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23 Sep 2012 – Pitcher Cemetery #63 in N. Stonington, CT September 23, 2012

While on my road trip I stopped in to see the Pitcher Cemetery (#63) in North Stonington, CT.  It is located across the street from 49 Wyassup Road in a field behind a wooden fence enclosure.  Here are a few pictures of the cemetery:

It seems to be being maintained, at least the grass is being cut but the stones themselves are mostly leaning against trees and not where they were originally placed.  The reason I visited the cemetery was to see the graves of Harriett Newell Pitcher Buddington and her daughters Lucy E Buddington and Martha H Buddington.  Harriet was the first wife of Edward J Buddington who was the son of Lois A Wells (Sometimes referred to as Louise) and Oliver Russell Buddington Sr.  Lois A Wells (My Great Great Aunt) was the daughter of Russell Wells and Lydia Rogers Crandall (My Great Great Great grandparents)  One of my mysteries of the family is what happened to Lois and Oliver R Buddington????? I have no idea when the died or where they are buried.  Russell and Lydia Wells are in Oak Grove Cemetery in Ashaway, RI.  Edward J Buddington is buried in Arlington National Cemetery and Harriett and daughters are in the Pitcher Cemetery but where are Lois and Oliver?  If you know, I’d sure like to hear from you.

Here are some pictures from the Pitcher Cemetery:

Harriet Newell (Pitcher) Buddington

Here is Lucy E Buddington who died 14 Jul 1858

Here is Martha H. Buddington who died 4 Mar 1880

I took some more pictures of the other graves and posted them on www.findagrave.com  you just have to search by cemetery and put in Pitcher – Conn – New London County and it will come up.


June 15, 2010 June 15, 2010

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So with the best of intentions…. I sat down at my computer this evening to do a blog entry.  A really good one, just brimming with good info on the Family.  And of course I got sidetracked.  But a good kind of side track.  I was contacted by a findagrave.com member who asked me to update some info on a Wells family member.  Orrin Marston Wells buried in Lick Creek Cemetery.  So I think I’ll make Lick Creek todays CEMETERY OF THE DAY.

Lick Creek Cemetery, Perry, MO (Ralls Co.)   Located on State Highway B south of Lick Creek Lane.

Rev. Orrin Marston Wells  (Oct 19, 1809 – Jan 9, 1896) 2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed  (Orrin parents, Dr. Varnum G. Wells and Sarah Davis are buried in Nye Cem, Near Milford, Athens Co., OH)

Mary Adelia Rash  Wells   ( Jun 5, 1823  – Mar 24, 1888 ) w/o Orrin Wells

The F.A.G.com member says that Orrin’s middle name should be Masters and not Marston.  The book Matthew James of New Hampshire, Page 266-267, has tis to say about him. “ORRIN MARSTON 6 WELLS (Varnum5, Thomas4, Edward3, Thomas2-1), b.19 Oct. 1809 [Walden, 3:139]; mar. in IN ca 1843 Mary Rash, who was b. 5 June 1823 in Dover, Delaware [DAR #336634 Mildred Norris Rivas, and #468420 Elnora Deckard Wren; U.S Census 1850, IA, Van Buren Co., Union Twp.]. On-in was licensed to solemnize marriages as a regularly ordained minister of the Church of Christ in Athens Co., OH, 2 May 1832 [Athens Co. Clerk of Court Minutes, Vol. 1-4, 1815-184 I], In a series of deeds dated 1830-1833, the adult children who were heirs to Varnum G. Wells, including On-in, sold their shares of land [Ath. Co. Deeds, 6:332, 401; 8:587]. Orrin Wells was one of those family members who moved to Tippecanoe Co., IN, ca 1834. By 1849 he was living in Union Twp., Van Buren Co., LA, where he is found in the Iowa Census taken that year. He was in Cedar Twp. of Van Buren Co. in 1850 and 1860 [U.S. Censuses]. The Van Buren Co. Deeds show Orrin M. Wells first purchased land in Cedar Twp. in Sept. 1850 [L:482], bought and sold numerous times until 1872 and 1873, when “Orin M. Wells and wife of Rails county Missouri” sold their final parcel of land in Cedar Twp. to the Watson family [9:503, 591]. By July 1870 they were liv. in Rails Co, MO, Salt River Twp., P.O. Perry [U.S. Census]. Mary d. 24 March 1888 at Peny, MO, and On-in d. 9 Jan. 1896 at Perry [DAR #336634 Mildred Norris Rivas, and #468420 Elnora Deckard Wren].”

This is where I got Marston, seems to have been his Maternal Grandmothers Maiden name.  I’m waiting to hear back from the member as to where they got Masters before I update it on F.A.G.com.  Kinda curious about that.  Maybe this person is a direct descendant and knows better than I.   This person also gave me some burial info on Orrin’s son Rufus which I didn’t have, so today you’re getting 2, count em’, 2 CEMETERIES OF THE DAY.  Here’s Rufus….

Wolfe Cemetery, Perry, MO (Ralls Co.)

Wells, Rufus    ( July 17, 1845 – Mar 17, 1923 )3rd Cousin 3Xs Removed  (Rufus is the son of Orrin Marston Wells and Mary A. Rash buried in Lick Creek Cemetery, Perry, MO)

Wells, Frank Elmer  (Jan 30, 1847 – Dec 11, 1928)4th Cousin 2Xs Removed  (Frank is the son of Rufus Wells and Charlotte Berry.  Rufus is also in Wolfe Cem.)

Wells, Margaret E. Wells   (Dec 27, 1871 – Jul 29, 1932)w/o Frank E. Wells   

So with all this going on, I never got to put together that great blog entry I’d intended.  Guess this will have to do.   But I will add some interesting articles I found on Randall’s Ordinary in North Stonington, CT, ancestral home of the Randall family.  Isn’t Google amazing, found all this on line this afternoon.

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