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19 May 2018: Rogers History where you least expect it. May 19, 2018

My mother and I had a yard sale yesterday. When it slowed down a little, I picked up this book off a pile of books we were selling and started to peruse its pages.

Geography of the Americas

It’s an old grammar school textbook that was published in 1945. It had belonged to my father, though I don’t think it was his in school.  It’s actually an interesting book, but I immediately stopped skimming at page 68 when I spotted this picture:

Take a close look because that’s the old town mill in New London, Connecticut that was originally worked by John Rogers back in the 1600’s.  Here’s an old postcard of the mill from about the same angle.

Old Town Mill in New London

I have a little collection of images of the mill but I didn’t have the one in this book. It’s nice to see our heritage in a textbook!