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November 26, 2010 – Martha Ann Rogers Wells Praise Book November 26, 2010

While home at my parents house for Thanksgiving I came across a Seventh Day Baptist Praise book belonging to my Great, Great Grandmother, Martha Ann (Rogers) Wells.  Marth Ann was the daughter of Daniel Rogers of Montville, CT and Sally Newbury (sometimes spelled Newberry as well).  Martha Ann married Jonathan Rogers of Hopkinton, RI.  Here is a picture of Martha Ann:

Here are some photos of her Praise Book:

The Rogers family was a very religious family.  Her father Daniel was the great-grandson of John Rogers who started the Rogerene religious movement.  Up until Martha Ann married into the Wells family, there really aren’t any mentions of the Wells family in connection with a church.  The Wells were a very prominent family and there are a lot of records on them but none church related.  After Martha Ann marries Jonathan, that all changes and Wells family become very involved with the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Hopkinton.  In many ways I thank Martha Ann for my current Christian beliefs. 

So if you look at the title page of the Praise Book, you’ll see the name George B. Utter.   George is not a blood relation but he was married to Catherine Clark Stillman who is.  Catherine was the daughter of Abel Stillman and Content Maxson, making her my 2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed.  Both Catherine and George are buried in River Bend Cemetery in Westerly.   Here are pictures of Catherine and George: