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22 Oct 2017: Charles A. Erbig: Not all that volunteered came home. October 22, 2017

While on my vacation up in Ashaway, RI, I came across these newspaper clippings about my first cousin twice removed, Charles A Erbig (1915-1942,) who died in the service of his country. Sadly, this story is probably similar for many other families. Charles had died but it took many long months for the family to be notified that missing in action really meant that he had died. I’ve seen movies about Japanese prisoner of war camps, but can they really compare to the reality of what Charles lived through? It seems unlikely.

Charles A Erbig

Charles’ father was my great grand-uncle, William Edward Erbig (1888-1961.) Charles, like so many of the Erbigs, was born in New Jersey (probably Jersey City.) The family shows up on the 1920 census in Jersey City, but by 1930, they had already relocated to Ashaway, RI to join the rest of the Erbig clan.

In 1937, Charles is mentioned in an article in the New London Day for his being a witness to a friend’s accident.

The Day (New London, CT) 9 Apr 1937
Paper Distributor Badly Hurt:
Reaching over the rear fender to take a paper from the rumble seat, Ellsworth Hall, 21, of Ashaway, who was delivering papers in White Rock, Westerly,fell from the running board of a friend’s automobile yesterday morning and was critically hurt.  Hall was delivering papers in Main street,White Rock, at 9:30 o’clock, on the running board of a roadster operated by Charles A. Erbig, 22, of Box 99, Ashaway, who told police that as the car passed Spring Brook road, he felt a shifting weight on the car’s springs and looking back, saw Hall sitting in the road.  Erbig told police that before he could reach the man, Hall got up and staggered to the roadside, where he collapsed.  Erbig and Alexander Dinwoodie, 16, of West Street, Ashaway, a passenger in the car, placed Hall in the machine and drove to the hospital. Dr. Michael H. Scanlon and Dr. Linwood H. Johnson found severe head injuries and cuts on both hands.  Hall was unconscious for more than three hours. Hospital authorities said this morning that his condition was slightly improved although his name is still on the danger list.  Erbig was questioned at police headquarters by Police Chief Robert Kessel, Sergt. LeRoy H Norman and Patrolman Benjamin R Vredenburg of Westerly and Inspector Walter F. Kendall of the state motor vehicle department.  He was released to appear again if summoned.

According to the enlistment records I found on Ancestry.com, Charles enlisted in the military a full year before WWII began:

US World War II Army Enlistment Records: (ancestry.com)
Charles A. Erbig … Birth year: 1914 … Born in: NJ … Residence: Washington Co., RI … Enlistment Date/Location: 23 Sep 1940, Providence, RI … Brance: Air Corps, Grade: Private … Terms of Enlistment: Enlistment for the Philippine Dept … Education: 3 years high school … Civil Occupation: Semiskilled inspectors, n.e.c. … Marital Status: Single, without dependents … Height: 64, Weight: 118

Sadly, he would be dead less than two years later.  Here’s the first article I found:

Dies in Jap Prison. Cpl. Erbig, Ashaway boy, died of malaria in a Japanese prison camp July 25, 1942, the War Department recently informed his father, William Erbig of 6 Palmer Street, Ashaway. He was with the Air Force at Nichols Field in the Philippines when the Japs attacked Pearl harbor. Hew as reported missing in 1942 and his family last heard from him in a letter dated Dec. 6, 1941.

For those of you a little foggy on your history, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor the day after they last heard from Charles, December 7, 1941.  Wikipedia had this photo from 1941 of Nichols Field where Charles was stationed:

From what I read online, it seems relations between the US and Japan had been in a downward spiral since 1940 and the US was beginning to position troops in their general vicinity. Charles’ placement in the Philippines was part of that prelude to war.

Here’s the longer article on his death:

Ashaway Boy Dies in Jap Prison Camp – Charles A. Erbig was reported missing in Action in 1942 – Unheard from since the attack on Pearl Harbor, the War Department announced yesterday that Cpl. Charles A. “Tuffy” Erbig, 31, son of William Erbig of 6 Palmer Street, Ashaway, died July 25, 1942 in a Japanese Prison of War Camp as the result of Malaria. 

A volunteer in the Army Air Ford, Cpl. Erbig was at Nichols Field in the Philippines when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor. His family last heard from him in a letter dated Dec. 6, 1941, just one day before the attack.  Since then they had received no word from him and in 1942 the War Department announced that he was missing in action.

After three years and six months of hopeful waiting the War Department yesterday confirmed Mr. Erbig’s fears that his son was no longer alive in the following telegram:  “Am deeply distressed to inform you reports just received state your son, Cpl. Charles A. Erbig, who was previously reported missing in action, died July 25, 1942, in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp, as a result of malaria. The Secretary of War asks that I express deep sympathy in your loss and regrets that unavoidable circumstances made necessary the unusual lapse of time in reporting your son’s death to you.” The message was signed by the acting adjutant general of the army. 

Erbig, an outstanding baseball player and all around athlete in Ashaway, volunteered for the army in 1939.  He was with the air force in the Philippines when the situation in the Pacific became tense. After the Japs took the Philippines he was never heard from again and the government listed him as missing in action in 1942, but never was notified that he was a prison of war.

He was a prominent baseball player with Ashaway and Bradford in the Twilight League, being chosen twice as the outstanding third sacker in the circuit.  He was also an amateur boxer and a fine golfer.

Erbig was born in Hudson City, N.J., May 26, 1914.  He moved to Ashaway when only a youngster and was educated in the Ashaway Schools. In addition to his father he leaves his stepmother, Mrs. William Erbig, a brother William Erbig Jr., and Arm transport pilot in China and two sisters, Mrs. Ada Church of 41 School Street, Westerly and Mrs. Elizabeth Kenyon of West Street, Ashaway. 

Here’s the best picture I have of the Twilight League Charles played with. It’s not very high res, so I apologize in advance.  Charles is kneeling in the front row, the second from the far right.



7 May 2016: My DNA Results are in! … PART ONE mtDNA May 7, 2016

I finally received the results of my DNA tests last week. As I said in my first post, I used the company Family Tree DNA. Mostly because I’d read on-line reviews that insinuated that you got more detailed results with them. I did two tests, the Family Finder and the mtDNA. The Family Finder tested you for your whole spectrum DNA and the mtDNA only tests your maternal line DNA. Since there’s quite a bit of info here, I’m going to split this up into two posts.

First I’ll start with my mtDNA test. This is the test that zeros in on just my maternal line. My direct maternal line has been one of my most annoying brick walls. Here’s what I know starting with me:

  • Me
  • Myra Wells (my mom)
  • Florence Jeanatte Weber 1902-1961 (my grandmother) born in Jersey City, NJ
  • Julia Regina Erbig 1882-1954 (my great grandmother) born in Jersey City, NJ
  • Catherine/Kate Green 1860-1936 (my great great grandmother) born in New Jersey
  • Regina Von Glahn 1835-1907 (my great great great grandmother) born in Germany or Holland

Regina has been impossible to track down past her passenger manifest to America in 1850. The only scrap of info I had as a lead was an old family rumor that the female line in the family had Jewish roots. I was hoping that with this mtDNA test, I’d be able to prove or disprove this theory and perhaps find someone else with the same line where we could share info and find a way to break through my brick wall.

When the test results came back in, I have to say I was annoyed that they are so vague. Perhaps it’s just the test itself, but I was annoyed by the way in which the results are explained to you. I’ll get to that later on. First of all, this is the dashboard you get on the website when you log in.

My Family Tree DNA Dashboard

My Family Tree DNA Dashboard

Let’s start with my Matches.   As you can see below the website has listed folks who, like me, are in their database and have been found as a match for their mtDNA, maternal line DNA. (I’ve blacked out their last names for their privacy.) Under the column “Genetic Distance” a 0 (zero) means we are an exact match and that our family connection is the closest. As the numbers go up, our common ancestor goes farther back in time. The other info listed is the ancestor the person listed on their profile as the farthest back they can trace. If you click on the little blue square that looks like a family tree it will show you the family tree that person built on the site. I found it extremely useful to be able to look at their family tree to see if I could find any commonality. If you click on the envelope you can also email these folks to see if they want to work with you on your research.

My mtDNA Matches

The next item on the dashboard is my Ancestral Origins. This report was what annoyed me the most about my results, mainly because Family Tree DNA gives you no explanation of what it means. I actually had to call them up and the explanation I did get was really strange. Here’s the first few lines of the report. I’ll scan and attach the full one below as well. Another thing I didn’t like was that there is no way to download these results as a PDF.

Mt DNA Ancestral Origins

Here’s what the columns mean:

  • Country Total: The total number of people in the Family Tree DNA database that claim to have ancestry in the country listed.
  • Match Total: The total number of people listed in “Country Total” that are actually matches to your mtDNA.
  • Percentage: The percentage of people in “Country Total” that are in your “Match Total.” Yes, had I a calculator, I could have figured this one out for myself.
  • Comment: Either a region of that country or ethnic people of that country that your matches have listed as part of their ancestry, which of course is pretty subjective as it could very well be based of family rumor more than truth proved with evidence.

Interestingly enough, my highest percentage of match came from the country of Morocco with 14.5%.


When I called customer service to ask for an explanation of this report, even the Family Tree DNA rep said this report was kind of weird. When I asked about ways to find out if I was Jewish or not, he said that by the extremely large amount of Jewish ancestry noted in the comments fields of my report that odds were extremely high I had Jewish roots on my maternal line!

Mazel Tov

No, I didn’t get exacting scientific proof … yet … but that was good enough for me. Yeah! I’m a Jew. I’ll take it where I can get it. I’m so tired of just being plain old white bread European.

Here’s my Full Ancestral Origins Report:

Report Page 1

Report Page 1

Report Page 2

Report Page 2

Report Page 4

Report Page 3

Report Page 4

Report Page 4

Report Page 5

Report Page 5

The next item on the dashboard is the Matches Map. Here’s what it looks like when you open it up:

mtDNA Matches Map whole World

If you zoom in on a place, here’s what you see. If you click on a pin, the info for that person pops up.

mtDNA Matches Map for NYC

All things considered, this is just another way of looking at your matches.

The next item on the dashboard is the Migration Map. Here’s what it looks like.

MtDna Migration Map

There is no explanation to help you understand what this map really means so I honestly have no clue what it’s supposed to tell me. You’d think if they went through the trouble of creating it, they’d at least want you to understand it.

The other tab is the Frequency Map. Here’s what it looks like:

mtDNA Frequency Map

At least this map gives you a little explanation, but then when you click on one of the pie charts, I’m lost again. It doesn’t explain what A,B,C,D and X are for.

Mtdan Frequency map close up

Next on the Dashboard is the Haplogroup Origins. Take a look for yourself, but I don’t see how this differs from the Ancestral Group origins report much.

Haplogroup origins


Next on the dashboard is my Results. I’m Haplogroup H7, which according to Family Tree DNA is an uncommon branch found in low frequencies. Gee, nice to know I’m special.  Here’s the scientific gobbledygook they throw at you here:

Results 1

Results 2The last item on the dashboard is my Certificates. Here’s what I got:

CertifiacateThe only other certificate was the migration map which was kind of redundant.  So what did I think of this test? I have mixed feelings.  I get the impression that no matter what company I used, I was going to have a difficult time proving my Jewish heritage and really that was the only reason I did the test. I feel that there is interesting results to be had here, but was disappointed that Family Tree DNA did such a poor job of interpreting these results in an easy to understand way.  I think the Family Finder test results were more interesting.  That test will be my next post here.


Jennifer Geoghan, Genealogist and author of The Purity of Blood novel series and If Love is a Lie: A Partly True Love Story.

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12 May 2015: Erbig Bros Cigar Company in Erie PA May 12, 2015

A distant Erbig cousin of mine contacted a few weeks ago to gather info on the family and give me info on her branch.  I love it when distant cousins get in touch to trade family facts.  So while adding her some of the info she gave me on my tree on ancestry.com, I came across an interesting tidbit of information.

My great, great grandparents, Charles August Erbig and Catherine (Green) Erbig had 13 children, most of which stayed in the Jersey City, NJ area while my great grandmother (Julia) and her parents moved to Hopkinton, RI.  One of the sons that stayed behind was Robert Phillip Erbig.  Robert had two sons that I was doing a little research on Ancestry to see what happened to.  Strangely enough, it seems they moved with their wives to Erie, Pennsylvania for a while and started a Cigar company.  I know, where did that come from.  A cigar company?  Were they secretly Cuban or something?  How do I know it’s them?  Well, here’s the Erie, PA city directory for 1956:

1956 Erie PA City Directory ERBIG Robert and Herbert Cigar Co

It’s definitely them because it’s Robert “Jr” and also has the right names of their wives.

I just love finding these odd little facts about the family.  They show up in the 1957 Erie PA city directory but nothing after that.  I think they moved back to Jersey City so I’ll assume the business didn’t pan out as they’d hoped.  Still, it makes you wonder what got it in their heads to move to PA and start a cigar company???



27 Apr 2011 – Erbig Family Newspaper Items April 27, 2011

So yesterday, I was looking through genealogybank.com and cam across some new articles on Charles August Erbig (1861 – 1951) my second great-grandfather.  While living in Jersey City, he seems to have been involved in some sort of illegal gambling/lottery scheme.  Here are some of the articles I found concerning this:

The Evening Journal Jersey City – 18 Oct 1897 – Charles Erbig Gambling Ring

The Evening Journal Jersey City – 7 Dec 1897 – Charles Erbig Gambling Ring Top 4th Colm 

Fortunately, Charles must have redeemed himself as here he is years later serving on a jury:

The Jersey Journal 30 Dec 1913 – Charles Erbig on Jury

Here is a more happy article.  A social item about a birthday gathering for his daughter Elizabeth’s birthday:

The Evening Journal Jersey City – 10 Sept 1906 – Charles Erbig party for Dau Lizzie

One last one I found yesterday.  A birth announcement for Charles granddaughter, Lillie Mae Gertrude Erbig, daughter of his son Robert Phillip Erbig Sr.:

The Jersey Journal 10 Feb 1921 – Birth of Lillie Mae Gertrude Erbig

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Feb 7, 2011 – Family Obituaries February 7, 2011

I spent some time this weekend going through genealogybank.com for obituaries.  Here are some that I found for my family.

The Record (Hackensack, NJ) – October 13, 1999 …Edition: All Editions, Page: L5

ISABELLE STORMS WELLS, 95, of Hackensack, formerly of Rutherford, died Sunday. She had been a registered nurse at Hackensack University Medical Center. She was a graduate of the Hackensack Hospital School of Nursing. She was a member of the Third Reformed Church of Hackensack. Arrangements: Becker Funeral Home, Westwood.

(Isabelle was the wife of Nathaniel Dewey Wells, son of Willliams Rogers Wells)

The Record (Hackensack, NJ) and Herald News (West Paterson, NJ) – November 15, 2008 ..Edition: All Editions … Page: L04

BLACK, Katherine I., of Township of Washington, NJ, on Friday, November 14, 2008. She was the daughter of Nathaniel and Isabelle Wells. She was predeceased by her beloved husband Dr. Clair W. Black in January, 1983 and her daughter Sandra Perricone in February, 1996.  She is survived by her sister Retired General Sally Wells, her stepson Edwin C. Black and her cherished Westie, Talitha.

Katherine was a longtime member of the Westwood United Methodist Church and an active alumni of Fairleigh Dickinson University. She enjoyed volunteering her time for Meals on Wheels.

The family will receive their friends at Becker Funeral Home, 219 Kinderkamack Road, Westwood, NJ on Sunday, November 16, 2008 from 1-5 PM. A Funeral Service will on Monday at Westwood United Methodist Church, Westwood, NJ at 10 AM. Interment, George Washington Memorial Park, Paramus, NJ.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette  – November 5, 2009 ..Page: B5

PAXTON James R. Card, 53, of Paxton, died Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009 at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester after a brief illness.  He leaves his wife of 21 years, Susan L. (Dunphy) Card, and three children, Ashleigh, Nicole and Michael-Anthony Card. He also leaves his mother Lorraine (McDonald) Card of Oxford, a sister, Deborah Walker of Oxford, five brothers, Eugene Card of Charlton, Gary Card of Auburn, and Robert, David and Kevin Card, all of Worcester, and many nieces and nephews. His father was the late Eugene L. Card. (Note: Eugene was the son of Horace Francis Card and Evelyn Lillian Erbig)

Jim was born in Worcester, and has lived in Paxton for 14 years. He graduated from the Worcester Vocational Technical High School and Central New England College.

He worked at the WalMart in Leicester. Previously, he worked in production planning for Babcock Riley Power Co. and BAAN USA.  Jim was an incredible Dad, an accomplished guitar player and an avid collector of Budweiser steins.

Calling hours are Friday, Nov. 6 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Athy Memorial Home, 111 Lancaster St., Worcester. The funeral will be Saturday, Nov. 7 from the funeral home with a Mass at 10 a.m. in St. Columba’s Church, 18 Richards Ave., Paxton. Burial will follow in Worcester County Memorial Park.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the James R. Card Children’s Education Fund, in care of Commerce Bank, 386 Main St., Worcester 01608. 

Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA) – December 18, 1989 ..Edition: AM-ALL; PM-FIRST; PM-SECOND; PM-FOURTH; PM-FINAL, Page: C3

DUDLEY – Harry F. Card Jr., 44, of 12 Budd Drive, formerly of Worcester, died Saturday night in the University of Massachusetts Hospital, Worcester, from injuries suffered last Wednesday in a one-car accident on Oxford Avenue. (Note: Harry Francis Card was the son of Harry Francis Card and Gloria Duchaine.  Harry who was married to Gloria was the son of Harry Francis Card and Evelyn Lillian Erbig.  The Harry in this Obit is really a III and not Jr as stated)

He leaves his wife, Mary Margaret (Carr) Card; two sons, Harry F. Card III and Jeffrey W. Card, all of Dudley; two daughters, Pamela Martel of Webster and Andrea Card of Dudley; his parents, Harry F. Card Sr. and Gloria (Ducharme) Card of Oxford; a brother, Brian W. Card of Holyoke; 10 sisters, Karen Aubrey, Priscilla La Fortune, Susan Werbecki, Gloriajean Stroud and Faith Nault, all of Webster, Sandra and Hope Card, both of Oxford, Jacqueline Le Blanc of Charlton, Sheila Dupre of Danielson and Lucille Grace of Omaha, Neb.; his paternal grandmother, Evelyn Card of Worcester; aunts and uncles; nephews and nieces.

Mr. and Mrs. Card observed their 22nd wedding anniversary recently.  He was born in Worcester, and lived here 22 years.   Mr. Card graduated from South High School, Worcester, in 1963.   He served for six years in Battalion 101, Army National Guard, in Worcester.

Mr. Card was a precision-form grinder at United Tool & Die Mfg. Co. in Millbury, where he worked for 20 years. He previously worked at Parker & Harper Mfg. Co. in Worcester.   Mr. Card was a member of St. Anthony of Padua Church.

The funeral will be held Wednesday from Bartel Funeral Home, 33 Schofield Ave., with a Mass at 10 a.m. in St. Anthony of Padua Church, 18 Dudley Hill Road. Burial will be in St. Anthony’s Cemetery, Webster.  Calling hours at the funeral home are 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow.

The family requests that flowers be omitted. Memorial contributions may be made instead to the Harry F. Card Jr. Scholarship Fund, Bay Path Regional Vocational High School, Mugget Hill Road, Charlton, 01507.

Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA) ,  January 4, 2010

OXFORD Gloria J. (Duchaine) Card, 81, formerly of Park St., died Wednesday, December 30, 2009, at Day Kimball Hospital in Putnam, CT, with her family by her side.  (Note: Gloria is the mother of Harry Jr as listed above)

She is survived by her husband of 65 years, Harry F. Card, Sr.; eleven children, Karen Aubrey of Spencer, Lucille “Lou” Grace and her husband Richard of Omaha, NE, Priscilla “Penny” LaFortune and her husband Robert of Douglas, Susan Werbecki and her husband Joseph of Dudley, Sandra Card and her companion Stephen Cranska of Kalispell, MT, Brian Card of Holyoke, Gloriajean Card of Southbridge, Sheila Dupre and her husband Donald of Danielson, CT, Faith Nault and her husband Michael of Oxford, Jacqueline LeBlanc and her husband Ricky of Charlton, and Hope Hartland and her husband Joseph of Woodstock, CT; a daughter-in-law, Mary “Peggy” Card of Dudley; a brother, Edward Duchaine of Tolland, CT; 27 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren, 6 great great grandchildren, and many nephews and nieces. She was predeceased by two sons, Harry F. Card Jr. who died in 1989, and Bruce S. Card who died in 1965; two sisters, Rose Garceau and Rita Kniskern; and two brothers, Norman Duchaine and Francis “Dutchey” Duchaine.

She was born in Worcester, the daughter of the late Napoleon and Rose Marie (Bedard) Duchaine, and lived in Oxford and Dudley before moving to Woodstock, CT, in 2001.

Mrs. Card was a member of St. Roch’s Church in Oxford for over 30 years before moving to Woodstock, CT, with her husband, to reside with their daughter Hope. She loved her large family. She enjoyed crocheting, reading, camping, making puzzles, and was especially fond of Elvis, Shirley Temple, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

A funeral will be held on Wednesday, January 6, 2010, from Paradis Funeral Home, 357 Main St., Oxford, followed by a Mass at 11:30 a.m. at St. Roch’s Church, 332 Main St., Oxford. Private burial will be at a later date at St. Roch’s Cemetery, Oxford. Calling hours are Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010, from 4-8 p.m. at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association, Massachusetts Chapter, 311 Arsenal St., Watertown, MA 02472.   http://www.paradisfuneralhome.com

Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA)  September 25, 1989  …Section: DEATHS … Page: A7

Richard A. Card Sr., 56, of 140 Beacon St., died yesterday in City Hospital.  He leaves four sons, Richard A. Card Jr. of Toms River, N.J., Gerald A.and Roland J. Card, both of Worcester, and Ronald P. Card of Dover, N.H.;two daughters, Belinda M. Card Keddy of Cherry Valley, and Anita L. Card Wallace of Worcester; his mother, Evelyn (Erbig) Card of Worcester; two brothers, Elliott E. Card of Worcester, and Harry F. Card of Oxford;eight grandchildren; a great-granddaughter; and nephews and nieces. Hewas born in Hopkinton, R.I., son of Horace F. Card, and lived here many years.  He was a Navy veteran of the Korean War, serving on the USS Salem in Crete and Turkey.   Mr. Card was a machinist at Heald Machine Division of Cincinnati Milacron for 30 years.   He was a member of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church.   The funeral will be held Wednesday from O’Connor Brothers, 592 Park Ave.,with a Mass at 10 a.m. in Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, 600 Cambridge St.Burial will be in St. John’s Cemetery.  Calling hours at the funeral home are 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow.  Flowers may be sent, or memorial contributions made to the American Heart Association, 23 Midstate Drive, Auburn, 01501.

The Canandaigua Daily Messenger:  February 19, 2008 

Raymond Erbig II           January 22, 1918 – February 17, 2008

Raymond Luke Erbig II  Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather

CANANDAIGUA: Raymond L. Erbig, 90, died February 17, 2008 at FF Thompson Hospital.  Born in Jersey City NJ, son of the late Raymond and Lillian Erbig. He grew up in Brooklyn NY. During WW2 he served in the Army Corp of Engineers as a deep sea diver in the Pacific theatre. He moved from Valley Stream, LI. to Canandaigua in 1968 to build FF Thompson Hospital.Ray also worked on various large commercial construction projects in the area. After his retirement he was the maintenance supervisor at St.Mary’s.  He is survived by Ruth (Manico) Erbig, his loving wife of 67 years.Children, Donald Erbig, Mary Ann (Art) Benham, Cathy (Frank) Macri all of Canandaigua. 14 Grandchildren and 3 Great Grandchildren. Several Nieces and Nephews.  He was predeceased by a son Raymond Erbig Jr. and sisters Ruth & Frances.  Friends may call Wed. Feb 20 from 4  7 PM. at the Fuller Funeral Home 190 Buffalo St. Canandaigua. A prayer service will be held Thurs. 1:30PM. at the Funeral Home followed by a funeral mass at 2 pm. at St. Mary’s church in Canandaigua.  Contributions may be made in his honor to St Mary’s School 16 Gibson St. Canandaigua NY 14424

The Record(Hackensack, NJ)- June 28, 1991 … Page: c07

ROBERT P. ERBIG, 92,of Ithaca, Mich., formerly of Jersey City, died Tuesday. Before retiring in 1962, he was a sales representative and supervisor for Consolidated Cigar Co., New York City, where he worked for 40 years. He was an Army veteran of World War I. He was a member of Masonic Lodge 17, Jersey City; Valley of Northern New Jersey Scottish Rite, Lincoln Park; and Salaam Shrine Temple, Livingston. Surviving are a son, Herbert of Little Falls; two daughters, Lillie Mae Linfante of Pantego, Texas, and Mildred Campbell of Ithaca; two sisters, Eva Palmer of Westerly, R.I., and Evelyn Card of Worcester, Mass., 11 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. His wife, Edith Mae Roome Erbig; a son, Robert Jr.; and a grandson, Jay Campbell, are deceased. Services will be Monday at 10:30 a.m. at Allwood Funeral Home, Clifton, with burial in Bayview Cemetery, Jersey City. Visiting will be Saturday from 7 to 9p.m. and Sunday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Donations to the Shriners Crippled Children’s Hospital, in care of Salaam Shrine, 369 Mt. Pleasant Ave.,Livingston, N.J. 07039, would be appreciated.

(Robert was the son of Charles August Erbig and Catherine Green)

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31 Dec 2010: Erbig and Weber Obits December 31, 2010

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Here are a few family obits I found on genealogybank.com

The Record, (Hackensack, NJ) – June 28, 1991, Page: c07

ROBERT P. ERBIG, 92, of Ithaca, Mich., formerly of Jersey City, died Tuesday. Before retiring in 1962, he was a sales representative and supervisor for Consolidated Cigar Co., New York City, where he worked for 40 years. He was an Army veteran of World War I. He was a member of Masonic Lodge 17, Jersey City; Valley of Northern New Jersey Scottish Rite, Lincoln Park; and Salaam Shrine Temple, Livingston.

Surviving are a son, Herbert of Little Falls; two daughters, Lillie Mae Linfante of Pantego, Texas, and Mildred Campbell of Ithaca; two sisters, Eva Palmer of Westerly, R.I., and Evelyn Card of Worcester, Mass., 11 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. His wife, Edith Mae Roome Erbig; a son, Robert Jr.; and a grandson, Jay Campbell, are deceased. Services will be Monday at 10:30 a.m. at Allwood Funeral Home, Clifton, with burial in Bayview Cemetery, Jersey City. Visiting will be Saturday from 7 to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Donations to the Shriners Crippled Children’s Hospital, in care of Salaam Shrine, 369 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Livingston, N.J. 07039, would be appreciated.

The Westerly Sun – April 18, 2005

Robert I. Weber, 64, died unexpectedly on Saturday, April 16, 2005, after being stricken at home in Charlestown. He was the beloved husband of Cinderella (Riley) Weber for 39 years.

Robert was born in Westerly on March 19, 1941, the son of the late William P. and Dorothy H. (Senior) Weber.

Mr. Weber was a maintenance manager for many years before his retirement.  He was an Army veteran, a member of the VFW, Downey Weaver Post, and a member of RIMS. He was an active sportsman and athlete. In 1976, he was the only Southern New England player to be chosen to play on the RI 76s. He coached Little League, basketball and took great pride in watching his grandchildren play sports.

Besides his wife, he will be sadly missed by his two children, Tracy and her husband Peter Zegarzewski and Todd M. Weber all of Charlestown. He also leaves five grandchildren, Alexander and Tyler Zegarzewski and Zachary, Dakota, and Ashton Weber. He was the brother of Frederick Weber of Alton, Sally Smith of New Hampshire and Susan Wright of Tennessee.

Calling hours will be held on Tuesday evening from 5 to 8 p.m., at the S.R. Avery Funeral Home, Main Street, Hope Valley. A funeral service with full military honors will be held on Friday at 10 a.m. in the Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery, Route 2, Exeter.

Westerly Sun, The (RI) – January 14, 2004

Phyllis (LeCour) Weber, 74, formerly of West Arch Street, Pawcatuck, died Jan. 12, 2004, in The Westerly Hospital. She was the widow of the late Albert E. Weber, who passed away in 1989.

Mrs. Weber was born in Westerly, the daughter of the late Morris and Helen (Murphy) Weber. She had been employed as a warper/spooler at Charbert’s retiring to become a homemaker.

She was a communicant of St. Michael Church in Pawcatuck and a member of the Stonington Community Center, the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center, and the Eastern Beagle Club. She was a loving and caring mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

She is survived by three sons, Edward A Weber of Westerly, David E. Weber of Waterford, and Carl L. Weber of Pawcatuck; two daughters, Jean M. DeFusco of Westerly and Linda (Weber) Zamzes of Groton; a brother, M. Richard LeCour of Pawcatuck; 10 grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.

The funeral will be held from the Gaffney-Dolan Funeral Home, 59 Spruce St., Westerly, on Thursday at 9:15 a.m. to a Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. in St. Michael Church, Liberty Street, Pawcatuck. Calling hours will be held in the funeral home today from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Interment will be in St. Michael Cemetery.


I also found the following obit for Florence Lockwood and I’m wondering if this is the Florence Lockwood that was the daughter of Dora Erbig and Harry Lockwood.  If you know, I’d love it if you could let me know if she was or wasn’t.

The Record (Hackensack, NJ) – May 1, 1998 Page: l06

FLORENCE LOCKWOOD DE MARTINI, 84, of Lantana, Fla., formerly of East Rutherford and Upper Saddle River, died Wednesday. Arrangements: Kohler Funeral Home, Wood-Ridge.


October 26, 2010 – Are you an Erbig Descendant? October 26, 2010

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I’ve been working on a pretty comprehensive history of the Erbig Family starting with Michael Erbig and Anna Kaiser in Germany.  Right now, with the help of some Erbig cousins I’ve meet on line, I’m getting a ton of great info.  But I still have several branches of the family unaccounted for.  So, are you an Erbig cousin?  If so, I’m looking for You!   Are you a descendant of any of these children of Charles August Erbig and Catherine Green of Jersey City, NJ and Ashaway, RI:

Julia Regina Erbig, born 23 Feb 1882, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married * Philip Weber, bet 1900 and 1902, Hudson Co., NJ; married * Amos Ebeneezer Handy, 1950, Washington Co., RI; died Dec 1954, Washington Co., RI.

 John D. Erbig, born 28 Oct 1884, Jersey City, New Jersey; married * Anna (Mary) Albrecht, abt 1906; died 1 Aug 1956, New Jersey.

 Dora Erbig, born Jul 1886, New Jersey; married Harry Lockwood, abt 1907, Probably New Jersey; died bet 1916 and 1941, Probably New Jersey.

 William Edward Erbig, born 7 Mar 1888, Jersey City, New Jersey; married Ida Amelotti?, abt 1911; married * Margaret V. Unknown; married Gertrude Schmidt Pampnel; died 16 Jul 1961, Rhode Island.

 Charles A. (M) Erbig was born on 31 Jan 1889 in Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ. He died on 5 Oct 1892 at the age of 3 in Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ.

 Elizabeth “Lizzie” Erbig, born 29 Aug 1894, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married Ed Pollack; married Ed Braun; married Charles Cole; died Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ.

 Florence Ada Erbig, born 22 Mar 1895, New Jersey; married * James Joseph McCarthy Sr., 2 Mar 1918, New Jersey; married * Horace Francis Card, 1954; died 13 Apr 1973.

 Raymond L.uke Erbig Sr., born 30 Dec 1896, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married Lillian Garrison, abt 1917; married Marguerite Knight or Wisdom, 26 Apr 1980, Los Angeles, California; died 25 Jun 1985, San Pedro, Los Angeles Co., CA.

 Robert Phillip Erbig Sr., born 9 Jan 1899, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married * Ann Edith Roome, abt 1919; died 25 Jun 1991, Hamilton, Gratiot, MI.

 Eva Josephine Erbig, born 31 Jan 1901, Hoboken, Hudson CO., NJ; married * Harold Albert Palmer Sr., 5 Sep 1920, New Jersey; died 30 Aug 1994, Richmond, Washington Co., RI.

Evelyn Lillian Erbig, born 9 Jan 1907, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; married * Horace Francis Card, abt 1926; died 22 Nov 1996, Worcester, MA.

 Harold Erbig was born (date unknown).

I am a descendant of Julia’s.  I’m in contact with cousins that are descendants of John D’s, Florence “Ada” and Raymonds.  So if you are related to any of the other siblings, I’m REALLY looking for you.  I’m happy to share what I have learned about our family history in exchange for you filling in a few blanks on your side of the family.

To contact me, click on the “Leave a Comment” below this.