.com a few weeks ago. Added some more family links. I always find that Ohio Branch of the wells family so interesting. I always wonder what made them leave Rhode Island for the great unknown out West.

  22. Susan Whitney Says:

    Hi Jennifer, my name is Susan Whitney. I have been tracing our family for only 3 years. I am impressed by your work. I stumbled on your blog when I was searching Mt St Benedict’s cemetery and your request for a photo of Bridget’s grave. I will be there sometime during the next 2 months and will take a photo. I am going there to take a photo of Bridget’s daughter’s grave, Ann Elizabeth, my great grandmother. I did not know her mother, my great-great grandmother was buried there as well. My information seems to vary a little from yours. I have Ann’s parents as Thomas, born in Ireland 1842, and Bridget, born in Ireland 1832. Thomas’s parents were also born in Ireland. You can check out my family tree at Ancestry.com. The tree name is John Whitney listing Ann Elizabeth Geogahan.


    • jgeoghan Says:

      My greeat grandfather was Thomas Geoghan, born in Scotland about 1863 but his parents were probably born in Ireland. I have no idea who his parents were. They lived in Unionville, CT and moved into NYC when there was a flood in the area that washed away their home. I’d like to say we’re related but guess we’ll probably never know. I’ve been thinking of saving up to get a Geoghan DNA test to see if I can’t make some links to others Geoghans around the world.

    • Laura Albro-Gates Says:

      May be able to help identify some of the mystery album… info on another computer… will check asap! Please email me at lalbro@hotmail.com

  23. cathy nielsen Says:

    wow. I came across your site looking for Wells ancestors, and, while I think my Wells family is a totally different branch of Wells, I saw that you mention the Burdicks and Maxsons. I am new to looking into my ancestry and I believe I am related to them. My great grandmother was Phoebe ann Burdick. I look forward to finding out what information you have gathered on them.

  24. cathy nielsen Says:

    Hi, sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I actually was hoping that you knew who Phoebe Burdick was. Her parents were Elisha Burdick (1815-1865) and Harriet Sarah Tuttle (1816-1885). They were from New York but later settled in Iowa. The Burdick genealogy site just has that Elisha died in 1865 and for some reason I guess he got lost to followup or something. Sounds like you don’t have any information, but if you do please let me know


  25. David McDonald Says:

    Hi, Jennifer , I recently began tracing our family tree and came accross your sight during my search to identify the parents of Cornelius Wells 1818-1894 Noble Co Ohio. He was father of my great grandmother Rebecca Wells Weekly. I located a Baxton Wells 1781-1846 on page 532 of google book entitled History of Noble Co Ohio published 1878 by L. H. Watkins $ Co , Chicago
    He was described as “large and ver strong and of good intelligence. He had several sons and a large number of daughters who were known for their good looks and lady-like manners. The girls received names such as Lucinda, Dorinda, Melinda, etc, unit the supplkey of Rhindas ranout and the last two received less unusal names. In searching censuses it appears Baxter is Barton and in 1830 he has 11 children. I located one daughter Clarinda 1822 who applied with DAR and her application named seveveral later children and her motheri Hannah Unk. Most family tress have Barton marrying Fanny Stillman in 1799 and name 3 children with her. Did Barton Wells 1781 son of Randall Wells 1747 marry Fanny Stillmn in 1799 in R.I. and relocate to Washhington Co Ohio lf so did he remarry and do you have in your files the names of all of Barton’s children. On the hand written family tree you posted on Sept. 28, it appears that one of the children might have been Cornelius. I enjoy your blog and thanks for the postings.

  26. Cam Lewis Says:

    Dear Jennifer, I am currently in the process of creating my family tree. As part of my research, I decided to goggle the “Lewis Brothers” of Wickford Rhode Island. This brought me to your research. According to goggle, you wrote something about the Lewis brothers on a couple of occations although I have not been able to find your references. I was hoping that maybe you could direct me in the right direction. I know a lot about them but any extra piece of info would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully your reference is my family. Thanks, Cam Lewis

  27. Cam Lewis Says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Sorry about the delay, we just gave birth to our first child.

    Anyway, my Great Granfather and his brothers owned and operated the “Lewis Brothers” fihsing Co-op in Wickfordm Rhode Island. My parents still live in the house Great Gandpa George bought in 1900. Here are the names of the brothers:

    George A Lewis (1858 – 1931) (Great Grandfather)
    John O Lewis (1856 – 1947)
    William H Lewis (1862 – 1938)
    Frederick A Lewis (1864 – 1945)
    Thomas w Lews (1866 – 1952)
    Isaac Lewis (1868 – 1897)

    The father was John P Lewis (1831 – ?) married to Mercy Ann Willis (1834-1877)
    John P had 4 sisters: Hannah, Mary E, Phoebe, Betsy and 1 brother, George (1812-1859)

    The original direct Lewis was John Lewis who arrived in Wickford about 1800 from France via Newport, RI.

    Anyway, as I said, Google said your reseach mentioned the “Lewis Brothers” a number of times so I was curious to see if they are the same.


    • jgeoghan Says:

      I went through my genealogy database and none of them show up. I think that they were contemporaries of family members of mine but don’t seem to have ever intermarried that would make me collect any info on them. Sorry, wish I could help but don’t seem to have anything on them.

  28. Bonnie Morris Says:

    I am researching the Dye family of Stonington, CT. they were also in Hopkintown, Westerly RI. Having difficulty locating some of the family between 1744-1776 due to the border disputes and changes, and the Rev. war. Was wondering how you navigated this while researching your family?? or if you have any ideas on this. I have seen many of the names of your family in my research

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Iteresting. I dont have any Dye family members in my genealogy database. There are 2 different Wells families in the area. I’m thinking they may have been connected with the other one. I was very fortunate that my great grandfather wrote out a few different family trees that helped me not have to deal with a lot of issues that you may have. I have to say that I’ve noted that familysearch and ancestry.com have both been adding a ton of new records and continue to do so. ( I just found the 1925 RI State Census on familysearch which isn’t on Ancestry yet) For that time period, Familysearch.org has been best for me. If you can locate records there you may be able to go to your local family history center and order copies of the micrfilms to see the original records. In my experience, there is more info on teh original record than was transcribed to the computer text version. This goes for most of the records I’ve gotten on microfilm.

  29. Bonnie Morris Says:

    Thanks for the advice, I will keep looking! Hope your research goes well. Bonnie

  30. Patricia Braun Says:

    Orrin Masters Wells is a 3rd gr grandfather of mine. His name in my family records indicate Masters; however, knowing Marston is a famly branch I rather think his middle name is Marston, not Masters, but, I have no certificate of birth or death record to verify either.
    Jennifer, your graciously given information is a true gift to those of us looking into our family tree. Thank you!

    • jgeoghan Says:

      You’re welcome. I’ve always been interested in your line of the Wells family. I think it’s because of that picture of Orrin. He has such an interesting face.

  31. Patricia Braun Says:

    I, too, am very fond of the photo. I see a ‘ship captain’ in that face…I know it isn’t but lovely thought. Many descendants of Orrin/Lee and Mary Wells are in Florida. Any Wells reunions ahead on the calendar?

    • jgeoghan Says:

      That would be great as I live in Orlando! I’ve never heard of a reunion of the Wells family thats been held since I’ve been alive. My mother says she remembers having them almost annualy up in Ashaway when she was growing up but since all of her aunts and uncles moved away they stopped having them.

  32. Patricia Braun Says:

    Here’s to a great trip! I’ll contact my Wells cousins in Florida and see if we can plan a meet in Havana …next spring or summer.The oldest living Wells through Orrin that I am aware of just had her 96th birthday.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      That sounds great! I’ll be there! I’ll be visitng my mother’s cousin Pauline on this trip who is the oldest living Wells descenant on my side and she’s 95 this year I think.

  33. Stephen E. Wells Says:

    Thank you for all your efforts.
    I have found many avenues from your site.
    Still have many to go.
    I believe that the way the WELLS Family planned it.

    Thanks again and be careful out there.

  34. Karen Fisher-Nguyen Says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Your blog is very interesting and has inspired me to try to do something similar for my family! Do you have any suggestions for getting started? I am not very technically savvy. I connected to this site because I saw a link to you on a Find a Grave memorial in Rogers Cemetery in Centerville, NY. I was in the Rogers Cemetery site to look for memorials of relatives that had lived in Centerville. The idea of exploring old cemeteries and documenting family information fascinates me. I will probably stop by from time to time to see what’s new.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      If you don’t have a genealogy computer program, I highly recomend you get one. I couldn’t keep organized without it. I use Rootsmagic and am very happy with it. You can but it on line through their website. Once you get one, enter in all the info you have and just follow a branch of the family until you can’t go anymore. findagrave.com is a great site. I also use genealogybank.com and ancestry.com quite a bit. – Jennifer

  35. Ray and Suzanne Tompkins Says:

    Jennifer, I have a HUGE leather-bound Bible with many of what we think are your ancestors. It was given to me by my grandfather, only because he liked it. There is a lot of information of births and deaths in it. I want to make sure it gets to the right family. The last entry is the death of Martha Rogers Wells which led me to your blog. The Bible is 200 years old and in wonderful condition. Are you interested in it?

  36. Luanne Henthorn Says:

    Hello Jennifer,
    Stopped by to check the Wells family out. Researching my husband’s side (Henthorn) who are related to the Wells through the Anderson’s of Ohio. My husband’s middle name is Barton and it took me awhile to find out how he came by that name (Barton Wells). You have a really great family site. Thank you for your hard work and generosity in sharing this wealth of information.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck on your search. Let me know if you ever need any help. I love to poke around and help folks out when the hit brick walls. – Jennifer

  37. Hello Jennifer,

    Just found your site and am pleased and impressed with the amount of information you have posted, as well as the photos. (Mind those copyright issues, though!) Your travel descriptions help locate where some of the old locations are now situated. That helps me picture things better, from my perch out here in Centennial, Colorado. I descend from James Rogers of New London via (probably John the Rogerene) and Adam Rogers the mulatto. DNA confirms the paper trail back to James. About seven years ago a cousin and I published a modest book on some Rogers descendants and their residence in East Haddam, CT. It’s a free download at Lulu.com. (Search “Early Lands…”) I just discovered that a new book about Joshua Hempstead and his slave Adam Jackson is due out in late April, 2013. A significant portion is also devoted to interpreting the history of John Rogers and the Rogerenes, and that may be of interest to you and other readers of your blog. It’s called, “For Adam’s Sake: A Family Saga in Colonial New England,” by Allegra di Bonaventura. Can’t wait for my pre-ordered copy to arrive!

    Best regards – Jim Rogers

  38. Lisa Hayward Says:

    Hi Jennifer. I came across your website when I was searching for online obit for my grandparents because I didn’t save them. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that Lois (Well) Lipphardt was my great-grandmother. I grew up one street down from her and knew her well. My mother is also doing a genealogy and I believe she has a lot of Wells information. Nana was her maternal grandmother and they shared a birthday. I don’t know if my Mom has been in contact, but if not, let me know and I’ll talk to her.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Hi Lisa, Or should I say my 4th cousin once removed. I’d love to see what info they have on the Wells Family. I don’t think you’re mom’s been in contact with me. – Jennifer

  39. Sheila Meadows Says:

    Hi Jennifer, I am descended on my mother’s side from Elder John Crandell. I have gleaned so much from your site and I’m grateful. It’s very informative, keep up the good work!

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Thanks so much for the positive feedback!!! – Jennifer

      • Judi Barney Kless Says:

        Greetings Jennifer, I came across your beautiful blog while searching for Rogers relatives. It took me one year to learn how to spell genealogy properly and thirty nine more years to get where I am today…..it has been an amazing and thrilling learning curve. Thanks to the generosity of people like you sharing results, doors have opened. I have however, hit a brick wall on Jemima Rogers Barney. All I know about her is that she and Daniel Barney were married in 1791 at the First Presbyterian Church of Ballston in Saratoga County, NY. A wild tip I received was that her father was John Rogers, married to Thankful McCrea and Uriah Rogers, (born 1710) married to Hannah Lockwood, her grandparents….nothing positive. Am I ringing any bells with you?

        I would be oh so grateful for any info.

        Thank you, Judi

      • jgeoghan Says:

        Sorry Judi, No bells ringing here. What might be helpful (if you haven’t done it already) is to get a free account with familysearch.org and build your tree on that site. Once you get the hang of the site, it’s really helpful in finding new records. – Jennifer

  40. Philip Avery Stillman, Jr. Says:

    Greetings Cousin – My other genealogy-cousin is Bill Stillman. Most of what I knew about my family has been added to his site: http://www.stillman.org. (But the site has recently been throwing up a Warning Notice {which I ignore and it has not put any errant files on my Mac – I check very thoroughly}).
    I gotta tellya tho, I am so grateful for all the digging you have done, with all the photos and other research, you have “personalized” the experience tremendously.
    I keep telling myself, “self, you gotta get up to R.I. and over to Steeple Ashton before you get too old to get out of the car.” I don’t seem to have been listening to myself, but am going to start. You have inspired me.

    Thank-You So Much!

    • jgeoghan Says:

      I would LOVE to go to Steeple Aston myself. I go to Rhode Island every other year on vacation and find it’s my favorite spot in America!! – Jennifer

      • Hayward, Lisa Says:

        Where do you come to in RI? My great grandmother Lois Wells Lipphardt lived in Ashaway, RI while my grandmother was young. Most of my family is still in the Westerly, RI area.

      • jgeoghan Says:

        Lois is my second cousin twice removed. I think she and my mom knew each other as kids in Ashaway. She grew up there. Mom’s name was Myra Wells, daughter of Elliot Wells and Florence (Weber) Wells. Mom lives down here in Florida now, as do I. I still try to get up to RI and CT every couple of years. Was just there last fall for a few weeks. – Jennifer

  41. Lynne Dorman Meservey Says:


    Are there any Geoghans in North America in your research from earlier times? I have a John Geoghan supposedly born Ireland in 1822, married to a “Mary J” with children Molly, John, James, Thomas, Edward, Blanche, and Marie Elizabeth. I believe they lived in Canada and eventually found themselves in Michigan. They married into the Kennedy family members in my tree. My info is minimal. Just learning about these people with little found to date.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Geoghan is a hard name to have, believe me, I bear it to this day. It was family lore that the name had been changed in spelling several times since we came to the US, but I see no evidence of that. The problem is that the family settled in the Unionville, CT area outside of Hartford and only left becuase there was supposedly a big flood that washed away all their possessions. This is supposed to be the reason we have no old family papers that I can find. I find this a little bogus becuase I asked the local Catholic church about family records and told them the flood story. They said the river near Unionville doesn’t flood so that didn’t make any sense to them. I’m the first to tell you my Geoghan’s are a shifty lot and you can’t trust a lot of what they say or wrote down on any records. I do know that my Geoghan immigrant ancestor came to the US as a small boy, 4-6 years old. He obviously didn’t come alone, but I have no idea who he came with. Mother? Father? Siblings? It’s a mystery I’ll probably never solve without some DNA testing. I’m sure there are other Geoghans that came to America. I get the impression it’s not a common spelling of the name in Ireland so perhaps we were related over in the old country. 🙂

      • Hello Jennifer….It has been a long while since communicating with you. We share Wells ancestors. However, I also have Geoghagan ancestors from Ireland. The spellings do vary. There are lots of G. from my ancestor living in Alabama. Joshua G. came to America from Ireland settling in S.C. as rice farmers. My grandmother was a G. and her family has written a good bit on their line.

      • jgeoghan Says:

        The Geoghan’s and their many spellings … sigh … how annoying. Thankfully at least here in America, we’ve always spelled it the same way. I’ll have to do my DNA to see if I could ever trace the family across the pond though. We have no immigration records on them at all.

  42. Pam Coleman Says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I am researching the Rogers family that is buried in the Rogers Cemetery (also known as Mack’s Mill Cemetery) in East Lyme, Connecticut. I am specifically looking at John Rogers who died Sept. 19th, 1854, age 85.
    Do you have any information about the families in this small cemetery?

    • jgeoghan Says:

      I see your problem. This seems to be an elusive little cemetery. My suggestion is to contact the New London County Historical Society for more info. If you can stop by, you can look the cemetery up in the WPA book. Back during the time of the WPA, they put men to work cataloging all the cemeteries and headstones in New London County. The Historical Society has a copy of this collection. I used it to look up inscriptions for the Rogers Cemetery on the Grounds of Conn College. Since that project was done, most of the stones washed away in storms that hit the area. If you can gather some info on the graves of the cemetery, I’d build it on Findagrave.com as I see that cemetery is missing from the site. Hope this helps. -Jennifer

  43. Jim Rogers Says:

    This has an excellent possibility for “cluster research” of relatives and neighbors.

    Ancestry.com (even the library version) has the Hale transcriptions of headstones on which John is listed. That list has many Rogers family names that also appear in his 74 pages of probate images on Ancestry. He was married to an Isabel who d. in 1836. The probate indicates he married after 10 March, 1838, to a Hannah Chapman, daughter of A. Chapman.

    In addition to Jennifer’s good suggestion, see what the CT State Library and Archives has. They might have a record or a newspaper citation you won’t find in Chronicling America or GenealogyBank.

    I would also check local land records (available from LDS on loan to your local branch) to possibly learn if John inherited any of his land.

    In addition to checking the 1902(?) Rogers genealogy by James Swift Rogers, I would check genealogies for the Chapman and Henry families in the region. They might briefly mention John Rogers.

    I would check with the Mayflower Society, in case he did not descend from patriarch John Rogers of New London. There is a FaceBook group for descendants of John Rogers of New London, although not too active, as well.

    Best of luck, Jim Rogers Centennial CO

  44. Charee Jackson Andersen Says:

    I’m so happy that I found this site and hope you can assist me. I’m actually doing research for my own family (Jackson) in South Kingstown, RI where our stories may have co-existed. I believe I have found where an ancestor of yours, E. A. Stillman of Westerly, RI (a.k.a Elias Anson Stillman) visited my family homestead several times when it was a Seventh Day Baptist Church & Seventh Day Adventist Church (1843 – 1913). He wrote many stories in the various Church periodicals thru the years about this little church. I have done extensive research within the church archives but to no avail I can’t seem to come across any pictures of the homestead when it was a church. This has since put me on the journey of doing genealogy research of the Stillman family in an effort to find ancestors that might have pictures or tangible evidence about my family homestead. I cross my fingers and pray you might have or at least know if anything like this might exist. I would like to think that since Elias was a printer and writer there may be old family records, books, notes, etc. I look forward to hearing from you. Please also know that I can send you copies of my research on Elias and his impact on the local churches once I have your e-mail. Thank you in advance. – Charee (Charlestown, RI)

    • jgeoghan Says:

      I don’t have any info in my database about a Elias Anson Stillman. I would have referred you to the Stillman Family Assoc but when I looked on the internet to see if their site was still up found it’s pretty much defunct now, under construction since 2005. Too bad. – Jennifer

  45. Karen Homyak Hart Kwesko Says:

    Wow I just discovered your site by accident. I am researching my husband’s family tree. The Rev John Crandall is his 9th Great Grandfather. His name is Martin Joseph Kwesko. The Crandall’s come into his family via his Grandfather Herbert Pierson Martin’s side. Clara Crandall Bates is his second Great Grandmother. I am new at this and hopefully I have not made too many errors. I thank you for your years of research and sharing it on line.

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