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19 Sept 2015: Visiting a Texas Cemetery on Vacation September 19, 2015

I went on a research trip/vacation to Texas last week.  It was research for my latest book project.  As I’ve mentioned before I write novels as a side job.  Despite the fact that this was a working vacation, I couldn’t help but drive into a cool looking cemetery when I happened upon one in Bandera, Texas.  Located in Bandera County in Texas Hill country, Bandera claims that it is the Cowboy Capital of the World.  So naturally when I pulled into the cemetery I was kinda hoping for some headstones in the shape of cowboy hats, boots or maybe even some horses.  I was sadly disappointed.

The first thing you notice driving onto the cemetery is that there isn’t a spec of green grass to be seen.  It’s all dead, but that isn’t surprising given the heat.

Bandera Cemetery, Bandera Texas

Bandera Cemetery, Bandera Texas

I did see some peculiar things in this my first Texas cemetery.  Like this poor stone strangled out by a cactus bush!  Don’t see this a whole lot in New England!

A prickly situation ....

A prickly situation ….

Here was an interesting stone.  From a distance I thought it was an odd-looking boulder, but upon closer inspection, it turns out it’s a headstone, but the stone says it’s from Maunalei Lanai Hawaii.



Here was a neat little enclosure.  I’m still not sure if the chain is supposed to be purely decorative of it it’s supposed to serve a purpose.  Still interesting though.


Here was an interesting juxtaposition between the rustic and refined.


I’d never seen this sort of half barrel over a plot before.  Saw a bunch of them here though.


I’d never seen this where the main Surname stone for a plot rested on top of the stones naming the individuals in the plot.  Saw this a few times as well.


Just thought I’d share these pictures from my vacation.  It was interesting to see how similar and yet how different a cemetery in a different part of the country can be from what we’re so familiar with in New England.



4 Responses to “19 Sept 2015: Visiting a Texas Cemetery on Vacation”

  1. Pat Taylor Says:

    So cool you got to see something very different in your adventures to the Lone Star state… If ya need any other info.etc let me know as I am in Austin area. Happy travels!! Pat

    • jgeoghan Says:

      I wish I’d had more time to see more of Austin. I just spent the night before my flight home there and was too bushed to go out and do anything 😦 I’m sure I’ll be back in the area once I get my next novel out. It’s going to be based in Kerrville with a lot of visiting in Fredericksburg and Bandera.

  2. Luanne Henthorn Says:

    I actually have some relatives on my mom’s side that are buried in that cemetery. And I know what you mean about the differences in the way people are buried according to means and local customs. I visited a cemetery in British Columbia a few years back (a GG Grandfather is buried there) and was surprised by the lack of grass around the burial sites. That it was plotted off by cement curbing and gravel walk ways. His plot and a just a few others actually had any plants growing on it. Made me wonder why they decided that was the best way to bury their dead way up in the mountains.
    Where too next, Jennifer? *smile*

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Actually, I’m off to Savannah in November for my cousin’s wedding. I’d love to visit the cemetery from one of my fav books, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Plus I set my last novel partly in Savannah and can’t wait to hit the sites I visit in the book. =Jennifer

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