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August 28, 2010 – John Kranz & Amalia Frabrici Kranz Papers August 28, 2010

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So did you ever hear of the 1917 military census?  Well I never had.  That is until I came across the following.  A sort of registration card of my great grandmothers (Amalia Frabritzi Kranz) showing she’d participated in it.   Very odd.  I’ve never seen this census on Ancestry.com.

Here’s a neat item I found.  My great grandfathers Alien registration Card.  Has his fingerprints and everything.  John Kranz, 255 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


August 25, 2010 August 25, 2010

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Here’s the rest of my cemetery book.

Rhode Island to Tenn and then Vermont to Wisconsin.

Cemetery Book – Rhode Island to Tennessee

Cemetery Book – Vermont to Wisconsin

I thought I’d share this cool chart I found a while back that shows how cousins are related to one another.

I recently got a box of old family papers.  Inside the box were a few really old negatives.  I scanned them and have a mystery.  An unknown house.  It’s somehow related to the Kranz Family of Arzheim, Germany and Brooklyn, NY.  Here are the pictures of the house.  Does it look familiar?  If so, let me know.

Here are a few of the other items from the Kranz Family Papers.   These papers are related to John Kranz (1872 – 1920) my Great Grandfather.  He was married to Amalia Fabrici (Frabritzi).


April 17, 2010 August 17, 2010

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I posted a new website I found today in my Links list that is in the upper right hand side of this page.  This site is like a european findagrave.com.   Here’s another installment of my cemetery book.  It lists burials from Ohio to Pennsylvania.

Cemetery Book – Ohio to Pennsylvania

Here are a few more of the Rogers Family pictures from Daytona:


August 16, 2010 – More Cemetery Book August 16, 2010

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Here is the next instalment of my cemetery book with all the listings from Florida to New York.

Cemetery Book FL to NY

Here are some family pictures of the Rogers Family that I was able to get from the Halifax Historical Museum following up on the ones I posted yesterday.


August 14, 2010 – Cemetery Book Finished!!!! August 14, 2010

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Yes, I finished my cemetery book this week.  A listing of all known burial places of my relatives and ancestors.  Came to something like 221 cemeteries!  I’ll be posting the whole book in parts as it’s a lot to scan all at once.  If they files take a bit to open, that’s because I tried to keep them in a higher resolution so they’d be easily readable but low enough that it wasn’t taking forever to open. 

Here is the book up to Connecticut:

Cemetery Book up to Connecticut

Here is Connecticut:

Cemetery Book Cal to Conn

A description of the short hand I use in the book is on page 2.  So if you don’t understand something, refer to that.  For the sake of space I had to abbreviate things like 2nd cousin 5 times removed is sometimes just 2/5.     Anyway, if you find my work useful, let me know.  My goal is to share all my knowledge of me family, so if you learn something, let me know.  It will make me happy to know I’ve helped you in any way.  

You can see that I have tried to get a photograph of every grave.  This is one way to verify that they are actually buried where I think they are.  In some instances, I “saw on the internet” that a relative was buried somewhere.  I take what I read on other sites very unseriously unless they are listing where they got the information from.  When I found a new ancestor, I’d list them on findagrave.com and put in a photo request.  Most times, I’d get a photo of the grave out of it.  Sometimes, I’d get a message that they went to the cemetery but couldn’t find the grave.   I’ve tried to note when that happened next to that person’s listing in the cemetery so that I’d know it needed further investigation.  It can be that the stone was destroyed or that its unreadable now or that they never had a stone at all and were buried unmarked (yes, I’ve found this is sometimes the case). 

Anyway, I’ll be posting the rest of the book over the next week when I scan the rest.  It takes a while to scan as I want to keep it a pretty high resolution so you can read it and see the pictures with some sense of quality.

Below is a list of all the cemeteries in my book. 


Burdick Family Cemetery                    Houston                                                Winston Co.                        

Fairview Cemetery                               Double Springs                    Winston Co.                        

Forrest Cemetery                                  Gadsden                                                Etowah Co.                           

Tuscaloosa Memorial Park                 Tuscaloosa                           Tuscaloosa Co.                   


Hillside Memorial Park                        Redlands                               San Berardino Co.               

I.O.O.F. Cemetery/Rhonerville IOOF Cemetery Fortuna/Rhoberville          Humboldt Co                                       

Sunset Mausoleum                              Berkeley                                 Alameda Co.                        


East Norwalk Historical Cemetery     East Norwalk                         Fairfield Co.                                          

Putnam Cemetery                                 Greenwich                             Fairfield Co                                           

Center Cemetery                                   East Hartford                        Hartford Co.                                         

Palisado Cemetery                               Windsor                                Hartford Co.                                         

Wethersfield Ancient Burial Ground  Wethersfield                       Hartford Co.                                         

Center Street Cemetery                      Wallingford                           New Haven Co.                                                                                   

Ancient Burial Cemetery                     New London                         New London Co.                 

Avery Stoddard Cemetery                  Ledyard                                New London Co.                 

Bill Hill Cemetery                  Lyme                                      New London Co.                                 

Brown Cemetery                                   North Stonington                 New London Co                                  

Cedar Grove Cemetery                        New London                         New London Co                                  

Congdon Street Cemetery                  Montville                               New London Co                                  

Comstock Cemetery                             Uncasville                             New London Co                                  

Congdon Street Cemetery                  Montville                               New London Co                                  

Darrow Farm Cemetery                        Waterford                              New London Co                                  

Duck River Cemetery                          Old Lyme                               New London Co                                  

Elm Grove Cemetery                            Mystic                                   New London Co                                  

Fox Cemetery                                        Oakdale                                  New London Co                                  

Gardiner Burying Ground                   Waterford                              New London Co                                  

Gardner-Bulkeley Cemetery                Bozrah                                    New London Co                                  

Griswold Cemetery                               Old Lyme                               New London Co                                  

Jordan Cemetery                                  Waterford                              New London Co                                  

Ledyard Union Cemetery                    Ledyard                                New London Co                                  

Linwood Cemetery                               Colchester                             New London Co                                  

Old Rogerene Cemetery                      Ledyard                                 New London Co                  

Old Rogers Cemetery                          Waterford                              New London Co                                  

The Old Stone Church Burial Ground  East Lyme                       New London Co                                  

Pendleton Hill Cemetery                 North Stonington                 New London Co                                  

Pepper Box Hill Cemetery                Waterford                              New London Co                                  

Plains Cemetery                                   Franklin                                  New London Co                                  

Randall Cemetery                             North Stonington                 New London Co                                  

Robert Stoddard Cemetery                 Unknown                               New London Co                                  

Rogers Cemetery                                   Montville                               New London Co                                  

Rogers Cemetery at Mamacock Farm  New London                      New London Co                                  

St. Michael’s Cemetery                       Pawcatuck                             New London Co                                  

Starr Cemetery                                      Groton                                    New London Co                                  

Union Cemetery                                   North Stonington                 New London Co                                  

Union Cemetery of Waterford           Quaker Hill                            New London Co                                  

Wells Cemetery                                    Groton                                    New London Co                                  

West Neck Cemetery                           Waterford                              New London Co                                  

Wightman Cemetery                            Groton                                    New London Co                                  

Yantic Cemetery                                   Norwich                                 New London Co                                   


Fernhill Memorial Park & Gardens    Stuart                                    Martin Co.                                            

Providence Cemetery                          Riverview                              Hillsborough Co.                                 

Shelfer Cemetery                                    Havana                                  Gadsden Co.                                        


Lithonia City Cemetery                       Lithonia                                 DeKalb Co.                                           


Farina Cemetery                                   Farina                                    Fayette Co.                                           

Gilson Cemetery                                   Haw Creek                             Knox Co.                                               

Harshbarger Cemetery                        Haw Creek                             Knox Co.                                               

Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum Chicago                                                 Cook Co.                                               

Williamsfield Cemetery                       Truro                                      Knox Co.                                               


Mount Pleasant Cemetery                  Liberty Township                Delaware Co.                                        


Riverside Cemetery                                Riverton Township               Clay Co.                                                 

Spencer Cemetery                                   Stockport                                Van Buren Co.                                       


Askren Cemetery                                 Yates Center                         Elk Falls Co.                         

Elk Falls Cemetery                                Elk Falls                                 Elk Falls Co.                                         

Yates Center Cemetery                        Yates Center                         Woodson Co.                                      


Central Cemetery                                   Beverly                                  Essex Co.                                              

Dodge Row Cemetery                         Beverly                                  Essex Co.                                              

Old Burying Ground                            Wakefield                              Middlesex Co.                                      

Old Reading Cemetery                        Reading                                  Middlesex Co.                      

South Burying Place                            Concord                                 Middlesex Co.                                      

Starks Cemetery                                   Hawley                                   Franklin Co.                                          

Wenham Cemetery                              Wenham                                Essex Co.                                              

West Whately Cemetery                    West Whately                      Franklin Co.                                          


Kalamo Cemetery / Hillside Cemetery  Kalamo                           Eaton Co.                                              

Lake View Cemetery                            Howell                                    Livingston Co.                                     

Memorial Park Cemetery                     Battle Creek                           Calhoun Co.                                         

Oak Ridge Cemetery                            Marshall                                Calhoun Co.                                         

West Clarendon Cemetery                 Clarendon                              Calhoun Co.                                         


Riverside Cemetery                              Dodge Center                       Dodge Co.                                            

Wrightstown Cemetery / Woodside Cem. Wrightstown              Otter Tail Co.                                       


Lick Creek Cemetery                              Perry                                       Ralls Co.                                                

Lucerne Cemetery                                   Medicine Township          PutnamCo.                                             

Wolfe (Wolf) Cemetery                          Perry                                       Ralls Co.                                                

Wyreka Cemetery                                   Wyreka                                   Putnam Co.                                            

Union Chapel Cemetery                      Perry or Jasper                       Ralls Co.                                                


Hillside Cemetery                                 North Loup                           Valley Co.                                             

New Jersey                                                                                                                                                    

Fair View Cemetery                              Middletown                          Monmouth Co.                                    

First Presbyterian Church Cemetery Rockaway                              Morris Co.                                            

Hillside Cemetery                                 Plainfield                                Union Co.                                             

Hoboken Cemetery                              North Bergen                        Hudson Co.                                          

Saint Catherine’s Cemetery                Sea Girt                                  Monmouth Co.                                    

Valleau Cemetery                                   Ridgewood                            Bergen Co.                                           

 New York                                                                                                                                                       

Alfred Rural Cemetery                         Alfred                                     Allegany Co.                                        

Little Rhode Island Cemetery             Little Genesee                       Allegany Co.                                        

Mt. Hope Cemetery                             Friendhip                               Allegany Co.                                        

Nile Cemetery                                       Nile                                         Allegany Co.                                        

Pierce Cemetery / Hanneman Road Cemetery   Alfred   Allegany Co.                                        

Rogers Cemetery                                   Amity                                     Allegany Co.                                        

Stillman Cemetery                                Alfred                                     Allegany Co.                                        

Utopia Cemetery                                  Wirt                                        Allegany Co.                                        

Wells Cemetery                                    Genesee                                 Allegany Co.                                        

Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery          Preston                                 Chenango Co.                                      

Lake District Cemetery                        Wilna                                     Jefferson Co.                                                        

Union Cemetery                                   Adams Center                       Jefferson Co.                                        

Greigsville Cemetery                            Wadsworth                           Livingston Co.                                     

Barnard Cemetery/West Quality Hill Cem.       Sullivan                  Madison Co.                                        

Beaver Creek Cemetery / Beebe Cem.#11         Brookfield              Madison Co.                                        

Brookfield Rural Cemetery                                 Brookfield                  Madison Co.                                        

Burhyte Farm Cemetery #34               South Brookfield                 Madison Co.                                        

Clarke Cemetery #15                            Unadilla Forks                      Madison Co.                                        

South Brookfield Cemetery #27         Sout Brookfield                    Madison Co.                                        

Union Cemetery                                   DeRuyter                               Madison Co.                                        

Wells Cemetery                                    DeRuyter                               Madison Co.                                        

West Edmeston Cemetery #25           South Brookfield                 Madison Co.                                        

Spafford Cemetery                               Spafford                                 Onondaga Co.                                     

Calvary Cemetery                                 Canadiagua                           Ontario Co.                                           

Millville Cemetery                                Millville                                  Orleans Co.                                          

Mount Albion Cemetery                     Albion                                    Orleans Co.                                          

Union Cemetery / Pendry Cemetery  Albion                                   Orleans Co.                                          

Unadilla Forks Cemetery                     Unadilla Forks/Plainfield     Otsego Co.                                           

Brock Cemetery                                    Grafton                                   Rensselear Co.                                     

East Hollow Cemetery                         Petersburg                             Rensselear Co.                                     

Elmwood Cemetery                              Schaghticoke                        Rensselear Co.                                     

Hewitt Cemetery / Ziba Cemetery      Grafton                                   Rensselear Co.                                     

Lewis Hollow Road Cemetery            Petersburg                             Rensselear Co.                                     

Meadow Lawn Cemetery                    Petersburg                             Rensselear Co.                                     

Moses Cemetery                                  Petersburg                             Rensselear Co.                                     

Oakwood Cemetery                             Troy                                       Rensselear Co.                                     

Old Grafton Center                               Grafton                                   Rensselear Co.                                     

Stephentown Center Baptist Cemetery  Stephentown                   Rensselear Co.                                     

Stillman Village Cemetery               Petersburg                             Rensselear Co.                                     

Wells Cemetery                                    Petersburg                             Rensselear Co.                                     

Worthington Moses Cemetery          Petersburg                             Rensselear Co.                                     

Yellow Meeting House Cemetery      Stillwater                                Saratoga Co.                                        

Holy Sepulcher Cemetery                   Coram                                     Suffolk Co.                                           

Long Island National Cemetery              Farmingdale                             Suffolk Co.                                             


Beckett Cemetery                                 Waterford                              Washington Co.                                  

Cedar Hill Cemetery                             Waterford                              Washington Co.                                  

Greenlawn Cemetery                            Lowel                                     Washington Co.                                  

Hesson Cemetery                                 Caldwell                                 Noble Co.                                             

Howell Cemetery                                  Jackson Center                     Shelby Co.                                            

Moss Run Cemetery                            Moss Run                             Washington C.                                    

The Mound Cemetery                         Marietta                                 Washington Co.                                  

Nye Cemetery                                       Chauncey                              Athens Co.                                           

Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery          Jackson Center                     Shelby Co                                             

Tunnel Cemetery                                   Warren Township                Washington Co.                                  

Waterford Cemetery                            Waterford Village                 Washington Co.                                  

Willow Branch Cemetery                    Waynesfield                         Auglaize Co.                                        

Wooster Cemetery                               Wooster                                Wayne Co.                                           


Bryon & Amorita Cemetery                Amorita                                  Alfalfa Co.                                            


Idlewild Cemetery                                Hood River                            Hood River Co.                                    

Mountain View Cemetery                   Hood River                            Hood River Co.                                    

Rest Haven Memorial Park                 Eugene                                  Lane Co.                                               

River View Cemetery                           Portland                                 Multnomah Co.                                   

Salem Pioneer Cemetery                      Salem                                     Marion Co.                                           

Silk Creek Cemetery                             Cottage Grove                      Lane Co.                                               

Willamette National Cemetery           Happy Valley                        Clackamas Co.                                     


Arlington Cemetery                             Drexil Hill                               Delaware Co.                                        

Bell Run Cemetery                               Ceres Township                   MeKean Co.                                         

Burdick Cemetery                                 Clifford                                   Susquehanna Co.                                

Girard Cemetery                                    Girard                                     Erie Co.                                                 

Hebron Cemetery                                 Hebron                                   Potter Co.                                             

Hillside Cemetery                                 Roslyn                                   Montgomery Co.                 

Monongahela Cemetery                     Braddock Hills                      Allegheny Co.                                     

Old Wells Cemetery                             Oswayo                                 Potter Co.                                             

Salunga Mennonite Cemetery           Salunga                                  Lancaster Co.                                       

Wells Cemetery at Oswayo                Sharon Township                                Potter Co.                                             

 Rhode Island                                                                                                                                                 

East Burial Ground                               BR004     Bristol                                    Bristol Co.                                            

Baptist Berkleys White Hall Farm/Hubbard Lot MT056  Middleton                     Newport Co.                                         

Clifton Burial Ground                          NT014    Newport                                 Newport Co.                                         

Common Burial Ground                       NT003    Newport                                 Newport Co.                                         

Friends Cemetery                                 JM006    Jamestown                            Newport Co.                                         

North Burial Ground                            PV001     Providence                            Providence Co.                                    

Swan Point Cemetery                          PV003     Providence                            Providence Co.                                    

Chimney Orchard                                                      Hopkinton                             Washington Co.                                  

Clark Ground                                         WY045 Westerly                  Washington Co                                   

Clark Ground                                         WY056 Westerly                  Washington Co                                   

Crandall Family Burying Ground       WY015 Westerly                  Washington Co                                   

Edward Bliven Lot                               HP019     Hopkinton                            Washington Co                                   

Elias Lewis Lot                                     WY012   Westerly                               Washington Co                                   

Eldridge Crandall Lot                           SK094     South Kingstown                 Washington Co                                   

First Hopkinton Cemetery                  HP022     Hopkinton                             Washington Co                                   

General George Thurston Lot            HP017     Hopkinton                             Washington Co                                   

George Babcock Lot                            SK045     South Kingstown                 Washington Co                                   

George Babcock Lot                            HP026     Hopkinton                            Washington Co                                   

Hopkinton Historical Cemetery #32  HP032     Hopkinton                             Washington Co                                   

James Babcock Lot                                WY007   Westerly                                Washington Co.                                  

James Ross Lot                                       WY027   Westerly                                Washington Co                                   

New Fernwood Cemetery                   SK007     South Kingstown                 Washington Co                                   

Niantic Lot                                                WY020   Westerly                               Washington Co                                   

Oak Grove Cemetery                            HP018     Ashaway                               Washington Co                                   

Old Fernwood Cemetery                     SK006     South Kingstown                 Washington Co                                   

Pine Grove Cemetery                           HP004     Hope Valley                          Washington Co                                   

Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery                      Exeter                                     Washington Co                                   

River Bend Cemetery                           WY008   Westerly                               Washington Co                                   

Riverside Cemetery                              SK043     South Kingstown                 Washington Co                                                   

Rockville Cemetery                              HP006     Hopkinton                             Washington Co                                   

Seventh Day Baptist Church Cemetery            Ashaway                               Washington Co                                   

Spicer Lot                                                  HP015     Hopkinton                            Washington Co                                                   

Stillman-Crandall Lot                           WY016 Westerly                  Washington Co                                   

Their Crandall Ground                         WY055 Westerly                  Washington Co                                   

Thomas Webster Lot                          SK137     South Kingstown                 Washington Co                                   

Thompson Wells Lot                          HP044     Hopkinton                             Washington Co                                   

Wells Lot                                                HP025     Hopkinton                             Washington Co                                   


West Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery      Memphis                               Shelby Co.                                            


Kingsley Cemetery                              Bennington                           Bennington Co.                                   

Meeting House Hill Cemetery            Brattleboro                            Windham Co.                                       

Old First Church Cemetery /Old Bennington Cem. Bennington  Bennington Co.                                    


Arlington National Cemetery             Arlington                               Arlington Co.                                       

Dale Memorial Park                              Midlothian                            Chesterfield Co.                                   


Evergreen Cemetery                            Albion                                    Dane Co.                                               

Fassett Cemetery                                     Edgerton                                Rock Co.                                               

Johnstown Center Cemetery              Johnstown Township         Rock Co.                                               

Milton Cemetery                                  Milton                                    Rock Co.                                               

Milton Junction Cemetery                  Milton                                    Rock Co.                                               

Rock River Cemetery                           Milton                                    Rock Co.                                               

Walworth Cemetery                             Walworth                              Walworth Co.                                      

Wood National Cemetery                   Milwaukee                             Milwaukee Co.                                     


Bath Abbey / Abbey Church of Sts Peter & Paul       Bath               Somerset                                               

Brookwood Cemetery                                Brookwood                           Surrey                                                   

St. Lawrence Churchyard Cemetery  Lydeard St. Lawrence         Somerset                                               


Manila American Cemetery & Memorial                          Manila, Philippines


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12 Aug 2010: Dr. Josie Rogers House in Daytona Beach, FL August 12, 2010

So I finally finished my cemetery book.  I’ll be scanning it and posting it in the days to come.  So yesterday I took a field trip to the Halifax Historical Museum in Daytona Beach to see what I could find on Dr. Mary Josie Rogers and her father David Dunham Rogers.  David is my 3rd Cousin 3xs removed.  He was the son of Daniel Babcock Rogers and Mary Ann Tittsworth.  Daniel was the son of David Rogers and Mary Potter.  David was the son of Zebulon Rogers Sr. and Sarah Green of the Old Rogers Cemetery, Waterford, NL Co., CT.   I wanted to find out where Josie, her siblings and parents were buried.  Turns out her folks and brother are buried in Shiloh, NJ.  Wasn’t able to find anything on her.  I wanted to go take a stroll through the cemetery that the folks at the museum said she’d most likely be at but it started raining.   Here’s some of the things I was able to get at the museum:

Josie’s Obit, David D Rogers Obit, Julia Francis Davis Rogers Obit, Daniel Babcock Rogers Obit, Mabel Rogers Obit, Clarence M. Rogers Obit, Mary Rogers McFall Obit:

Here is an interesting article on the Rogers Family and Volusia County History.  Cool photo of family.  is 2 pages long.

Here’s a funny little item on a traffic ticket Josie Rogers got:

Here’s a picture of David Dunham Rogers, wife Julia and Children Mary Josie, Mabel, Clarence and David.

Here’s an item from the newspaper about the relocation of the historic Rogers House.  It’s not on Beach Street, north of International Speedway Blvd in Daytona on the shore of the intercostal waterway.

Here’s a wedding announcement for Julia Rogers.

Here’s a picture of Josie and sister Mabel Rogers.

Here’s a neat little item on Daniel Babcock Rogers.  Talks about his death.  If you’re a sailor, I guess that’s the way to go.

Here’s a picture of Josie Rogers

Well I have more from my trip but this is all I was able to get scanned last night.  I’ll post more in the next few days.


August 2, 2010 – Samuel Hubbard & Baptist Berkley’s August 2, 2010

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here on my blog.  I’ve been working day and night to finish my cemetery project before my birthday.  Yesterday my computer had an incident that deleted 90 pages on my project.  sigh.  I had saved a copy of it about a month ago and have been working on reconstructing it.  Luckily I had printed out a hard copy of it the day before so I have something to work from.  I could have sat down and had a good cry about it but didn’t.  I somehow thought something good has to come of this and today it did.  In retyping what was lost,  I got up to an entry for what I have called “Baptist Berkley’s White Hall farm on Rhode Island”.  It is where Samuel Hubbard (1610-1689), his wife Tacy Cooper (abt 1608-abt 1697) and some of their kids and grandkids are supposed to be buried.  I had found this reference to it somewhere on the internet a while back:

From: The Literary Diary of Ezra Stiles, Vol. 3, p.82: “A singular gravestone:

“Ebenezer”  Samuel Hubbard aged 10 of May 78 years

Old Tase Hubbard aged the 27 Sep 79 years and 7 mons 4 Jen Maryed 51

Years 1688 14 Vpsal 4. God have given us 7 children 4 dead 3 living

Ruth Burdick 11, 1 dead, 10 living    Rachael Langworthy had 10 children 3 dead 7 living.     Bethiah Clark 9 Living

Great Grandchildren 

Naomi B Rogers 1 dead 4 alyfe    Ruth B Phillips 1 dead 4 alyfe                          Judah C Maxson    Thomas Burdick

“I took this inscription off a gravestone in a family burying place on Baptist Berkleys White Hall farm on Rh. Isld, about A. D. 1763. Collector Robinson bought the Lease about 1765 and demolished the gravestones and put them into a wall: so that all is lost. From a loose paper which I, wrote in 1763 I now copy here. This Samuel Hubbard was a Baptist Teacher, settled at Newport about 1648 and made this Eben. 1688. Intricate as it seems, more is contained on this stone than can be given in other words in so small a space. I think 1688 must be a year common to Four dates. I should suppose the stone erected Sep 27, 1688, when the wife was aged 79 and 7 mo., and Mr. Hubbard was aged 78 on May 10 that year and on 4 Jany they had been married 51 years. The 14 Vpsal 4 is the 145th Psalm and the 4th verse—‘One generation shall praise thy works to another.’ The B and C, I think a beautiful way of expressing lineal Descents. Thus Naomi B Rogers, I take to be Naomi Burdick who married Rogers—so Judah C Maxson was the Daughter of Bethiah Clark and it will be read Judah Clark Maxson.”

I have to admit, I had written this place off as unfindable.  But today as I was typing it, something told me to google it again.  I did and found this…

From: Middletown Historical Cemeteries "Death Comes Once But A Cemetery is forever" compiled by Mike O'Shea Norfolk, Virginia Page 124-125.    Hubbard Lot: Samuel Hubbard Death 1639. Foot Stone ... Location: Located on Bishop Berkley' White Hall Farm Actual site not located... This sole surviving stone and foot stone are all that remains of a small family cemetery. It was found near the door step of White Hall in the flower bed. "the original cemetery was dismantled by Collector Robinson about 1765 after he bought the lease on the property. All of the original grave stones were placed into the rock wall. The remainder of the stones are most likely still retained in one of the many rock walls on the property. This stone and the accompanying foot stone are now located at Paradise School. Headquarters of Middletown's Historical Society.  This very archaic inscription was hand etched into a common field stone Although it is colonial style English, enough of it can be transcribed to enable us to conclude that it is the marker for the grave of Samuel Hubbard.  According to existing records he was born about 1610 in Mendelsham. Suffolk Co., England and died in Newport R.I. about 1689.  There is little doubt that his wife and many other descendents are also buried on the property of White Hall. "The literary Diary of Ezra Stiles Vol. III" contains an inscription of a singular stone which he transcribed himself in 1763 prior to the cemetery's destruction. 'the literary Diary of Ezra Stiles Vol., III”

I emailed the Middletown Historical Society and also the Whitehall House Museum to see if I could get any information on the foot stone.  I’m praying they get back to me with a photo or some information.  How exciting!  Here’s a link to the Whitehall House Museum: http://whitehallmuseumhouse.org  I’m putting it on the list of places to visit on my next trip up to Rhode Island.

Here is who I believe are buried here although I’m sure there’s probably a bunch more:

Hubbard, Samuel  (May 10, 1610 – May 10, 1689)   8th Great Grandfather     (Samuel is the son of Yoeman James Hubbard and Naomi Cooke of Mendelsham, Suffolk, England)

Hubbard, Tacy Cooper  (About 1608 – About Sep 27, 1697/8)  8th Great Grandmother

Children of Samuel Hubbard and Tacy Cooper:

Burdick, Ruth Hubbard (Jan 11, 1640 – 1690/91 )7th Great Grandmother  (Ruth’s husband was Rev. Robert Burdick )

Langworthy, Rachel Hubbard (Mar 10, 1641/42 – After Sep 17, 1699)  8th Great Grandmother (Rachel’s husband was Andrew Langworthy.  Their granddaughter, Ann Langworthy, married Joseph Crandall Jr.)

Clarke, Bethiah Hubbard   ( Dec 19, 1646 – Apr 17, 1707)  8th Great Grandmother   (Bethiah was the wife of Joseph Clark Jr. Children of Ruth Hubbard and Rev. Robert Burdick:

Rogers, Naomi Burdick  (1658 – Jun 1732)7th Great Grandmother  (Naomi was the wife of Jonathan Rogers Sr. )

Phillips, Ruth Burdick   (1660 – 1730 )  6th Great Grand Aunt  (Ruth was the wife of John Phillips )

Burdick, Thomas   (1656 – Jun 1732 ) 6th Great Grand Uncle  (Thomas was the husband of Martha Randall )


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