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13 Aug 2017: A walk in 1937 Philadelphia August 13, 2017

I discovered this mini pack of photos among my father’s possessions.  It’s dated 1937. Published by  K.F. Lutz of 441 North 32nd Street, Philadelphia.  Not really knowing what to do with them as our family doesn’t have any ancestral ties in the Philly area, we’re going to be selling this item in an upcoming yard sale.  But before that, I thought I’d share them with you.

Philadelphia, 1937: Capital Hall and Independence Hall

Philadelphia, 1937: Independence Hall Liberty Bell

Philadelphia, 1937: Independence Hall Judicial Chamber

Philadelphia, 1937: Independence Hall Declaration Chamber

Philadelphia, 1937: Independence Hall


Philadelphia, 1937: Benjamin Franklin’s Grave

Philadelphia, 1937: Washington Monument

Philadelphia, 1937: Pennsylvania R.R. Station

Philadelphia, 1937: U.S. Mint

Philadelphia, 1937: Carpenters Hall

Philadelphia, 1937: Interior of Carpenters Hall

Philadelphia, 1937: Art Museum and City Aquarium

Philadelphia, 1937: Benjamin Franklin Memorial Museum

Philadelphia, 1937: Delaware River Front and Bridge

Philadelphia, 1937: City Hall

Philadelphia, 1937: Christ Church

Philadelphia, 1937: South Broad Street

Philadelphia, 1937: Betsy Ross House

Philadelphia, 1937: Flag Room Betsy Ross House

Philadelphia, 1937: View from Art Museum toward City Hall

Philadelphia, 1937: Convention Hall

Philadelphia, 1937: New Post office and Pennsylvania R.R. Station

Philadelphia, 1937: Old Swedes Church

Philadelphia, 1937: The Rodin Museum

Philadelphia, 1937: Masonic Temple

I hope you enjoyed this stroll through 1937 Philly!



4 Responses to “13 Aug 2017: A walk in 1937 Philadelphia”

  1. Jack Wells Says:

    Do to the nature and age of these photos they should be preserved by and displayed at a museum for all to enjoy……just a thought. Jack Wells, Georgetown, TX.

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    • jgeoghan Says:

      Hi Jack. Not sure how well they’d do in a museum seeing as the photos are all about 1 inch by 2 inch in size! They are really cool though. – Jennifer

  2. Don Says:

    Thank you for sending the photos, I enjoyed them very much. Sorry for not keeping in contact but I have been sick. I have stage 4 colon cancer that has metastasized and not responding well to chemo. Hope you are doing well and your mom is well. Don Simpson

    Sent from my iPhone


    • jgeoghan Says:

      So sorry to hear you’re sick, Don. Cancer is the worst. Thankfully I survived my uterine cancer due to the fact that we caught it super early on. My prayers are with you. I passed your note onto my mom. She’s doing well. Her cousin Nat Wells down in New Symerna Beach passed away last month.

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