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19 Aug 2013 – It’s been a while… August 19, 2013

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It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog.  For those of you who are following it, I wanted to let you know why.  I took some time off to pursue another creative outlet for my genealogy research and wrote a series of five novels using some of my Wells ancestors as characters.  It kind of sprung from the fantasy that every genealogist has at one point or another that ‘if only I could just have five minutes to sit down with my 5th great-grandfather so and so.  He could explain why he did this or that.’  Not only that but also to understand who our more distant ancestors were as people and not just the simple facts of birth, marriage, death & burial.  Over my years of research, I’ve longed to know what some of my ancestors were like as people.  What kind of person travels across an ocean to a relatively unknown land to start a future? 

So, I’ll keep you posted on when my books will be published.  I’ve written all five of them an am in the process of finalizing my editing of book one.  I’m self publishing it and hope to have it up for sale by mid November.  unfortunately self publishing means I have to pay fo everything myself so I’m still raising money.  My goal is to publish the first two at the same time and then publish the last three books as I raise the additional funds. 

I have to say, as a genealogist, it’s been extremely rewarding to write these books.  My Wells ancestors have a new excitement to them as I’ve given them the personalities they didn’t have before.  How accurate they are, well, that’s a bit of a mystery lot to time, but I like to think I do them some justice.   I look forward to getting feedback from other Wells family relations to see how they feel our family is portrayed in this fictional account of them. 

One of the challenges was actually taking the real life facts of the family and adding the fictional twists that make the facts seem logical.  What do I mean by that?  Well, lets say the family moves from Hopkinton to Ohio in the 1800’s.  Yes, we know a branch of the family left, but why did they leave?  I get to make up a reason why that works with the book and the lives of the characters.   

The books are not historical in nature.   They take place today here in the year 2013 more or less.  Here in lyes th twist.  Exactly how do you get that five minutes to sit down and have that conversation with your long dead ancestor…..

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and start back up with my blogging on my research as much as I can in the coming months but I’m still knee-deep in editing my books to keep in my deadline for publication.

So has anyone out there self published before.  I haven’t.  If anyone has any advice for me, I’d love to hear it.