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October 5, 2010 The Slovakian Connection October 5, 2010

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In a box of old family papers I just inherited, I found this little slip of paper:

The Sara mentioned is the mother of my great-grandmother Amalia Fabrici Kranz.  

April 4, 1876: Amalia Frabrici is born to Samuel Frabrici and Sarah Klein.  The Frabrici name has a few variant spellings including Frabrici, Fabrizi, Frabticzi and Frabritzi.  Amalia spoke German as her everyday language and never learned English.  Her Death Certificate in 1932 says place of birth as Austria. The 1900, 1910 and 1920 census’ all list her birthplace as Germany but the 1930 census lists it as Austria.

The above note suggests that Amalia’s  mother Sara was from a town called Velki Folkmao, Spiska-Zupa, Czechoslovakia.   Veľký Folkmar is in present day Slovakia but at the time that Amalia was born it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  This could be why she listed her place of birth as Austria. 

The website http://www.cisarik.com / Genealogy Slovakia lists the top 100 surnames for Veľký Folkmar.  Listed among the top 100 are: Fabric, Fabriczi, Fabriciova, Fabrircziova and Klein.

Veľký Folkmar is a village in Slovakia Gelnica district. The village lies on the northeast Slovak Ore Mountains, in the Volovské hills in the valley which flows the Kojšovská stream. Located at an altitude of 370 m above sea level.

I’m throwing this information out there to see if anyone knows of any family connections in this town.  I spent a few hours googling and working ancestry.com and pilot.familysearch.org but no luck.


4 Responses to “October 5, 2010 The Slovakian Connection”

  1. Linda Quinlan Says:

    thanks so much for this posting; just realized that my grandmother listed Spiskazupa on her naturalization papers but couldn’t find her in the Slovak family search. this helps me a lot. her maiden name was Maruszincka.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      I got all my info on that family line from going to my local Family History Center and ordering the microfilm from the big Salt Lake City library. I highly recommend doing this as there was a lot more info on the microfilm than was listed on line.

  2. Lenka Says:

    Hi my great grandfather is come from Veľký folkmar his name was Ján Klein(1912-?)

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Hi Lenka, Maybe we’re related. I would love to go to Velky Folkmar some day to do research on my Klein family. I wish there was information on any cemeteries in the town that were online for me to see. – Jennifer

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