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10 Oct 2012 – Randall Wells and the Hopkinton Militia October 10, 2012

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 One of my quests while in the DAR library was to try to find information on what my 4th Great Grandfather, Randall Wells, did in the Revolutionary War.  I know he was in the Hopkinton, RI Militia but little information is known about what his company of local Militia did during the war.  When I asked the nice gal behind the counter at the library if she knew of any books that might give me information she said there really wasn’t anything in the library that could help me but she pointed me in the direction of the computers and helped look Randall up on a website called fold3.  Fold3 has military records and I was able to find info on the Hopkinton Militia and Randall by looking at the Pension Applications of Revolutionary War soldiers.  soldiers had to fill out statements of exactly what they did in the way and in the process ended up giving little histories of the movements of certain militia units. 

So I found several applications that mentioned Randall.  They do however take some time to read and transcribe.  Below is a transcription of the pension application of a man called Daniel Knowles and below the transcription are images of the document itself.  You will notice a lot of xxx in the transcription which were parts that I was unable to make out the handwriting.  There was actually many, many more pages to Daniel’s application but I only transcribed the relevent parts.  I can tell you from what I’ve read so far of the different applications is that the Hopkinton Militia was chiefly occupied with guarding the shores of Narragansett Bay from the English.

Here are two things that I learned from this specific application about Randall and the Hopkinton Militia

November 1776: Randall Wells is an Ensign.  Militia was in Hopkinton City

March 1777: Randall Wells is a Lietenant.  Militia marches from Little Rest (now called Kinston) to Narragansett Bay and are stationed at the Bonnet Farm

There’s a lot more information here and if I was able to make out what all the “xxx”s were there would be a lot more.  So… if you’re up for a challenge, have a go at it and see if you’re able to make out anything I haven’t been able to.  Post what you’re able to make out in a comment and I’ll post an update in an upcoming blog post.  I’ll be posting on the other pension applications when I have a chance to transcribe them.  

Pension Application of Daniel Knowles of Washington in the state of Rhode Island who was a Private

Resident of North Kingston in the county of Washington and State of Rhode Island, aged 80 years (Sept 1832)

He was born in South Kingston in said county of the 10th of March 1752, his age is recorded in the family bible in the Spring of the year 1776, he marched from South Kingston into the town of Hopkinton in said County.  There he lived for years.  In November 1776, the Company of Militia to which he belonged of which George Thurston was Captain, Matthew Randall Liut and Randall Wells Ensign, was called out to meet at Hopktinton City so called.  Joseph Noyes now Colonel of the Regiment to which the Company belonged Jesse Champlin, Col, Joseph Maxson Major, Thomas Noyesxxx, xxx.  The Company xxx Post Road, where they met Colonel Noyes, xx xxxx then to forces to the South for in South Kingston, they proceded xxx it was so late they could not get there, xxx right, they gathered that night at the house of Samuel Perry and next day marched to the South Fery and quartered at different houses xxxxx stationed guards along shore until Spring, he was xxx xxxx the last day of March 1777 returned home.  Towards the end of May in that year, the Company on a … … …. …. Were again called out and marched to Point Judith xxx xxxx  month at the xxx house so called at the end of that month they were xxxx to the xxx place where they continued another month  and were discharched.  In November 1777 the company xxx of the same, of which xxxx xxx xxx was again called out, George Thurston was still Captain, Randall Wells Leit and Joseph Thurston Ensign, they were marched xxx Little Rest now called Kinston xxxx to the shores of the Bay, to join the shores and stationed at the Bonnet Farm xxxx at the house of Colonel John Gardiner in Boston Neck two months and xxxx two more months at the xxxx house near the same, at the end of that time, they were discharged.  In xxxx xx 1778, the company was again called out, with xxx of the xxxxx Joseph Noyes was Colonel, Jesse Maxson xxx Xols, Thomas Sheffield Major, the officers of the company, were the same as before, they marched to Little Rest where they made a xxx from hence to Providence, hence Petuxet xxxx for the night, the next day they went xxx xxx and quartered at a Meeting house all night, the next day they went to Boston, and were transported across Bristol Fery to Rhode Island and arrived to the American forces on the xxx xxx command of Genreal xxxx. Xxxx xxxx xxx had xxxx been called the French Stormon account of the French Fleet which was to xxx with General xxxx xxx xxx The storm lasted three of four hours was violent with xxx xxx xxx night they first landed on the island, the only other xxx his associated xxx from the rain was an orchard he got very wet and did not get dry for three days , xxx storm grew xxx xxx on the xxx the enemy xxx xxx xxxx xx on the lines an xxx xxx until the Americans xxx  xxx the island, xxx xxx were transported xxxx the xxx in boats for the xxxx and landed at xxxx neck in north Kinston, from there they marched to Hopkinton and were discharged, we has absent from hom in xxxx xx at least one month.   Whilst on the island he was one of the guards xxx the xxx of General Sullivan.  In the spring of 1780 he moved from Hopkinton into South Kingston and in August or September 1780, the company of Militia in which he was then enrolled, as a xxx of the same xxxx which he was one, was called out with most of the regiment, Thomas potter was Colonel of the Regiment, the officers of the Company were Stephen Babcock Capt, Joseph xxxx Liet and Jesse Champlin was xxx.  Were xxx at Little Rest and left encamped some days  from thence they went to Jones Hill where they staid some days from thence marched to what is now called Wickford then called xxxx xxxx from thence were transported across the Bay xxx the north end of the island of Conanicut, and landed on Rhode Island and stationed at Boston Neck, he was gone this time one month.  He xxx in the whole one year of which he is xxxx.  He never served under any xxx xxx   General Sullivan xxxx to none of the Contenental xxx officers in that expedition.  H has no documentary evidence of his service.  Solomon xxxx is xxx to most of his services he being in his xxx son Randall Family a great part of the time, and being with him xxx on the shores some xxx Sullivan’s xxxx – most xxx will likewise to his services.  He is not xxxx with any xxx, in his xxx who can testify to the xxx of his services


7 Oct 2012 – Road Trip Report: The Thurston – Wells House of Hopkinton October 7, 2012

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One of my stops on my trip was a stop in to visit the Thurston-Wells House built about 1848 on Main Street in Hopkinton, RI.  Built by Benjamin Thurston, he sold the house to Augustus L. Wells in 1864.  Augustus was the son of Edward Sheffield Wels Jr. and Deborah Hoxsie Lewis and my 3rd cousin 5 times removed.    I have to admit that I nicknamed him “Unlucky Gus” sometime back when I found the following articles about him:

Providence Evening Journal (Providence, RI)25 Feb 1863:  Accident in Hopkinton – Augustus L. Wells in going out of his barn on Tuesday evening of last week, stumbled and fell, striking his head on a stone with as much force as to render him insensible until the next morning.  He was recovering at last accounts. – Westerly Weekly.

Providence Evening Journal (Providence, RI)11 Nov 1863, Page 3:  Hopkinton.  Mr. A.L.Wells of Hopkinton, met with a serious accident on the 31st ult.  He had placed in his pantaloons pocket a paper containing about half a pound of powder.  Having occasion to try a fuse he lit a match, the fire from which, by some means, communicated with the powder in his pocket,and he was badly though it is hoped not dangerously burned.

The Thurston – Wells house is currently for sale.  Here is a link to the website with the listing.  http://www.historical-home.com/2012/05/historic-hopkinton-ri-home.html 

In the 1950′s and 60′s the house had fallen into a deplorable state and certainly would have eventually been demolished if it weren’t for the efforts of a buyers who spent a lot of time and money of many years to get the house back into the lovely condition that it now enjoys.  When they actually started renovating the house, the tore down about 5 rooms off to what in the photo below would have been to your right.  You can kind of see this in the old black and white photo of the house if you scroll down

Here is a photo of the house from Page 70 of Images of America: Hopkinton by Kirk W. House.  If you aren’t aware of the Images of America books you should check them out.

Here is a picture of Augustus L. Wells:

From: History of Washington and Kent Counties, Rhode Island by  J.R. Cole.  Published in 1889

“Augustus L. Wells was born November 7th, 1820, in Charlestown, where he resided with his parents until the age of twelve years, when his sight became so much impaired as to preclude study.  At the age of sixteen, having to some extent recovered from his malady, he began farming, and continued this occupation until 1851.  He then, in company with his brother, Edward S., under the firm name of A.L. Wells & Co., established a carriage manufactory at Hopkinton City.  They grew from small beginnings to large proportions, until in the excellence of its work and its capacity, the establishment, with steam power and all the modern improvements for expediting labor, was second to none in the state.  On the 21st of April, 1888, this factory was consumed by fire, much valuable property destroyed, and the structure has never been rebuilt.  Mr. Wells and his partner are at present engaged in closing the business thus suddenly arrested in its successful progress”   (This was published in 1889, shortly after the fire)  Mr. Wells and his brother, Edward S., now reside together in Hopkinton.”

Here is a close up of the front door.  The side panels on either side of the door are made of beautiful cranberry glass.  The next photo shows them from the inside where you can see the light shining through.

Here is a side view and a view from the rear of the house.

At the back of the house still stands the original outhouse.  The outhouse was a six seater, spots for 3 adults and 3 children!

Here is a view from the out house to the carriage house out behind the main house.

Here is the carriage house.

Here are a few pictures I took under the carriage house where you can see the support structure of the building.  While out and about in the area, I saw several large stones like the one that is holding up the building below with the notched groves in it about ever 5 or so inches.  I saw them used laying on their side a few times as steps.  Anyone familiar with what they may be??

Here is what is inside the carriage house.  I took this photo at night with no lights so the only in the picture is from my flash.  Not the best picture in the world.  The owner who game me the tour said this was a Spicer Carriage.

At this point, I’ll mention that the present owners where in the process of packing so their home was in something of an understandable state of disarray so please forgive their clutter in the following photos.

This blue room is the front room of the house and if you were standing where I was when I took this picture the front of the house would be to your left.

behind to the blue front sitting room is a dining room that is separated from the front blue room by a pair of sliding pocket door. 

Behind the dining room is a more newly renovated a modernized kitchen.  However it still is in character with the house.

Here is the main staircase leading from right behind the front door up to the second floor.

The second floor was bedrooms and bathrooms and a staircase leading up to the Belvedere or Cupola up top.

Here is the Hopkinton 1850 Census showing Augustus L Wells living with George Thurston when they lived in the house together.

Here is the 1860 census for Hopkinton showing Augustus and family living in the house.

Here is a copy of an advertisement for the A.L. Wells & Co., Carriage Manufactory that I bought on EBAY. 

From:  Narragansett Weekly, 26 April 1888.   FIRE AT HOPKINTON: A disastrous fire broke out in Hopkinton City shortly after 10 o’clock Saturday evening, April 21st, which quickly destroyed the carriage shop of A.L. Wells & Co., the “Jerry Thurston” house, the “Spicer Tavern,” and two barns.  Smoke was seen coming from the carriage shop by both E. Sterry Holdredge and Nathan Holloway at about the same time, and immediately an alarm was given.  The fire must have been under strong headway when discovered, as it quickly broke through the roof, and, fanned by a northwest wind, swept over the carriage shop and the other doomed buildings quickly.  The carriage shop was filled with carriages, old and new, and a large amount of material was at hand.  Efforts were made to get the completed work out , but they were only partially successful, more than seventy carriages, including the best, being destroyed.  There was nothing with which to fight the fire except by carrying water in pails, and it was quickly seen that such protection could not save the Thurston nor the Spicer houses.  Accordingly an attempt was made to remove the furniture of Mr George K. Thayer, who owned and occupied the former, Mr. E. Sterry Holdridge and Rev. L. F. Randolph, who occupied the latter, Mr Holdredge being the owner,  Mr. Thayer and Mr. Randolph each secured about one half of their goods, but Mr. Holdredge saved very little, his wife having hardly any time to dress her small children.  In Mr. Thayer’s house was stored the household goods of Mrs. Adeline Wilbur, and they were burned.  Across the street from the Thurston House is the residence and store of Mr. E.R. Allen, and as it  thought that was also sure to go, all of the furniture and goods were taken out, but by hanging carpets over the building, and keeping them fairly drenched with water the house was saved. The same method was successfully used to prevent the firing of Mr. John Wells’ house, which stood next to Spicer Tavern.  By 3 o’clock Sunday morning the fire was out, though smouldering, and hardly a trace of the building which had stood there so short a time before was to be found.


5 Oct 2012 – Road Trip Report: Mills of Ashaway / Westerly RI October 5, 2012

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Located at approximately 58 High Street in Ashaway, I discovered the location of Williams Rogers Wells’ mill.   I did a post about it a while back.  Here is the link to it: https://wellsgenealogy.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/jan-6-2010/

Here is what the mill used to look like:


And here is the site today:  I suspect the above photos were taken from about 20 feet or so into the paved area in front of me in the photo below.

While out driving around Hopkinton/Westerly with my friend I spotted the old burned out mill in the photos below.  The photos were taken in Ashaway/Hopkinton from the corner of Laurel Street and Maxson Street looking across the river.    The mill was on the other side of the river putting it in Westerly right as Potter Hill Road goes over the bridge.  Does anyone know what mill this was.  I would have loved to have investigated it further but the padlocked fence kept me out with the limited amount of time I had.



29 Sep 2012 – Road Trip Report: Comstock Cemetery in Uncasville September 29, 2012

So, one stop I really wanted to make on my trip was in Comstock Cemetery in Uncasville/Montville in New London County.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have photos of the stones but that the “person” who posted the pictures on findagrave.com is – how to I put this politely – an unrealistic fool.   I posted some of the pictures in conjunction with a post on the Newbury family there and he/she had wordpress yank them off my blog post because I didn’t have express  permission to use them.   I’m sorry folks, but if you upload a photo to the internet, don’t get upset when it makes its way across cyberspace uncontrollably.  That’s just how it is.  Whats funny is that it wasn’t that long after I posted that they got yanked so this person must be searching for other people posting them which leads me to believe that he/she obviously has issues to work out.  

While on my little rant, please feel free to use any of my photos to your heart’s content, really, I mean it.  I’m here to help you and share what I have.   So…. here are the photos I PERSONALLY TOOK A COUPLE OF WEEKS ago in Comstock Cemetery of the Newbury Family.

Captain Davis Newbury ( 4 Oct 1762 to 13 Aug 1822) my 4th Great Grandfather.  Davis is the son of Tyral or Trial Newbury (sometimes Newberry) and Anna Davis.

History of Montville,CT, by Henry A. Baker, page 472 …. Davis (17), b. 4 Oct., 1762, son of Trial Newbury and ____ Davis; married Lydia Williams. He was a resident of Montville. Several children died here of a contagious disease.

Lydia (Williams) Newbury (1763 to 19 Jan 1819) wife of Capt Davis Newbury and my 4th Great Grandmother.  I don’t know who Lydia’s parents are so if you know, boy do I want to hear from you.  While on the way to the cemetery, I passed Union Cemetery in Uncasville/Montville and stopped in to see my 3rd Great Grandmother, their daughter Sarah “Sally” Newbury who Married Daniel Rogers.  While parked at the back of Union Cemetery, I noticed another cemetery down the street, the Williams and Friends Cemetery.  I popped in and it didn’t have many surviving stones but it made me wonder if Lydia’s family was in there.  The Williams name did carry on in our family.  My Great Great Grandmother Martha Ann Rogers (Daughter of Sarah Newbury and Daniel Rogers mentioned above) Had a twin brother names Williams Newbury Rogers.  Williams for Lydia and Newbury for Davis, his grandparents on his mothers side.  Martha Ann Rogers married Jonathan Russell Wells and had a son (My Great Grandfather) Williams Rogers Wells.  Over time people just called him William and his gravestone says William (no “s”) but his name was Williams after his Great Grandmother and Uncle.  Confusing, No?

Connecticut Deaths & Burials, 1772 – 1934 (From Family History Center Records www.familysearch.org) … Name: Lydia Newbury … Birth Date: 1763 .. Age: 56 … Death Date: 19 Jan 1819 … Death Place: Montville, Connecticut … Marital Status: Married … Spouse’s Name: Davis Newbury … Indexing Batch #: B03523-4, System Origin: Connecticut-EASy, Source Film #: 3174 (B03743-3/Connecticut-EASy/3347/#29)

Betsey Newbury (12 Oct 1787 to 11 Aug 1822) daughter of Davis and Lydia Newbury, my 3rd Great Grand Aunt

Eunice Newbury (7 Mar 1802 to 9 Aug 1822) daughter of Davis and Lydia Newbury, my 3rd Great Grand Aunt.

Here is a newspaper mention of the deaths of the two daughters from the Connecticut Gazette from 14 Aug 1822:

Connecticut Gazette – 14 Aug 1822 – Eunice and Betsy Newbury Obits

And here are all four stones together:


27 Sep 2012 – Road Trip Report: More from the Westerly Library September 27, 2012

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So while in the Westerly Library, I spent time going through the microfilm of the Westerly Sun and Narragansett Weekly for any tidbits on the family.  Here are some items I came across:

From the front page of the Narragansett Weekly 19 May 1859.   It reads: Wells Carriage Factory.  The above is a ver correct view of the Carriage Factory of Messrs. A.L. Wells & Co., at Hopkinton CIty, R.I.  The main building is 112 by 23 feet, two stories high.  The wing is 35 by 19 feet, also two stories.  The sales rooms in the upper story of the main building is 86 by 23 feet and is kept stocked with every kind of wheel vehicle from a democrat wagon to a Prince Albert Rockaway.  The present proprietors have carried on their business in this place since 1850.  They employ generally about a dozen hands.  Their carriages are mostly sold in the vicinity, where a ready market is found.

Here is a death notice from my grandfather Elliot Ellsworth Wells from the Westerly Sun 24 Sep 1951.  It reads: Wells – In Hope Valley, RI September 24, 1951.  Elliot Ellsworth Wells, husband of Florence J. Weber Wells, aged 51.  Funeral service will be held at the Harvey W. Buckler Funeral Home 121 Main Street, Wednesday Sept. 26, at 2:00pm.  Interment in Oak Grove Cemetery, Ashaway.  Relatives and friends invited.  Friends may call at the Funeral Home at their convenience.

Here is my Great Great Grandfather Charles August Erbig’s Death notice from the Westerly Sun on 4 Nov 1951.  It reads: Erbig – In Ashaway, RI, November 3, 1951.  Charles A. Erbig, husband of the late Catherine (Green) Erbig.  Funeral services will be held at the Harvey W. Buckler Funeral Home, 121 Main Street, Tuesday, November 6, at 2pm.  Internment in Oak Grove Cemetery.  Relatives and friends invited.  Friends may calla t their convenience.

Here is the  death notice from Charles’ wife Catherine Green Erbig, my Great Great Grandmother from the Westerly Sun 2 August 1936.  It reads: ERBIG - In Westerly, RI at 178 Hugh Street, August 1, Mrs Catherine (Green) Erbig, wife of Charles A. Erbig.  Funeral from Buckler Funeral Home, 2 Friendship Street, Tuesday August 4, at 2pm.  internment at Oak Grove Cemetery.  Relatives and friends invited.

Here are two articles from the Westerly Sun about Charles A Erbig, son of William Edward Erbig and grandson of Charles August Erbig and Catherine Green mentioned above.  I always knew that he was buried in the American Cemetery in Manilla in the Philippines and that he died in WWII but these articles say that he died in a Japanese POW camp of Malaria.   Very sad.  The first article is from when he went missing and was published 26 Oct 1942 and the second article is from when the family got the news from the war department that he had died and is dated 19 Sept 1945

Here is a death notice from the Westerly Sun for my Great Grandmother Julia (Erbig) Weber Handy dated 3 Jan 1954.  It reads: Handy – In Westerly, IR, Dec. 31, 1953.  Julia R (Erbig) Handy, wife of Amos E. Handy of West Street, Ashaway.  Funeral Services were held today at 2pm at the Harvey W. Buckler Funeral Home, 121 Main Street.  Internment was in Oak Grove Cemetery, Ashaway.

Here is a Death notice from my Great Grandfather Philip Weber, husband of Julia Erbig Weber Handy above, from the Westerly Sun dated 14 May 1942.  It Reads: Weber – In Ashaway, RI, at West Street, May 14, 1942, Philipp Weber, husband of Julia R. (Erbig) Weber, aged 76 years.  Funeral Services at the Harvey W. Buckler FUneral Home, 121 Main Street, Saturday May 16, at 2pm.  internment in Oak Grove Cemetery, Ashaway.  Relatives and friends invited.

Searching the microfilm is pretty easy to do.  They have a card catalog that is cross referenced and pretty easy to navigate.   For those who aren’t familiar with using microfilm, it’s a pretty easy affair.   Anyway, here is a picture I took of the Westerly Library on the day I was there.  Not a cloud in the sky!! A beautiful day in sunny Rhode Island.


23 Sep 2012 – Pitcher Cemetery #63 in N. Stonington, CT September 23, 2012

While on my road trip I stopped in to see the Pitcher Cemetery (#63) in North Stonington, CT.  It is located across the street from 49 Wyassup Road in a field behind a wooden fence enclosure.  Here are a few pictures of the cemetery:

It seems to be being maintained, at least the grass is being cut but the stones themselves are mostly leaning against trees and not where they were originally placed.  The reason I visited the cemetery was to see the graves of Harriett Newell Pitcher Buddington and her daughters Lucy E Buddington and Martha H Buddington.  Harriet was the first wife of Edward J Buddington who was the son of Lois A Wells (Sometimes referred to as Louise) and Oliver Russell Buddington Sr.  Lois A Wells (My Great Great Aunt) was the daughter of Russell Wells and Lydia Rogers Crandall (My Great Great Great grandparents)  One of my mysteries of the family is what happened to Lois and Oliver R Buddington????? I have no idea when the died or where they are buried.  Russell and Lydia Wells are in Oak Grove Cemetery in Ashaway, RI.  Edward J Buddington is buried in Arlington National Cemetery and Harriett and daughters are in the Pitcher Cemetery but where are Lois and Oliver?  If you know, I’d sure like to hear from you.

Here are some pictures from the Pitcher Cemetery:

Harriet Newell (Pitcher) Buddington

Here is Lucy E Buddington who died 14 Jul 1858

Here is Martha H. Buddington who died 4 Mar 1880

I took some more pictures of the other graves and posted them on www.findagrave.com  you just have to search by cemetery and put in Pitcher – Conn – New London County and it will come up.


8 Jun 2012 – Wells Family of Hopkinton in the News (really old news!) June 8, 2012

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Here are three more Wells family articles from genealogybank.com.

First is Captain William Randall Wells, called Bill (1816-1872) son of Randall Wells Jr and Patience Coon.

Providence Evening Journal (Providence,RI) 30 Nov 1872, Page 2

Suicide at Hopkinton.  William R. Wells, of Ashaway, more intimately known as “Captain Bill” committed suicide in a grove near Hopkinton, on the morning of the 28th inst., Thanksgiving Day, by hanging to a tree.  The body was found about eight o’clock in the morning, by Irving Chester and another boy, both trappers, who visited the woods to look at their traps.  An inquest was held yesterday, but we have not yet learned of the result.

This article mentions Ensign Thomas Wells the 5th (1755-1829) son of Thomas Wells 4th and Sarah Thompson.

Rhode Island American (Rhode Island) 12 May 1829, Page 2

At Hopkinton, R.I.on the 20th ult. Thomas Wells Esq. in the 74th year of his age, for many years a firm believer in the Christian religion, and a useful and respected member of the church to which he belonged.

This article mentions James Wells (Abt 1760-1835) husband of Ann Love.  James and family are buried in the Old Fernwood Cemetery in North Kingston, RI.  I’ll be honest and say that I have no idea who his parents are.  Kind of hit a dead end on him.  He’s in my genealogy program because his daughter Anna Maria Wells (1823-1862) married John Hagadorn Wells (1817-1907) and John is the son of Thomas Robinson Wells (1784-1853) and Maria Potter.  Thomas Robinson Wells is the son of the above mentioned Ensign Thomas Wells the 5th and Mary “Polly” Robinson.  Circular, I know, but there’s always a relation in there somewhere.

Newport Mercury (Newport,RI) 9 May 1835, Page 3

Died, … At Hopkinton on the 30th ult. James Wells, Esq. aged 70 years – a Revolutionary pensioner.


6 Jun 2012 – More Wells Articles from Genealogybank.com June 7, 2012

Here are 3 more articles I found on genealogybank.com this past week.

These first two mention Martha Ann (Rogers) Wells (1825-1903) Wife of Jonathan Russell Wells and mother of Williams Rogers Wells.

Providence Evening Journal (Providence,RI) 2 Jan 1875, Page 3

ASHAWAY – The third “Social” was held on Sunday evening at the residence of Mrs. M.A. Wells, A large number of people were present.  The literary exercises were interesting and well performed.


Providence Evening Journal (Providence,RI) 23 May 1876

ASHAWAY – …. Wong Chin Foo, a Chinaman, in full Chinese costume gave a lecture at the Seventh Day Baptist church, Monday evening, upon “Domestic Life inChina”.

The ladies’ auxiliary tract society will meet with Mrs. Martha Wells, Tuesday afternoon, for the purpose of completing the organization of the society, election of officers, etc.


This last one is an obituary for Williams Rogers Wells in the newspaper in DeRuyter, NY where he lived for a few years going to school.

The De Ruyter Gleaner (DeRuyter,NY) 18 Jan 1927, Page 5

William Rogers Wells, aged 71, died in Ashaway, R..I., December 26th.  He was a student of DeRuyter Institute in 1869-70.  He was a manufacturer and prominently identified with the textile industry for many years as owner and manager of mills and as a commission broker.  His wife, who was Pauline R. Stillman of Alfred, died in 1922

Deruyter NY Gleaner 13 Jan 1927 Pg 5 WR Wells obit


3 Jun 2012 – More Wells Family in the Providence Evening Journal June 3, 2012

Here are three more articles mentioning the Wells family of Hopkinton, RI in the Providence Evening Journal that I recently found on genealogybank.com

This first one mentions Williams Rogers Wells and Thomas Randall Wells.  Thomas was Williams uncle as Thomas was the brother of Williams’ father Jonathan Russell Wells.  Jonathan and Thomas R were both sons of Russell Wells and Lydia Rogers Crandall.

Providence Evening Journal (Providence,RI) 1 Apr 1875, Page 3

ASHAWAY – …. A house formerly owned and occupied by William R. Wells was sold at auction, Monday, to T. R. Wells.

This article is also about the same Thomas Randall Wells as in the article above:

Providence Evening Journal (Providence,RI) 6 Apr 1875, Page 2

ASHAWAY – … Social – A society social was held at the residence of Mr. T.R. Wells, Sunday evening, 4th inst.  The weather was unpleasant, but those who attended spent a pleasant evening.

OK, this one is from the Newport Mercury and not the Providence Evening Journal but it also is about the same Thomas Randall Wells.  It is about the adoption of his daughter Altana M. Wells. 

Newport Mercury (Newport,RI) 25 Mar 1865

The following Private Resolutions were passed by the General Assembly at its recent session:

….. Resolution granting leave to adopt child to Thomas R. Wells and wife.


1 Jun 2012 – Augustus Lewis Wells in the Providence Evening Journal June 1, 2012

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Here are a few more articles that I found on genealogybank.com that mention the Wells family of Hopkinton, RI.  These three mention poor old Augustus Lewis Wells.  Why “poor old” Gus?? Read below and find out why!  Ouch!

Augustus Lewis Wells (1820-1906) was the son of Edward Sheffield Wells Jr and Deborah Hoxsie Lewis.

Providence Evening Journal (Providence,RI) 11 Nov 1863, Page 3

Hopkinton.  Mr. A.L. Wells of Hopkinton, met with a serious accident on the 31st ult.  He had placed in his pantaloons pocket a paper containing about half a pound of powder.  Having occasion to try a fuse he lit a match, the fire from which, by some means, communicated with e powder in his pocket, and he was badly though it is hoped not dangerously burned.

Providence Evening Journal (Providence,RI) 25 Feb 1863

Accident in Hopkinton – Augustus L. Wells in going out of his barn on Tuesday evening of last week, stumbled and fell, striking his head on a stone with as much force as to render him insensible until the next morning.  He was recovering at last accounts. –WesterlyWeekly.

This article has a lot of interesting info on the history of Hopkinton but I’ve only typed up the part that had to do with Poor Old Gus.  Read the rest of it when you can.  I warn you, it’s a bit hard to read in spots.

Providence Evening Journal (Providence,RI) 29 Apr 1872, Page 3

HOPKINTONCITY- …. The principal business xxx here is the manufacturing of carriages which has been extensively carried on during the past twenty years by the old and established firm of Augustus L. Wells & Co. who have lately erected the largest building in the town for the better facilities of their business.  Here we have noticed some of the finest carriages we have had the good luck to see, including many fine specimens of the “Boston Rockaway” with several varieties of “XXX Boy” top buggy, some of which were completed by parties from Providence and were finished up in a style xxxxx the country and seldom equaled in the city.  On the third story of the xxx and xxxmodion building we noticed a beautiful sleigh called the “Portland Fancy” which although marked xxx xxxx figure, was the finest vehicle on runners we ever saw.  In the repairing department we noticed several costly barouches and carriages which were undergoing a thorough restoration.  Xxxx of which were the property of guests who spend their summer at Narragansett Pier.  The fine carriage of Saunders Coates., Esq. of Savannah Georgia and that of Mr. George P. Robinson of New York city which were nearly ready for the warm xxxx were quite noticeable.  On the opposite side of the street is another carriage manufactory, that of Mr. George H. Spicer, who makes a specialty of building stages, coaches and etc.


31 May 2012 – Wells Family in the Providence Evening Journal May 31, 2012

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While looking through genealogybank.com I came across a bunch of new Wells family related articles.  I’ll post them over the next couple of days.  Here are the first three:

Here are a couple of articles related to Jonathan Russell Wells (1819 – 1864) son of Russell Wells and Lydia Crandall.

Providence Evening Journal (Providence,RI) 14 Dec 1864, Page 3

WESTERLY- …Col.J.R. Wells, President of the Ashaway Bank, and one of the leading manufacturers of Hopkinton died at his residence near Ashaway, last Friday morning.  Although he had been an invalid for some time past, his indomitable constitution kept him moving until near the close of his life.  He was familiar with all the details of manufacturing, having begun life as a workman in a mill, and gone through all stages of the business.  He died in the forty-sixth year of his age, leaving to his family a competency, and to the community many improvements as the result of his energy and perseverance. – Narragansett Weekly.

Providence Evening Journal (Providence,RI) 18 Jul 1875

ASHAWAY – ….. Chit-Chat – … A very handsome monument has been placed in the Wells burying yard,Oak Grove Cemetery, in memory of the late Col. J.R. Wells and three children.  It is from Groton, Conn., and is considered the finest in the cemetery.

This article mentions Thomas Randall Wells (1816-1903) son of Russell Wells and Lydia Crandall, brother to Jonathan R in the above 2 articles.

 Providence Evening Journal (Providence,RI) 13 Aug 1874, Page 2

WESTERLY – … The flood of August 8th and 9th damaged the Wood River railroad and station at Wyoming, probably to the extent of $500.  In North Stonington,Conn., the water rose higher than it had been known to before in any spring freshet.  The Bethel Mill above Ashaway, run by T.R. Wells & Co., was badly injured by the rain, half the roof having been removed in making repairs just before the storm. …


16 Mar 2012 – Wells Family Bible up for sale on EBAY right now April 16, 2012

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While perusing through EBAY this morning I came across a Wells/Coggeshall family Bible for sale.  Unfortunately I’m not able to buy it so thought I’d share what genealogical info it had in case someone out there might want to rescue it.  It’s up for sale till the end of the day on April 18th.  If you look for it on EBAY,  it’s titled:  1833 FAMILY Holy Bible AMERICAN Antique COLONIAL Founder of RI Coggeshall WELLS and here is a link to it: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1833-FAMILY-Holy-Bible-AMERICAN-Antique-COLONIAL-Founder-of-RI-Coggeshall-WELLS-/170824504683?pt=Antiquarian_Collectible&hash=item27c5ef156b

Here is the item description: “The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments…Together with the Apocrypha, etc. Stereotyped by James Conner, New York. Boston: carter, Hendee and Co, 1833.  The Bible contains its original boards, which are gilt bordered tree calf leather boards, w/ a gilt decorated spine with a centralized title, some loss to spine leather as shown. Both boards detached. There is some rubbing on the head and foot, as well as some scuffing on the boards. All pages bound. Bible has  some plates within in different designs.  The family pages are present, with curious information; one inscription for Phebe Noyes and Thompson Wells of CT, married in 1843, and the other, a very interesting entry for John Coggeshall, founder and 1st President of Rhode Island in the early 1600s (died 1627). Research shows loose connections to the Wells family, hence the reason it appears here, but nevertheless, a story to tell lies within this Bible. Measures 11.5″ x 9.5″ x 2″. Good luck!”

You can see in the photo below that it has a marriage entry for Thompson Wells and Phebe Noyes.  Thompson Wells was born 1 Aug 1796 was the son of Palmer Wells and Phebe Coggeshall.   He married Phebe Noyes on 21 Feb 1843 in Stonington, CT.  Phebe was the daughter of Thomas Noyes.


12 Apr 2012 – Unknown Stillmans and Wells of Alfred, NY Area April 12, 2012

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I’ve been going through old notes and came across these newspaper articles that I found but was never able to identify who the Stillman or Wells family member was.  I’m hoping perhaps someone out there might be able to identify them.  Here they are;

The Evening Tribune, Hornellsville 14 Jan 1905, no page number on page.

Alfred, Jan 12 – Alonzo Stillman is ill with the grippe.


The Evening Tribune, Hornellsville 23 December 1901, no page number on page.

OUR CHATTERBOX  -Mrs. O. Remington of North Main street, is entertaining her sister, Mrs. E.A. Stillman, of Alfred.


The Evening Tribune, Hornellsville 12 August 1902, no page number on page.

OUR CHATTERBOX  – Among to-day’s Alfred visitors in town were noticed Miss Gertrude L. Packard, Miss Emily Boothe, Miss Alice Jennings, Miss May Jennings, R. Stillman, V.R. Stillman.



The Evening Tribune, Hornellsville 19 December 1901, no page number on page.

OUR CHATTERBOX  -Miss Maude J. Wells returned from a visit to Elmira.

- Miss Ruth Stillman, of Alfred has been visiting in this city.



The Evening Tribune, Hornellsville 26 May 1902, no page number on page.

A Child’s Bad Fall.  The 18-month old infant of Mrs. S. C. Stillman, of Alfred, fell out of a two-story window one day last week and it was supposed that the infant was not injured at the time.  Thursday, it was found that the little child had broken its leg above the knee.


11 Feb 2012 – The Randall Wells House February 11, 2012

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I received this suggestion as a place to visit on my upcoming genealogy road trip:

“Should you fine the resting place for Randall Wells and his wife Lois Maxson, might there be a way to take a photo or two? And maybe some info on how to find the site? Past information indicated Randall’s house may still stand nearby, and Randall’s gravestone may still exist. I live in California but get to the east coast from time to time, and would like to visit that site. Randall Wells served in the Rhode Island militia during the Revolution, starting out as an ensign, but was a captain when it ended. Good hunting!”

Well, I actually had the opportunity to be invited to see the Randall Wells house on my last trip up to Hopkinton in 2009.  The house is located off of Route 3 not very far south of 95 on the East side of the Road.  It can’t be seen from the road as it is set back from the road.  There was a family still living in the house so if you go looking for it, please don’t trespass.  Here are some pictures I took of the lovely old home.




10 Dec 2011 Barton Wells son of Randall Wells of Hopkinton, RI December 10, 2011

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I received the comment below on my blog and decided to go ahead and do a post on Barton Wells with all the info I had on him.  Here’s the comment that I received:

Hi, Jennifer , I recently began tracing our family tree and came across your sight during my search to identify the parents of Cornelius Wells 1818-1894 Noble Co Ohio. He was father of my great-grandmother Rebecca Wells Weekly. I located a Baxton Wells 1781-1846 on page 532 of google book entitled History of Noble Co Ohio published 1878 by L. H. Watkins $ Co , Chicago
He was described as “large and ver strong and of good intelligence. He had several sons and a large number of daughters who were known for their good looks and lady-like manners. The girls received names such as Lucinda, Dorinda, Melinda, etc, unit the supplkey of Rhindas ranout and the last two received less unusual names. In searching censuses it appears Baxter is Barton and in 1830 he has 11 children. I located one daughter Clarinda 1822 who applied with DAR and her application named several later children and her motheri Hannah Unk. Most family tress have Barton marrying Fanny Stillman in 1799 and name 3 children with her. Did Barton Wells 1781 son of Randall Wells 1747 marry Fanny Stillman in 1799 in R.I. and relocate to Washington Co Ohio lf so did he remarry and do you have in your files the names of all of Barton’s children. On the hand written family tree you posted on Sept. 28, it appears that one of the children might have been Cornelius. I enjoy your blog and thanks for the postings.

Ok.  first I’ll say that I dont’ think that this Baxton Wells is my 3rd Great Grand Uncle Barton Wells (Abt 1781-1846) .   I looked up Fanny Stillman in the big Stillman book (The Stillman Family by Dr. George Stillman) and there is no Fanny that married a Wells. I’ve found the book mentioned below, Matthew James of New Hampshire to be the best resource for the Wells family as it moved out to Ohio and it has Barton married to Hannah Unknown.  The book actually references the book (page 532) mentioned by the comment above which is odd since he gives different children than the History of Noble Co book does.  Not sure why you’d reference a book that has conflicting info and not mention that the information in the book you are citing is incomplete in your citation.     Barton did marry a Hannah as they are buried together in Hesson Cemetery so that is true.   Was he also married to a Fanny Stillman??  I don’t know but I can say I’ve never seen any evidence of it.  

Here is a report from my genealogy program with all my info on Barton Wells’  line of the family.  I have to say it’s not one that I have done a lot of research on past Barton Sr and his children.  If anyone out there knows a good resource with info on his line of Wells, let me know as I’d like to update my tree with it.

Here are my notes from Barton’s entry in my genealogy program:

From: Matthew James of New Hampshire, Pages 260-261

BARTON WELLS (Randall 4, Edward 3, Thomas 2-1), b. prob. 1770-1780,although the U.S. Census of 1810 [OH, Washington Co., Adams Twp.] lists his age as 16-26 at that time. This seems to be in error as Barton Wells’ name appears many times in Washington Co. from 1801-1822, and he purchased land ca 1801-1802 [Washington County Ohio Deeds Index(1801-1802.), 7:61], so was surely in his majority by that time. His again 1830 was given as 50-59 [U.S. Census, OH, Monroe Co., Elk Twp. (now in Noble Co.)], and his gravestone gives his age as 62y at his death in 1842. (See below.)

He mar. perhaps 1808 Hannah_______[g.s.], though no record of this marriage has been found in Washington Co. He is found in 1810 on the Tax List ["Wash. Co. Tax List 1810"] when his residence was near those of Joseph, David, and Thomas Wells. He is also in the 1820 U.S. Census[Washington Co., Fearing Twp.], aged 26-45, the 1830 U.S. Census as above, and the 1840 U.S. Census [OH, Monroe Co., Enoch Twp,} aged 60-69. His farm was on Duck Creek below Middleburg (now Noble Co.). He is on a Tax List for Enoch Twp., Monroe Co, in 1833 [History of Noble County Ohio, (1887), hereafter "Hist. Noble Co.," p. 562].

Barton and a son, Randall, are named in Barton’s father’s Will written in 1821 and probated in Rhode Island. Since Barton was bequeathed only $2 at the time, he may have had his inheritance earlier when he moved west[Hopkinton Probate Records, 5:168].

According to grave stones in a small cemetery south of Middleburg, Enoch Twp., Noble Co., OH, Hannah d. 2 Oct. 1835 aged 43y [Ref. - Zail E.Spear, Caldwell, OH]. Barton 5 Wells may be the B.W. who mar, (?2) 19 July 1836 Mrs. Nancy Barnhart in Washington Co., OH [Graham and Cottle,Wash. Co. Marr., p. 76]. However no female of an age to be his wife appears in the 1840 U.S. Census with Barton. Barton d. 5 Jan. 1842 aged 62y [g.s., Ref. - Zail E. Spear, Caldwell, OH]. An estate notice was published in 1846 in the newspaper Spirit of Democracy, Woodsfield (Monroe Co.), OH [Carol Willsey Bell, Ohio Wills and Estates to /850. An Index, (1981)].

Known children (Barton had at least four sons and at least seven daughters according to censuses, and was elsewhere reported to have had”several sons and a large number of daughters” [Hist. Noble Co., p.532]):


Hesson Cemetery: Lat: 394105N …. Long: 0812425W …. USGS 7.5′ Map:Macksburg


1809 Ohio State Census

Name: Barton WellsState: OH … County: Washington County … Township: Adams Township

Record Type: Tax List … Page: 010

Database: OH Early Census Index


U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907

Name: Barton Wells of Washington County Ohio

Issue Date: 20 Aug 1823 … State of Record: Ohio … Acres: 81.87

Accession Number: OH0340__.383

Metes and Bounds: No … Land Office: Zanesville … Canceled: No

US Reservations: No … Mineral Reservations: No

Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566) … Document Number: 387

Legal Land Description: Section: 26 … Twp: 5-N … Range: 8-W … Meridian: Ohio River Survey … Counties: Washington


U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907

Name: Barton Wells of Monroe County

Issue Date: 1 Apr 1829 … State of Record: Ohio … Acres: 69.84

Accession Number: OH0020__.148

Metes and Bounds: No … Land Office: Marietta … Canceled: No

US Reservations: No … Mineral Reservations: No

Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566) … Document Number: 658

Legal Land Description: Section: 32 … TWP: 5-N … Range: 7-W… Meridian: Ohio River Survey … Counties: Noble


1830 United States Federal Census: Wayne, Monroe, Ohio

Name: Barton Wills

Free White Persons – Males – Under 5: 1 … Free White Persons – Males – 10 thru 14: 1

Free White Persons – Males – 15 thru 19: 3 … Free White Persons – Males – 50 thru 59: 1

Free White Persons – Females – Under 5: 2 … Free White Persons – Females – 5 thru 9: 2

Free White Persons – Females – 10 thru 14: 2 … Free White Persons – Females – 30 thru 39: 1

Free White Persons – Under 20: 11 … Free White Persons – 20 thru 49: 1

Total Free White Persons: 13

Total – All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored): 13


U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907

Name: Barton WellsIssue Date: 15 Aug 1837 … State of Record: Ohio … Acres: 39.66

Accession Number: OH1580__.019

Metes and Bounds: No … Land Office: Zanesville … Canceled: No

US Reservations: No … Mineral Reservations: No

Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566) … Document Number: 10574

Legal Land Description: Section: 35 … Twp: 6-N … Range: 8-W … Meridian: Ohio River Survey


11 Nov 2011 – Cemetery of the Day – North Burial Ground in Providence November 11, 2011

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Here’s the Wells info for North Burial Ground.  Also as a note, I’m up in Atlanta this weekend for the Family History Expo.  Any other Wells researchers up here??

North Burial Ground,Providence,RI(PV001) … Cemetery is located at Branch Avenue in Providence, RI . (401) 331-0177

*Wells, Charlotte Coggeshall ….About 1765 – Apr 5, 1801 … w/o Palmer Wells Sr.

(Palmer Wells’ parents, Thompson Wells Sr. and Elizabeth Palmer, are in the Thompson Wells Lot,Hopkinton,RI)

 Children of Palmer Wells and Charlotte Coggeshall:

*Wells. Elisha Coggeshall Sr. … Feb 14, 1798 – Oct 20, 1864      


*Wells, Harriet Amanda Hopkins … Oct 26, 1801 – Feb 22, 1879 … w/o Elisha C. Wells Sr.

 Children of Elisha Coggeshall Wells and Harriet Amanda Hopkins:

*Wells. Elisha Coggeshall Jr. … Jan 10, 1832 – Mar 3, 1832        


*Wells. Elisha Coggeshall III…. Dec 24, 1834 – Sep 2, 1853      


*Wells, Elizabeth R. … Aug 23, 1823 – Sep 10, 1823            

*Wells, Elizabeth Russell … Jun 25, 1825 – Mar 1, 1826                    

*Wells, William R. … Sep 9, 1826 – Jan 26, 1846         


*Wells, Harriet A. … Mar 12, 1833 – Feb 15, 1834


28 Sep 2011- Wells & Stillman Family Hand Written Family trees September 28, 2011

I’m not sure if I’ve posted these or not before.  Here are some great really old hand written family trees that were written by Williams Rogers Wells (1855-1926) of Ashaway, RI, son of Jonathan Russell Wells and Martha Ann Rogers.

This first one details the Stillman line.  Williams was married to Pauline R Stillman (1855-1922) of Alfred, NY, the daughter of Phineas Crandall Stillman.  This paper starts with Phineas and ends with George Stillman and Jane Pickering, the first Stillmans to come to America.

This family history above is cool enough but when I turned the paper over, I realized it was written on Williams’ company letterhead, see below.

This next one was written on June 30, 1892 and details the descendants of Randall Wells (1747-1821) and Lois Maxson (1748-1819) and ends with Williams and Pauline’s children.

This next one gives a history of Williams going back to Edward Wells (born 1694) and Edward’s father Thomas Wells.  It also gives a history of Wallace Wells (born 1856) son of Silas C Wells.

These last three tell of Williams, Pauline and lists information on all of their children.


2 August 2011 – Wells in Willow Branch Cemetery, Waynesfield, OH August 2, 2011

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I realized it had been some time since I did a Cemetery of the Day post.  I went into my vat collection of cemetery info and picked Willow Branch Cemetery.  After I started working on the post, I realized that I had already used Willow Branch as a Cemetery of the Day.  However, this post is much more detailed as I’ve added a lot more information and made many more connections to this branch of the Wells family

 Willow Branch Cemetery, Waynesfield,OH (Auglaize Co.)



Cemetery is located at the corner of Route 67 and Moyer Road, in Waynesfield,OH.

 First Generation

Wells, Sylvia Wells                    1766 – Apr 11, 1849                 

Sylvia is my 3rd Great grand Aunt. She was married to Joseph Wells Sr. (1764-1825) whose burial place is unknown.  Joseph was the son of Thomas Wells and Sarah Clarke.  Sylvia’s parents, Randall Wells & Lois Maxson, are buried in the Wells Lot, Hopkinton, RI also known as Chimney Orchard.

Second Generation

Children of Sylvia Wells and Joseph Wells Sr.

Wells, Randall                           Jul 13, 1807 – Dec 17, 1880      

Wells, Harris                             Apr 1, 1809 – Nov 23, 1885      

Wells, Sarah “Sally” LaGrange X – Jul 25, 1858        w/o Harris Wells

The above 2 pictures are of Harris Wells

The above picture is of Sarah “Sally” LaGrange , wife of Harris Wells.

The above picture is of Randall Wells

Third Generation

Children of Harris Wells and Sarah LaGrange:

Wells, Joseph Clarke                 Feb 25, 1831 – May 5, 1893      

Wells, Martha Jetl                     1832 – 1919       w/o Joseph Clark Wells

Wells, Russell Vernon                Aug 20, 1834 – Mar 6, 1914      

Wells, Harriett H. Lehman         Mar 17, 1856 – Oct 27, 1938      w/o Russell Vernon Wells

Wells, Orin H.                           Dec 28, 1842 – Sep 7, 1850       

The above 2 pictures are of Joseph Clarke  Wells

The above is Martha Jetl wife of Joseph Clarke Wells

The above is Russel Vernon Wells and his wife  Harriett H. Lehman

The above is Orin H Wells

Fourth Generation

Children of Joseph Clarke Wells and Martha Jetl:

Wells, Joseph A.                       1867 – Sep 27, 1887                 

Wells, Edward                           1860 – 1917                             

Wells, Catherine Unknown        1859 – 1940         w/o Edward Wells

Wells, John S.                           1856 – 1879                             

Wells, Jennie Unknown            X – 1883         w/o William H. Wells

Wells, George Russell                Dec. 1, 1863 – Apr. 8, 1936      

Wells, Mecie Elliot       w/o George R. Wells

Akers, Harriett Wells                 Dec 1871 – 1944                      

Akers, Alvin F                           1868 – 1939         h/o Harriett Wells

  The above is Joseph A. Wells

Edward Wells and wife Catharine

The above is John S. Wells

The above is Mrs. Jennie Wells wife of William H Wells

The above is George Russel Wells

The above is Harriett Wells and husband Alvin Akers along with daughter Pearl Akers

Fourth Generation

Children of Russell Vernon Wells and Harriett Lehman

Wells, Edward J.                       X – Oct 16, 1922

Wells, Thomas Jefferson            Dec 28, 1875 – Aug 15, 1958

Wells, Bessie Mae Bidwell        May 21, 1882 – Jul 4, 1969         w/o Thomas J. Wells

Wells, Arthur L.                        Jul 10, 1883 – Jan 2, 1971

The above is Edward J Wells and Arthur L. Wells

The above is Thomas Jefferson Wells and wife Bessie Mae Bidwell

Fifth Generation

Children of George Russell Wells and Mecie Elliot:

Thrush, Lulu Edith Wells            1886 – Jun 22, 1935

Thrush, Harley Otto                  1886 – Sep 5, 1966                 h/o Lulu Wells

Bailey, Bonnie Wells                 1888 – 1979

Wells, John Burton                   1884 – 1954

Wells, Loa A Unknown           1888 – 1962                            w/o J. Burton Wells

Lulu Edith Wells and husband Harley Otto Thrush

John Burton Wells “J Burton Wells” and wife Mrs. Loa A. Wells

Fifth Generation

Children of Thomas Jefferson Wells and Bessie Mae Bidwell:

Alberding Ritchie, Norma Grace Wells   Dec. 18, 1915 – May 2, 2002

Alberding, Henry Conrad “Hank”            Mar. 22, 1916 – Apr. 3, 1984      h/o Norma G Wells

Wells, Carl A            Mar 27, 1918 – Aug 7, 1988

Wells, Catharine Mowrey          1922 – ?  (Married 15 Jun 1941)     w/o Carl A Wells

The above is Norma Grace Wells  Alberding and husband Henry Conrad Alberding

The above is Carl A Wells and wife Catherine Mowrey

The Lima News,  (OH) – May 5, 2002, Page: B2
NORMA G. RUFF ALBERDING RITCHIE, 86, of Cridersville, formerly of Wapakoneta,died at 11:50 a.m. May 2, 2002, in Sharp Hospital, Chula Vista, Calif.
She was born Dec. 8, 1915, in Waynesfield, to Dr. Thomas Jefferson and Bessie Mae Bidwell Wells. In May 1941, she married Richard R. Ruff, who preceded her in death. On April 15, 1949, she married Henry “Hank” Alberding, who died April 15, 1984. On Aug. 20, 1987, she married Phillip E. Ritchie, who died Dec. 14, 2001.Mrs. Ritchie was a retired secretary with Lima City Loan and a member of IUE Local 724. She was a member of the Waynesfield Baptist Church and was a Sunday school teacher. She was a 1934 graduate of Waynesfield High School and a 1937 graduate of Northwestern School of Commerce. She was a member of the Senior Citizens of Waynesfield. For 12 years, she was on Waynesfield Village Council. She was owner of Norma’s Day Care and Hank & Norma’s Greenhouse in Waynesfield. Survivors include a son, Benjamin“Ben” (Yvonne) Ruff of Bonita, Calif.; two daughters, Janet Sue Miehls and Mary Lou (Connie) Alberding Schoonover, both of Lima; two stepsons, Robert (Betty) Alberding of Dunkirk, and Lynn (Judy)Ritchie of Virginia; a stepdaughter, Marian (Tom) Richardson of Cridersville; a sister, Freda (Dean) Graham of Lima; and eight grandchildren, seven stepgrandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, and 11 stepgreat-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by two grandchildren, Karen Schoonover and Kelly Schoonover; a son-in-law, David Miehls; three brothers, Russell, Carl and Thomas Wells; and a sister, Ruth Ellicker. Services will begin at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Bayliff & Son Funeral Home, Cridersville. Burial will be inWillowBranchCemetery near Waynesfield. Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home. Memorial contributions may be made to Waynesfield Baptist Church.

The Lima News,  Monday April 04, 1984
WAYNESFIELD- Henry ( Hank)C. Alberding, 68, died at 12:50 a. m. Sunday at Lima Memorial Hospital. He was born March 22, 1916 in Allen County, the son of Carl and Marietta Key Alberding. On April 15, 1947 he married Norma Wells Ruff, who survives. Mr. Alberding was a retired cleaner for the Ford Motor Co. He was a member of Waynesfield Baptist Church, Wayne Post #395 American Legion, and the Waynesfield Senior Citizens. He was a veteran of WW II, he served in the U. S. Army. Survivors include a son, Robert Alberding of Dunkirk; two daughters, Mrs. David ( Janet) Miehls, of Lima and Mrs. Elliot( Mary) Schoonover of Cridersville; a stepson, Benjamin Ruff, of Chula Vusta, CA; 14 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; a sister Elizabeth Miller, of Lima; and a brother, Carl Alberding, of Lima. He was predeceased by his parents; two infant sons, Richard and Ronald Alberding; an infant brother Fred Alberding;, an infant sister Lena Marie Alberding ;a sister Iona M. Anderson;and granddaughter. Services will be at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday at Mc Auley Funeral Home. Rev. Arthur Derry and Rev. Wllard Thomas officiating. Burial will be in Willow Branch Cemetery . Friends may call at the funeral home from 7 to 9 tonight and 2 to 4 and 7 to 9. p.m. Tuesday


Ok now here’s my problem.  I also have the Wells folks below but I’m not sure how they are related to the Wells’ above.  If you know how Orrin Curtis Wells is related to the Wells above, please let me know.

Wells, Orrin Curtis                     Jul 31, 1878 – 1940

Wells, Bertha Almeda Morris    Apr 1880 – 1958                       w/o Orrin C. Wells

Children of Orrin Curtis Wells and Bertha Almeda

Wells, John R.                           Feb 14, 1906 – Aug 15, 1975      

Wells, Don C.                           2 Mar 1902 – 23 Jun 1976

Wells, Roxie Marie Gilroy         17 Feb 1903 – 11 Mar 1966        w/o Don C. Wells

Wells, James Lloyd Sr.              Jul 10, 1910 – Oct 13, 1971

Wells, Ruby Lynn                      1916 – 1977            w/o James L. Wells Sr.

Children of Don C Wells and Roxie Marie Gilroy:

Wells, Donivan E.          1922 – 17 March 1937

Wells, Edwin Curtis                  Sep 29, 1939 – Aug 2, 2006  (h/o Marylou Stombaugh-m. 17 Mar 1967)


9 June 2011 – Davis Newbury and Lydia Williams June 9, 2011

Before I begin, an FYI if you received my post from yesterday via email.  For some reason all the pictures and some text got cut out of it and I had to re-do it and so you didn’t get the whole thing.

So yesterday I found on findagrave.com some grandparents of mine!! YEAH. My 4th Great Grandparents to be exact.  They are Capt. Davis Newbury and his wife Lydia Williams.  Also buried with them was two of their daughters, Eunice and Betsey. 

Eunice and Betsey died at the same time.  I found this note a while back about them:

Connecticut Gazette: August 14, 1822…At Montville, of the Typhus Fever. August 9, Eunice Newbury, aged 18; and on the 11th Betsey, her sister, aged 25; daughter of Capt Davis Newbury.

So it was Davis and Lydia’s Daughter Sally Newbury that married Daniel Rogers.  Sally and Daniel had Martha Ann Rogers who married Jonathan Wells of Ashaway, RI.  Davis and Lydia (and Eunice and Betsey) are in Comstock Cemetery in Uncasville, CT.  Here are their headstones:


7 June 2011 – Woodlawn Cemetery in Gotha FL June 7, 2011

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as often as I was there for a while.  After I moved into my new place, I got sidetracked with a ton of projects and haven’t really been working on my own family for some time now.  I’ve been doing a lot of work on findagrave.com.   For many years now, I’ve lived in the attractions area of Orlando.  This past move put me with in a stones throw of Woodlawn Cemetery in Gotha, FL.  Although just up the road from the attractions area, this part of town has lots of cemeteries!  Just this past week, I entered in two new cemeteries on findagrave.com.  They are Vineland Cemetery in Lake Buena Vista, FL and Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery in Gotha, FL.  I’m covered in bug bites from Zion.  No one has been buried there since 1982 and the place is something of a wreck.

I’ve been filling photo requests at Woodlawn Cemetery.  Woodlawn is very large! and very well maintained.  Here are a few nice pictures I’ve taken there:

I’m begining to call Woodlawn the -Harry Potter Cemetery- as I keep finding stones that have the names of the Harry Potter characters:

I’ve also found a large amount of Rogers’ stones in Woodlawn as well as Wells’ ones.  I’ve been taking pictures and entering them all on findagrave.com.  I’ve also found Hubbards, Webers, Handys and many more family names.

You can check them all out on www.findagrave.com by searching by cemetery: Florida, Orange County, Gotha, Woodlawn


28 April 2011 – Hopkinton, RI Monuments May 2, 2011

 Today I thought I’d share some photos I took of 2 historical monuments in Hopkinton, RI.  This first one is located in front of the Town Clerks office.  At the top it says ” THIS MEMORIAL IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF THE FREEMAN AND THEIR FAMILIES WHO FOUNDED THE TOWN OF HOPKINTON R.I. IN 1757″  It then goes on to list their names.  At the bottom it says “Erected by the 225th Anniversary Committee March 14, 1952″

It lists pretty much all of the major last names in the town: Allen, Babcock, Barger, Brand, Burdick, Butler, Button, Clark, Collins, Cottrell, Crandall, Davis, Foster, Hall, Hasfall, Hill, Kenyon, Lanphere, Larkin, Lawton, Lewis, Maxson, McCoon, Perry, Pooler, Porter, Potter, Randall, Reynolds, Robinson, Thurston, Weaver, WELLS, Whillbor, Witter and White.  The Wells mentioned are: Edward Wells, Edward Wells Jun., Jonathan Wells, Thomas Wells and Thomas Wells Jun.

Here are some pictures of that monument:


 This next monument is located off of Route 3 just north of the bridge that separates Westerly from Hopkinton.  at the junction of the road that leads up to First Hopkinton Cemetery.  If you’re heading North on 3, go over the bridge and the Monument will be on your left.  However, this is a HIGH TRAFFIC area with no place to stand on the side of the road to really get a good look at it.  If after you go over the bridge you pull off down the road to the cemetery, there is a small mock up of the monument on that side of the road that you can see in safety.  This monument was erected by the Seventh Day Baptist Church of Hopkinton in 1936 as part of the commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of Rhode Island Colony.

The text reads, “1636-1936 Here for more than a century was the religious, business and civic center of Westerly. Nearby in private homes the people met in town meetings, here crossed paths from what is now Hopkinton, Richmond and Westerly. Here was a ford across the river and here were the first mill dam and grist mill.     On the hill to the northeast stood the first meeting house in southern Rhode Island built by Seventh Day Baptists in 1680.    The members of this church suffered imprisonment in defense of the colony’s domain, met the onslaughts of hostile natives, were formost among those who established and developed the colony of the principles of freedom, furnished a governor, Samuel Ward, who was a leader in the struggle for independence and joined in founding Brown University.  In the river pool near by more than 3000 were baptized.  The first road was laid out in 1702. It ran to the South Kingston town line and to the town landing at Pawcatuck Rock.  In 1736 the people petitioned the General Assembly to divide the town, complaining that some of us are obliged to go 10 miles to a town meeting and great and difficult rivers to go over.  Charlestown was set off from Westerly in 1738, Richmond from Charlestown in 1747, and Hopkinton from Westerly in 1757.   Erected by the Seventh Day Baptist churches of Hopkinton and Westerly.”




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20 April 2011 – Wells Family Newspaper Articles April 21, 2011

 Here is a collection of Wells Family Newspaper Articles that I’ve gathered off of genealogybank.com.  Most of them mention Hopkinton, RI as the Wells Residence.

MATTHEW WELLS:  This is either Matthew Wells Sr. (1735-1818) son of Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall or his son Matthew Wells Jr. (1765-1852) son of Matthew Sr. and Bridgett Burdick and husband of Elizabeth Coon.  It could also be both of them.

MORTGAGE – Providence Gazette 27 Jan 1787 – Matthew Wells of Hopkinton Mortgage

MORTGAGE- United States Chronicle 15 Mar 1787 Matt Wells of Hopkinton paying Mortgage

Paper- United States Chronicle – 1 March 1787 Matthew Wells of Hopkinton

Paper- United States Chronicle – 8 March 1787 Matthew Wells

Paper-United States Chronicle 11 June 1801 Matt Wells of Hop Selling Farm

Paper- United States Chronicle – 1 March 1787 David Maxson Westerly-Matt Wells of Hop

(CAPT.) EDWARD WELLS:  I think this is Capt. Edward Wells Jr. (1726/7-1798) son of Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall and husband of Elizabeth Sheffield.

Newport Mercury 28 Mar 1763 – Capt Edward Wells of Hopkinton Lottery

United States Chronicle 13 Sep 1787 – E Wells of Hopkinton

CAPT. WILLIAM RANDALL WELLS: This is William Randall Wells (1816-1872) son of Randall Wells Jr. and Patience Coon and husband of Esther Crandall Burdick.

Daily Constitution Dec 7th 1872 a Conn paper -Death of Capt William Wells of Ashaway

Daily Constitution Dec 17th 1872 a Conn Paper – Capt William Wells suicide

HENRY M. WELLS:  I think this is Henry Manning Wells (1805-1857) son of Ens. Thomas Wells 5th and Mary”Polly” Robinson and husband of Catherine G. Coombs.  He is buried in First Hopkinton Cemetery.

Newport Mercury 11 Nov 1837 – HM Wells of Hopkinton in Gen Assemble – Top Right

Rhode-Island Republican 10 May 1837 – Henry M Wells of Hopkinton Gen Assembly- half way down

JAMES WELLS:  James (1760-1835) married Ann Love.  I do not know who his parents are.  He and Ann Love were the parents of Anna Maria Wells who married John Hagadorn Wells.

Newport Mercury 9 May 1835 – death of a James Wells of Hopkinton

Newport Mecury Dec 16th 1820 – marriage of James Wells and Ann Love

THOMAS WELLS:  Son of Thomas Wells the 4th and Sarah Thompson.

United States Chronicle 19 July 1787 Thompson Wells of Hopkinton Subscription Papers – Bottom

JONATHAN R. WELLS: Jonathan Russell Wells (1819-1864) was the son of Russell Wells and Lydia Rogers Crandall and the husband of Martha Ann Rogers.

Manufacturers and Farmers Journal Dec 24th 1857 Jonathan R Wells -under WESTERLY

ENSIGN THOMAS WELLS:  Ensign Thomas Wells 22 April 1755 Hopkinton to 20 Apr 1829 Hopkinton.  Husband of Mary “Polly” Robinson.  Son of Thomas Wells the 4th and Sarah Thompson.  Buried at First Hopkinton Cemetery.

Norwich Courier May 6th 1829 death of Thomas Wells 5th

WILLIAMS ROGERS WELLS: Williams Rogers Wells  (1855-1926) was the son of Jonathan Russell Wells and Martha Ann Rogers and the husband of Pauline Rudiger Stillman.

NY Herald Tribune April 14th 1897 WR Wells

Springfield Republican Dec 30th 1926 a MA paper WR Wells OBIT

THOMAS RANDALL WELLS: Thomas Randall Wells (1816-1903) also known asn just Randall Wells sometimes, was the son of Russell Wells and Lydia Rogers Crandall and the husband of Harriet A. Taylor.

Hartford Daily Courant Aug 3rd 1876 – Fire of mill of Thomas Randall Wells of Hopkinton

RANDALL WELLS: Randall Wells Sr. (1747-1821) was the son of Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall and the husband of Lois Maxson.

Paper- United States Chronicle – 9 July 1764 Randall Wells and Rogers

Bristol County Register 15 Apr 1809 – Randall Wells

MISC. THOMAS WELLS (probably more than 1 Thomas here)

United States Chronicle 12 May 1785 – Capt Tom Wells 2nd Hopkinton – third down of third column

Providence Patriot 28 June 1826 – Thomas Wells Hopkinton Gen Assembly-3rd Column half way down

Providence Gazzette - Obit Sarah wife of THomas Wells of Hop

CHILDREN OF WALLACE RAY WELLS:  Wallace Ray Wells (1856-1921) was the son of Silas Crandall Wells and Sarah Coolege and was the husband of Lucy Lillian Gray.

Springfield Union Dec 28th 1958 a MA paper Obit Ruth A Wells do Wallace Ray

Springfield Union Oct 10th 1954 a MA Paper OBIT Ethel Wells do Wallace Ray

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7 April 2011 – Arlington National Cemetery Scandal April 7, 2011

I was reading  an article today in Time magazine about how burials at Arlington National Cemetery are in a bad state of disarray.  If you haven’t read this article, here it is: Arlington Cemetery Article

WOW what a shocker.  According to the article about 1 in every 10 burials in Arlington is not in the correct spot (corresponding the a stone that is) and many cremation burials have accidently been lost when they were digging new graves.   To the really fix the problem, they would have to dig up all the burials and start again.  Really, how did they let the problem get this bad!!!   I was truly appalled when I read it. 

Read the article and you’ll notice the first burial they mention by name is, of course, a Wells!

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March 24, 2011 – Bethel Mill, Ashaway RI March 24, 2011

Yes, I know, it’s been some time since my last post.  I’m in the process of moving to a new apartment.  I’ve been working on genealogy projects pretty steady but not on my own family much.  I’ve had some clients from my genealogical research business ( www.FamilyHistoryDetectives.net ) and also been helping my friend Jim on his family tree.  It’s funny when you trace the family tree of one of your oldest friends and find out your 13th cousins!  Especially when I grew up in New York and he grew up in Kentucky, we both now live in Orlando and our common ancestry lived in England.

It would be untrue to say that I haven’t been working on my family history at all.  I’ve been working on the German side of the family.  Filling in the blanks of the family in Bavaria. 

Today when I logged into my blog, I had a post from someone in response to a post I did back at the end of 2010 about the Wells family and the Bethel Mill.  Kris from Ashaway had some nice details to add to my entry. Thanks Kris for the great information.   I love to get comments on my blog.  Lets me know someone out there is really reading all this stuff I write!  Here is what Kris had to say:

Hi Jennifer!

Your photographs show the factory property known long ago as Bethel (64 High St., Ashaway) around 1905.

The property, most recently the factory of the Thames River Tube Co., sold at auction this past year for a little over $170,000.

In your photos, the portion of the building to the left of the main factory was built about 1849 and was taken down sometime in the 1910s. The main factory building in the views is still there, though substantially altered, but the little office is long gone.

The newspaper article in your 12/30/10 posting includes the basic facts of the Bethel factory. Here are a few more details it. The property belonged to Thompson Wells in the late 18th century and was part of a larger farm that extended into the present day town of North Stonington. The tract included a dwelling house built by the Wells family that still stands on Anthony Road in North Stonington.

William Arnold of Cumberland and Westerly RI acquired a small portion of this tract (6 1/2 acres) and established a blacksmith shop along the Ashaway River in 1816. He may have raised a dam at the site about 1816. (The previous owner of the parcel, Joseph Dodge Jr., may have made some of these improvements even before that date., but they aren’t mentioned in the land evidence records.) William Arnold briefly manufactured scythes and perhaps other agricultural tools there but sold out to Zebulon Stillman in 1822. Stillman may have occupied the property even before 1820. He likely continued operating the blacksmith shop there and probably also manufactured wagons on the site (he produced 12 wagons in 1820). He sold the property to Jacob D. Babcock in 1829. Babcock raised up a new dam at this site (perhaps the first dam) in 1836 and apparently also built a small factory there, at which time the locale acquired the name of Bethel. Since he was already operating a machine shop and factory across from his house in Temperance Valley (the present day Ashaway mill seat), Babcock leased the property to other manufacturers in the 1840s (including Rowse Babcock III and John T. Knowles).

 The factory burned in 1848, and Jacob D. Babcock built a new factory there before 1850. By that date, the property included also two tenement houses, a dye house, a cloth shop, and a blacksmith shop. He leased the property in 1850 to the firm of Babcock & Stillman (Asher M. Babcock and Welcome Stillman). They operated a woolen factory at Bethel for the better part of the next two decades (Welcome Stillman alone in later years).

 You already know about the Wells’ involvement in the factory in the years following the Civil War. As I mentioned above, the portion of the building at left in your photos (with the clerestory monitor roof) is the 1849 factory. The larger building at right was likely built at the turn of the 20th century, when the Ashaway Manufacturing Co. acquired the plant. In the early and mid 20th century, the Bethel factory was operated by the Wolff Worsted Co. and the Stillwater Manufacturing Co. I have similar photos of the factory as you do but none pre-dating 1900.

–Kris, Ashaway RI


Feb 17,2011- Wells family of Pompey, Onondaga Co. NY February 17, 2011

I got an email a little bit ago from a gal looking for info on her Wells family connection.    According to her email, this was her problem: “My grandmother’s grandmother’s mother was Nancy Wells, b. Cazenovia, NY 1805 and married Charles Dodge of Pompey, NY 1801.
They had two children, Salmon P. Dodge who died young, and Helen Dodge, my grand mother’s grandmother. The family went to Michigan Territory in 1835 and then moved to Texas in 1853, Williamson Co, then Travis Co. (Austin) about 1858. I haven’t been able to verify Nancy Wells “roots” but think her family originally came from Connecticut like the Dodges.”

She also told me of a bunch of Wells’ buried in the area, they are:  Wells’ buried in the Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY area prior to 1900:
Asa Wells, Asa H. Wells
C. E. Wells , Chloe Hyde Wells
Elijah Wells, Frank B. Wells
George Wells, Harriet Benton Wells
Jane N. Wells, Levi Wells
Lucy Wells, Lucy Sellew Wells
R. M. Wells , Sarah Wells

They may be in the Pompey Hill Cemetery in the town of Pompey in Onondaga County, New York.   
I did a little digging and the Wells buried above seem to come from Colchester, CT.  There are several different Wells families in the USA that don’t seem to have a common ancestor here in America.  I don’t think I am related to her Wells family but if you have any information on how the Wells are related to her grandmother Nancy Wells, Please let us know.

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Feb 2, 2011 – Updating Oak Grove Cemetery in Ashaway February 7, 2011

I’ve been busy the past few days trying to update www.findagrave.com ‘s listing for Oak Grove Cemetery in Ashaway, RI.  When I started, they only had about 360 people listed in the cemetery and I’ve probably doubled that number in the past few days.  I figured since that and First Hopkinton Cemetery are the two most popular cemeteries for my family, it would be very useful to have them on line as complete as possible.  So this is going to be a project in process for a while.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on the Kranz side of the family.  I recently made contact with some Kranz relatives in Germany and some distant cousins here in America as well.  It’s been great filling in some info on my Dad’s side of the family tree which is whofully empty in comparrison to my mother’s side.

 I’ve also been writting a biografical article on my great-grandfather, Williams Rogers Wells, for the Hopkinton Historical Society newsletter.  When it’s finished I’ll post it here.  He was a very interesting fellow, I wish I’d have know him.

Here is an obituary I recently was given for Lois Isabelle (Wells) Lipphardt. She was the daughter of Wallace Ray Wells (1856-1921) who was the son of Silas Crandall Wells (1813-1907)who was the son of Russell Wells (1780-1859)

 The Sun, Westerly RI, Sunday, August 29, 1982

Lois I (Wells) Lipphardt of 40 Courtland St. died last night at the Westerly Hospital at the age of 88.  Mrs. Lipphardt, who had a long career in nursing, was the widow of George Brand Lipphardt.  She graduated from Westfield Normal School with a teaching degree, and taught for a year in Westerly and two years in Attleboro.

Mrs. Lipphardt received her R.N. degree from Homeopathic Hospital, now Roger Williams Hospital after which she was a the Providence District Nurse and did school nursing in Providence.  From 1924 to 1925 she was the public health nurse in Walton County, Fla., before marrying Mr. Lipphardt in 1925.

Mrs. Lipphardt was the Westerly School Nurse from 1936 to 1943 and then attended Boston University for her B.S. degree in nursing.  She was a nursing instructor at Lawrence and Memorial Hospitals from 1946 to 1947, and in 1948 was supervisor of out patient services at Stanford University and supervisor of outpatient services and instructor of Public Health.  She returned to Lawrence and Memorial as director of nursing education in 1949-50 and was director of nurses for two and one half years at Pondville Hospital.

She attended Simmons College and Harvard in 1953-54 for her master’s degree in public health nursing administration and also in 1954 was public health nursing instructor at Boston University.  She was then director of nursing at Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro for nine years, from 1955-64.

Mrs. Lipphardt was an organizational director at the inception of the Westerly Nursing Home and served as consultant for a period thereafter.  She also served on the board of directors of the Stonington Visiting Nurse Association, was a member of the faculty of the New England Business Academy, and was licensure consultant at the Mystic Manor Nursing Home.

She was a member of the First Hopkinton Seventh Day Baptist Church in Ashaway.  A daughter of the late Wallace and L. Lillian (Gray) Wells, she was born in Ashaway, July 14, 1894.  Surviving are a daughter, Marjorie Donahue of Pawcatuck; a son, George W. Lipphardt of Snug Harbor; seven grand-children; and five great-grandchildren.  Funeral services will he held in the Gaffney-Dolan Funeral Home, 59 Spruce St., Tuesday at 10am.  Internment will be in Oak Grove Cemetery, Ashaway.  There will be no visiting hours.

Here is an Obit I found for Arlene Bliven Crandall:

The Westerly Sun, – April 8, 2005

Arlene M. (Bliven) Crandall, 80, of 57 Lou Ave., Charlestown, died Wednesday, April 6, 2005, at the South Kingstown Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. She was the beloved wife of Irving H. Crandall.  Born in Charlestown on Jan. 2, 1925, she was the daughter of the late Harold B. and Lucy (Main) Bliven.

Besides her husband, Mrs. Crandall is survived by two sisters, Judy Knight and Betty Arzamarski, both of North Stonington; and a brother, Charles Bliven of Ashaway.    Funeral services and burial will be private. Calling hours are respectfully omitted.   Arrangements have been entrusted to the Buckler-Johnston Funeral Home, 121 Main St., Westerly.

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Feb 7, 2011 – Family Obituaries

I spent some time this weekend going through genealogybank.com for obituaries.  Here are some that I found for my family.

The Record (Hackensack, NJ) – October 13, 1999 …Edition: All Editions, Page: L5

ISABELLE STORMS WELLS, 95, of Hackensack, formerly of Rutherford, died Sunday. She had been a registered nurse at Hackensack University Medical Center. She was a graduate of the Hackensack Hospital School of Nursing. She was a member of the Third Reformed Church of Hackensack. Arrangements: Becker Funeral Home, Westwood.

(Isabelle was the wife of Nathaniel Dewey Wells, son of Willliams Rogers Wells)

The Record (Hackensack, NJ) and Herald News (West Paterson, NJ) – November 15, 2008 ..Edition: All Editions … Page: L04

BLACK, Katherine I., of Township of Washington, NJ, on Friday, November 14, 2008. She was the daughter of Nathaniel and Isabelle Wells. She was predeceased by her beloved husband Dr. Clair W. Black in January, 1983 and her daughter Sandra Perricone in February, 1996.  She is survived by her sister Retired General Sally Wells, her stepson Edwin C. Black and her cherished Westie, Talitha.

Katherine was a longtime member of the Westwood United Methodist Church and an active alumni of Fairleigh Dickinson University. She enjoyed volunteering her time for Meals on Wheels.

The family will receive their friends at Becker Funeral Home, 219 Kinderkamack Road, Westwood, NJ on Sunday, November 16, 2008 from 1-5 PM. A Funeral Service will on Monday at Westwood United Methodist Church, Westwood, NJ at 10 AM. Interment, George Washington Memorial Park, Paramus, NJ.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette  – November 5, 2009 ..Page: B5

PAXTON James R. Card, 53, of Paxton, died Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009 at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester after a brief illness.  He leaves his wife of 21 years, Susan L. (Dunphy) Card, and three children, Ashleigh, Nicole and Michael-Anthony Card. He also leaves his mother Lorraine (McDonald) Card of Oxford, a sister, Deborah Walker of Oxford, five brothers, Eugene Card of Charlton, Gary Card of Auburn, and Robert, David and Kevin Card, all of Worcester, and many nieces and nephews. His father was the late Eugene L. Card. (Note: Eugene was the son of Horace Francis Card and Evelyn Lillian Erbig)

Jim was born in Worcester, and has lived in Paxton for 14 years. He graduated from the Worcester Vocational Technical High School and Central New England College.

He worked at the WalMart in Leicester. Previously, he worked in production planning for Babcock Riley Power Co. and BAAN USA.  Jim was an incredible Dad, an accomplished guitar player and an avid collector of Budweiser steins.

Calling hours are Friday, Nov. 6 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Athy Memorial Home, 111 Lancaster St., Worcester. The funeral will be Saturday, Nov. 7 from the funeral home with a Mass at 10 a.m. in St. Columba’s Church, 18 Richards Ave., Paxton. Burial will follow in Worcester County Memorial Park.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the James R. Card Children’s Education Fund, in care of Commerce Bank, 386 Main St., Worcester 01608. 

Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA) – December 18, 1989 ..Edition: AM-ALL; PM-FIRST; PM-SECOND; PM-FOURTH; PM-FINAL, Page: C3

DUDLEY – Harry F. Card Jr., 44, of 12 Budd Drive, formerly of Worcester, died Saturday night in the University of Massachusetts Hospital, Worcester, from injuries suffered last Wednesday in a one-car accident on Oxford Avenue. (Note: Harry Francis Card was the son of Harry Francis Card and Gloria Duchaine.  Harry who was married to Gloria was the son of Harry Francis Card and Evelyn Lillian Erbig.  The Harry in this Obit is really a III and not Jr as stated)

He leaves his wife, Mary Margaret (Carr) Card; two sons, Harry F. Card III and Jeffrey W. Card, all of Dudley; two daughters, Pamela Martel of Webster and Andrea Card of Dudley; his parents, Harry F. Card Sr. and Gloria (Ducharme) Card of Oxford; a brother, Brian W. Card of Holyoke; 10 sisters, Karen Aubrey, Priscilla La Fortune, Susan Werbecki, Gloriajean Stroud and Faith Nault, all of Webster, Sandra and Hope Card, both of Oxford, Jacqueline Le Blanc of Charlton, Sheila Dupre of Danielson and Lucille Grace of Omaha, Neb.; his paternal grandmother, Evelyn Card of Worcester; aunts and uncles; nephews and nieces.

Mr. and Mrs. Card observed their 22nd wedding anniversary recently.  He was born in Worcester, and lived here 22 years.   Mr. Card graduated from South High School, Worcester, in 1963.   He served for six years in Battalion 101, Army National Guard, in Worcester.

Mr. Card was a precision-form grinder at United Tool & Die Mfg. Co. in Millbury, where he worked for 20 years. He previously worked at Parker & Harper Mfg. Co. in Worcester.   Mr. Card was a member of St. Anthony of Padua Church.

The funeral will be held Wednesday from Bartel Funeral Home, 33 Schofield Ave., with a Mass at 10 a.m. in St. Anthony of Padua Church, 18 Dudley Hill Road. Burial will be in St. Anthony’s Cemetery, Webster.  Calling hours at the funeral home are 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow.

The family requests that flowers be omitted. Memorial contributions may be made instead to the Harry F. Card Jr. Scholarship Fund, Bay Path Regional Vocational High School, Mugget Hill Road, Charlton, 01507.

Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA) ,  January 4, 2010

OXFORD Gloria J. (Duchaine) Card, 81, formerly of Park St., died Wednesday, December 30, 2009, at Day Kimball Hospital in Putnam, CT, with her family by her side.  (Note: Gloria is the mother of Harry Jr as listed above)

She is survived by her husband of 65 years, Harry F. Card, Sr.; eleven children, Karen Aubrey of Spencer, Lucille “Lou” Grace and her husband Richard of Omaha, NE, Priscilla “Penny” LaFortune and her husband Robert of Douglas, Susan Werbecki and her husband Joseph of Dudley, Sandra Card and her companion Stephen Cranska of Kalispell, MT, Brian Card of Holyoke, Gloriajean Card of Southbridge, Sheila Dupre and her husband Donald of Danielson, CT, Faith Nault and her husband Michael of Oxford, Jacqueline LeBlanc and her husband Ricky of Charlton, and Hope Hartland and her husband Joseph of Woodstock, CT; a daughter-in-law, Mary “Peggy” Card of Dudley; a brother, Edward Duchaine of Tolland, CT; 27 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren, 6 great great grandchildren, and many nephews and nieces. She was predeceased by two sons, Harry F. Card Jr. who died in 1989, and Bruce S. Card who died in 1965; two sisters, Rose Garceau and Rita Kniskern; and two brothers, Norman Duchaine and Francis “Dutchey” Duchaine.

She was born in Worcester, the daughter of the late Napoleon and Rose Marie (Bedard) Duchaine, and lived in Oxford and Dudley before moving to Woodstock, CT, in 2001.

Mrs. Card was a member of St. Roch’s Church in Oxford for over 30 years before moving to Woodstock, CT, with her husband, to reside with their daughter Hope. She loved her large family. She enjoyed crocheting, reading, camping, making puzzles, and was especially fond of Elvis, Shirley Temple, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

A funeral will be held on Wednesday, January 6, 2010, from Paradis Funeral Home, 357 Main St., Oxford, followed by a Mass at 11:30 a.m. at St. Roch’s Church, 332 Main St., Oxford. Private burial will be at a later date at St. Roch’s Cemetery, Oxford. Calling hours are Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010, from 4-8 p.m. at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association, Massachusetts Chapter, 311 Arsenal St., Watertown, MA 02472.   http://www.paradisfuneralhome.com

Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA)  September 25, 1989  …Section: DEATHS … Page: A7

Richard A. Card Sr., 56, of 140 Beacon St., died yesterday in City Hospital.  He leaves four sons, Richard A. Card Jr. of Toms River, N.J., Gerald A.and Roland J. Card, both of Worcester, and Ronald P. Card of Dover, N.H.;two daughters, Belinda M. Card Keddy of Cherry Valley, and Anita L. Card Wallace of Worcester; his mother, Evelyn (Erbig) Card of Worcester; two brothers, Elliott E. Card of Worcester, and Harry F. Card of Oxford;eight grandchildren; a great-granddaughter; and nephews and nieces. Hewas born in Hopkinton, R.I., son of Horace F. Card, and lived here many years.  He was a Navy veteran of the Korean War, serving on the USS Salem in Crete and Turkey.   Mr. Card was a machinist at Heald Machine Division of Cincinnati Milacron for 30 years.   He was a member of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church.   The funeral will be held Wednesday from O’Connor Brothers, 592 Park Ave.,with a Mass at 10 a.m. in Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, 600 Cambridge St.Burial will be in St. John’s Cemetery.  Calling hours at the funeral home are 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow.  Flowers may be sent, or memorial contributions made to the American Heart Association, 23 Midstate Drive, Auburn, 01501.

The Canandaigua Daily Messenger:  February 19, 2008 

Raymond Erbig II           January 22, 1918 – February 17, 2008

Raymond Luke Erbig II  Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather

CANANDAIGUA: Raymond L. Erbig, 90, died February 17, 2008 at FF Thompson Hospital.  Born in Jersey City NJ, son of the late Raymond and Lillian Erbig. He grew up in Brooklyn NY. During WW2 he served in the Army Corp of Engineers as a deep sea diver in the Pacific theatre. He moved from Valley Stream, LI. to Canandaigua in 1968 to build FF Thompson Hospital.Ray also worked on various large commercial construction projects in the area. After his retirement he was the maintenance supervisor at St.Mary’s.  He is survived by Ruth (Manico) Erbig, his loving wife of 67 years.Children, Donald Erbig, Mary Ann (Art) Benham, Cathy (Frank) Macri all of Canandaigua. 14 Grandchildren and 3 Great Grandchildren. Several Nieces and Nephews.  He was predeceased by a son Raymond Erbig Jr. and sisters Ruth & Frances.  Friends may call Wed. Feb 20 from 4  7 PM. at the Fuller Funeral Home 190 Buffalo St. Canandaigua. A prayer service will be held Thurs. 1:30PM. at the Funeral Home followed by a funeral mass at 2 pm. at St. Mary’s church in Canandaigua.  Contributions may be made in his honor to St Mary’s School 16 Gibson St. Canandaigua NY 14424

The Record(Hackensack, NJ)- June 28, 1991 … Page: c07

ROBERT P. ERBIG, 92,of Ithaca, Mich., formerly of Jersey City, died Tuesday. Before retiring in 1962, he was a sales representative and supervisor for Consolidated Cigar Co., New York City, where he worked for 40 years. He was an Army veteran of World War I. He was a member of Masonic Lodge 17, Jersey City; Valley of Northern New Jersey Scottish Rite, Lincoln Park; and Salaam Shrine Temple, Livingston. Surviving are a son, Herbert of Little Falls; two daughters, Lillie Mae Linfante of Pantego, Texas, and Mildred Campbell of Ithaca; two sisters, Eva Palmer of Westerly, R.I., and Evelyn Card of Worcester, Mass., 11 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. His wife, Edith Mae Roome Erbig; a son, Robert Jr.; and a grandson, Jay Campbell, are deceased. Services will be Monday at 10:30 a.m. at Allwood Funeral Home, Clifton, with burial in Bayview Cemetery, Jersey City. Visiting will be Saturday from 7 to 9p.m. and Sunday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Donations to the Shriners Crippled Children’s Hospital, in care of Salaam Shrine, 369 Mt. Pleasant Ave.,Livingston, N.J. 07039, would be appreciated.

(Robert was the son of Charles August Erbig and Catherine Green)

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Jan. 6, 2010 – 100th Post!! Ashaway Mills January 6, 2011

So according to my blog dashboard, this is my 100th post on my blog.  Congratulations to me!   I wasn’t really sure how this was going to work out when I started but I’ve enjoyed getting comments from other folks researching my different family branches.  So on to today’s post….

While home at my folks place last fall, I came across this photograph of a mill.  It was together with the photo of Williams Rogers Wells and the workers at the mill he was owner and or superintendent of.  I noticed that the building in the back fo the photo of the men was the same building at the side of the mill.  They are mounted identically on heavy card stock like cardboard/paper and I’m going to hazard to guess they were taken at the same time.     I also realized that I’d seen this mill before and went digging in my postcard collection and came across the postcard of the Wolff Worsted Mill.  I’ve been doing some detailed research on Williams R Wells as of late and have come across the names of many mills that he was identified with but never the Wolff Worsted Mill so I’m guessing that the mill changed names after the time that Williams was there.  The postcard looks to be much newer than the photo so that seems plausible. 

Here I’m going to refer back to the article I talked about in my block on DECEMBER 30, 2010 detailing the history of the Bethel Mill of Ashaway, RI.  The article was from the newspaper “The Pawtucket Times” and was dated Nov. 3rd, 1899.  I’m not going to repost the whole article.  If you want to read it, go look at the 12-10-2010 post for that.  What I’m interested in here is this excerpt:

“This firm was succeeded by T.R. Wells & Co, who were later succeeded by W.R. Wells, who made extensive alterations and improvements, putting in an electric light plant and erecting a commodious office building.”

Is this “commodious office building” the building that they are standing in front of in the picture, the one next to the mill????  If so, that would make this the Bethel Mill.

This is where I reach out to you.  Do you have any pictures of the Bethel Mill? or do you know what mill is pictured below?  If so, please leave a comment and let me know. 


Dec 30, 2010 – The Bethel Mill, Hopkinton RI December 30, 2010

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While searching genealogybank.com for records on Williams Rogers Wells (my great-grandfather) I came across this interesting newspaper article that had a history of the Bethel Mill where Williams worked.  I’ve become interested in the mills of the area as it seems that Williams and his father Jonathan were very involved in the Mill businesses of the area.

Here is the article and a transcription of it below:  Pawtucket Times 1899-11-03 WM R Wells and Mill

The Pawtucket Times, November 3, 1899

The woolen mill at Bethel, a small hamlet about a half-mile north of Ashaway, has changed hands and will soon be in operation.

Since 1816, when William Arnold built a small building on the site now occupied by the present structure, where he manufactured scythes there has been a manufacturing plant located on that spot.  Mr. Arnold continued to operate the plant until Zebulon Stillman purchased the property and proceeded to manufacture and repair wagons.

In 1829 the property again changed hands, J.D. Babcock becoming the owner, and the building was enlarged and the manufacture of carding machines engaged in.  A few years later the property was leased by Rowse Babcock and John Knowles, who manufactured yarn and sent it out in the surrounding country to farmers’ wives to be woven by them into cloth as was the custom of the smaller mills of that time.  Babcock & Knowles continued to run the mill until 1848, when it was destroyed by fire.

Immediately after the destruction of the mill, J.D. Babcock erected a building 32×79 feet with a basement, two stories and an attic, which was leased by Asher Babcock and Welcome Stillman, who equipped it with machinery, and for a long period manufactured woolen goods.  This firm was succeeded by T.R. Wells & Co, who were later succeeded by W.R. Wells, who made extensive alterations and improvements, putting in an electric light plant and erecting a commodious office building.

Seeing a chance to dispose of a larger output a large weave shop was erected, but at the time it was completed the firm was forced to the wall and the property passed into the hands of the mortgagees, the Pawcatuck Savings Bank holding the mortgage on the real estate and P.S. Barber the mortgage on the machinery.

Early in the present year (1899) New York parties made arrangements to purchase the property, but backed out before the deal was effected and in August the Ashaway Woolen Company bought the plant and are making preparations to put the machinery in operation some time in December.

A large force of men are engaged in putting in a new dam, while a new flume and water wheel are already in position.  The property is about five miles from the railroad, but the roads are excellent.  The concern will expend about $12,000 in repairing and equipping the mil land will manufacturer worsteds.

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Dec 13, 2010 – Elnathan Babcock of Hopkinton, RI December 13, 2010

Here are some more family related articles I found on genealogybank.com on Elnathan Babcock of Hopkinton, RI.   Elnathan was the son of Peleg Babcock and Elizabeth Wells.  He was born september 30th, 1790 and died May 26, 1858 in Washington County, RI.

This first article is from the Providence Patriot dated May 9th, 1827 and talks about what happened in the May Session of the General Assembly on 1827.  In the second column about 2/3 of the way down it says “The following members were not in their seats.-Elnathan W. Babcock of Hopkinton”… Babcock – Elnathan W Babcock Providence Patriot May 9th 1827

This second article is also from the Providence Patriot and is dated April 18th, 1829.  It lists town election results and says “Hopkinton – Jeremiah Thurston and Elnathan Babcock, in place of Edward Barber and Jonathan N. Hazard. … Babcock – Elnathan W Babcock Providence Patriot April 18th 1829

This first article is from the Newport Mercury dated September 3rd, 1831 and lists the results of the election of town representatives as members of Congress and Representatives fo the General Assemble of the State of RI.  For the Town of Hopkinton, Elnathan W Babcock, G.W. Arnold, T. Thurston and Edward Barber are elected…. Babcock – Elnathan W Babcock Providence Newport Mercury Sep 3rd 1831

Elnathan’s mother, Elizabeth Wells, was the daughter of Jonathan Wells Jr and Amy Rogers.  Jonathan Jr.was the son of Jonathan Wells Sr. and Elizabeth Maxson.

Elnathan was a Farmer by trade.  Here he is on the 1850 census with his family:

Elnathan is buried in First Hopkinton Cemetery in Hopkinton, RI.  Here is a picture of his headstone:

Here is a picture of the House Elnathan lived in in Hopkinton, RI:

The Jonathan Wells house (aka The Jonathan Wells – Elnathan Babcock House) is a post and beam 2 story house with center chimney and sits on 3.9 acres of land overlooking the Tomaquag Valley.  It has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and six working fireplaces, one with a working beehive oven and a smoke house in the attic.    Behind the house is a detached 2 car garage with a hay loft and a small barn.  A Late Victorian, wood-shingled barn is nearby.   I have seen it written many times that “Originally the house was part of the Jonathan Wells estate”.  I’ve never actually seen it written that he built the house.  Although he may have, all I can say with any degree of certainty is that he owned and was living in the house at the time of his death.

Jonathan Wells (6-22-1712 to 3-5-1772) has the distinction of being my 5th Great Grand Uncle and my 1st Cousin 5 times removed at the same time.  Jonathan is the son of my 6th Great Grand Uncle, Nathaniel Wells (1672-1768/9) who was the son of my 7th Great Grandparents Thomas Wells and Naomi Marshall.  This is how he is my 1st cousin 5 times removed.   He is my 5th Great Grand Uncle because he was married to Elizabeth Maxson, who was the daughter of my 6th Great Grandparents the Rev. Joseph Maxson and Tacy Burdick.

 The house has been called the Jonathan Wells-Elnathan Babcock House (or Ethnathan sometimes).  Figuring that Elnathan Babcock was probably another owner of the house I tracked him down.  

 Jonathan Wells had a son named Elnathan Wells (born ca 1737).  

Elnathan’s will dated 2 July 1804 mentions his nephews, Elnathan Babcock and Peleg Babcock.

Elnathan Babcock and Peleg Babcock Jr. were sons of Peleg Babcock Sr. & Elizabeth Wells.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Elnathan’s brother Jonathan.

So basically Elnathan Babcock was the grandson of Elnathan Well’s brother or you could say he was his great nephew.

Jonathan’s will reads:  “To the name of God Amen this fifth day of March in the year of Our Lord 1772, I , Jonathan Wells, of Hopkinton in the County of Kings County and Colony of Rhode Island, yeoman, being in health and of perfect mind and Memory, thanks be given to God, for the same and calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say Principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it.  And for my body I recommend it to the earth to be buried in a christian decent manner at the descretion of my executor.  Nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty Power of God and as touching such worldly____ where with it hath pleased God to bless me in this life, I give, devise and dispose of the same in manner and form following that is today…..

Item-I give and bequeath to Rebeccah Wells, my dearly beloved wife, (NOTE: Jonathan married a second time to Rebecca Clagget after his 1st wife died) the one third of the use and profit of my real estate together with the best room and bedroom adjoining the same in my now dwelling house with the priviledge of the kitchen and buttery and cellar.  I likewise give to my said wife, two ____ and their furniture and two pots and a kittle and ice kittle and the silver teaspoons, tea tongs and silver strainer and a set of china cups and saucers and ditto of stoneware, two glass tumblers or baker glasses and teapot and her choice of the looking glass and six chairs and tea table and warming pan and two china bowls.

I likewise give to my wife, firetongs and _____ and the case of drawers and trunk and great chair and three basons, six spoons of puter, six plates and two platters and one tub and one pole and trammel and frying pan and three knives and forks, one large silver spoon, all the above articles I give to my said wife during the time she remains as my widow.  But if she marry, it is my will that she shall have no more than one good bed and furniture and eight dollars worth of the rest of the household stuffs as she wishes to have which shall be her estate forever at her disposal. 

Item-I give and bequeath unto my beloved sons, Elnathan Wells and Jonathan Wells all my real estate and all the rest of my personal that I have not already given away by this will after my last debts and funeral monies being first paid.  I give to my sons equally to be divided between them, my two farms to be divided by a northerly and southerly line ______ to quantity and quality and my said sons after dividing said farms shall come to for their choice of said land.  All said land I give to my sons and their heirs and assigns forever. 

And I do hereby constitute, ordain and appoint my aforesaid son, Elnathan Wells, my only sole executor of this my last will and testament.  I do hereby disallow, revoke and disannul all and every other former testaments, wills and legacies, bequeaths and executors by me in any way before this time named, willed and bequeathed.  Ratifying and confirming this as no other to be my last will and testament.

In witness thereof, I have here unto set my hand and seal the day and year before written.

Signed, sealed, published, pronounced by the Jonathan Wells as his last will and testament.

In presence of us the subscribers.

Witnesses:                                Jonathan Wells   (seal)

Ethan Clarke,  Daniel Clarke,  Joshua Clarke


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December 3, 2010 – Daughters of Wallace Ray Wells December 3, 2010

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I found 2 obituaries for daughters of Wallace Ray Wells and Lucy Lillian Gray today on genealogybank.com

Here is Ethel Ray Wells Coulter’s Obit:  Springfield Union Oct 10th 1954 a MA Paper OBIT Ethel Wells do Wallace Ray

Here is Ruth Ada Wells Gilman’s Obit: Springfield Union Dec 28th 1958 a MA paper Obit Ruth A Wells do Wallace Ray

Just because I have one, here is a picture of Wallace Ray Wells:

Here is an obit I found for William Rogers Wells (my great-grandfather) in the Springfield Republican paper:Springfield Republican Dec 30th 1926 a MA paper WR Wells OBIT

Here’s a neat little article from the Newport Mercury dated May 23rd, 1736 were George Stillman of Westerly had his black mare stolen.  From the date, I’m going to say this is George Stillman the 4th, son of George the 3rd and Mary/Molly Burdick.  Newport Mercury May 23rd 1763 George Stillman 4ths Horse Stolen

Here is a death notice from the Impartial Herald, dated Oct 2, 1798 of the death of Rogers Tinker, son of John Tinker and Mehitable Rogers:  Impartial Herald – New London – Oct 2nd 1798 death of Rogers Tinker

Here is a death notice for Ezekiel Rogers son of Jonathan Rogers Sr. and Humility Green from te Connecticut Herald dates September 16, 1817: Connecticut Herald Sep 16th 1817 death of Ezekiel Rogers

Here is a death notice for Captain William Randall Wells son of Randall Wells Jr. and Patience Coon.  He committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree that would have stood at what is today the backside of Oak Grove Cemetery in Ashaway, RI: Daily Constitution Dec 7th 1872 a CT paper death of Capt William Wells of Ash

Here is a death notice/Obit for Thomas Bliss Stillman son of Joseph Stillman III and Elizabeth Ward Maxson from the Newport Mercury: Newport Mercury Jan 6th 1866 OBIT THomas Bliss Stillman

Here is a picture of Thomas Bliss Stillman:

Here is a neat little item I came across some time back that has a bunch of the Stillman’s from Plainfield, NJ:



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