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15 Oct 2017: Vampires in Rhode Island? There’s a grave to prove it. October 15, 2017

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Where does the writer of vampire novels (and a genealogist) go on her vacation? To visit the vampire grave of Rhode Island, of course!

Pilgrimage complete!

While researching odd and interesting places to visit in Rhode Island and Connecticut on roadsideamerica.com, I came across the vampire grave of Simon Whipple in Union Cemetery in North Smithfield, RI.

In memory of Simon Whipple, youngest son of Col. Dexter Aldrich & Margery his wife, who died on May 6, 1841, aged 27 years.  Altho’ consumption’s vampire grasp had seized thy mortal frame, ……. mind …..

We’ll never know exactly how the epitaph ends at some point in the past, his stone was set in concrete?  Why?  Was it because the stone had been knocked over and had to be set again?  Or was it perhaps because to keep something in the ground from getting out?  We’ll never know …

Simon and his siblings … all died aged 27 years …. odd …


******** UPDATE *********

Per the request of a reader, I’m attaching photos of the headstones of Simon’s siblings. Keep in mind that I know nothing about this family. I was only told these were his siblings by a North Smithfield person who was there volunteering with a local clean up crew in that area of the cemetery.  I thought it seemed odd that Simon Whipple would be their sibling since they were Aldrichs. – Jennifer

Marietta Aldrich

Abigail Aldrich Merry


6 Responses to “15 Oct 2017: Vampires in Rhode Island? There’s a grave to prove it.”

  1. Kerry Wells Says:

    Jennifer, Did you find the graves across the street from Randall’s property in the large lot beside the Wellstown Bridge? We thought this was the unprotected graveyard known as Chimney Orchid that the state of R.I. Hadn’t discovered.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Do you mean the cemetery where Randall and Lois Wells are buried? If so, yes, I visited there as I do every year. Always a trek through field and forest to get there. I still have some healing cuts from the pricker bushes I hacked through. Very over grown. I’ll be posting about that visit coming up. Have a long list of items to write posts about from my trip. It was referred to as Chimney Orchard in one book, but no one knows were that author came up with it as a name. I sometimes call it that. Sounds better than lot # whatever it is. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my blog so as not to miss the post about my visit to Randall’s grave.

  2. Kerry Wells Says:

    There were far more than just Randall and Lois there…both head and foot stones. I videoed it years ago. I look forward to your next blog. I attempted to get the state of R.I. to preserve the cemetery to no avail. That author is not held in high regard, but certainly referring to someplace. Our family did not dispute it at the time they got the book in the 1930’s, I believe. My husband’s grandfather Augustus Lewis Wells was raised in the Thurston Wells Home.

  3. Timothy W Davis Says:


    Whipple from Rhode Island is in my direct family tree (If you want particulars let me know). Do you have the names birth/death dates for Simon’s siblings, and his grandparents (and mother’s maiden name)? I’m trying to trace them to a common ancestor.

    Thank you.


    P.S. Your posts are wonderful (ie informative, interesting, and insightful, plus helpful).

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