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12 Aug 2019: Genealogy Bits and Bobs of Randomness August 12, 2019

I’m clearing off some random papers from my desk today, items which caught my attention and I thought I’d share. First is a little tidbit from Yankee Magazine with some fun Rhode Island Trivia.

This item comes from Reader’s Digest, an article on silly state laws. Yes, it’s about Maine, but it’s about tombstones and the town of Wells (no known relation to our Wells family) and really, it’s very humorous.

Seriously, what would you advertise? Common sense dictates this law was passed because someone posted advertisement on tombstones there.



2 Responses to “12 Aug 2019: Genealogy Bits and Bobs of Randomness”

  1. Bob Doughty Says:

    Hi Jennifer. Just stopping by to read your Rhode Island news. Would be really interested if you had info on Ephraim Burdick and his wife Delight.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Hi Bob. I looked and don’t have an Ephraim Burdick in my database. Must be too distant a relation for me to have included him. Always love the name Delight. Too bad it’s not in fashion anymore.

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