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13 Oct 2014: The Mystery Cemetery ….. October 13, 2014

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While on my vacation up in Hopkinton, my host and I came across this old negative of an unknown cemetery.  It’s a very old large format negative that I brought home with me to scan on my scanner.  Yes, I bought my scanner because it was the only one I could find that scanned old large format negatives.  Sometimes I think I should have ‘genealogy geek’ stamped on my forehead.

Since we’re unable to identify the cemetery, I thought I’d toss it out into the wide world of the internet to see if anyone can help identify it.  Here it is:

Unknown Cemetery Negative

Unknown Cemetery Negative

All I know is that it is somehow connected with Hopkinton.  It may either be in Hopkinton or connected with a Hopkinton Family.  There are a few clues to go by.  There are hills in the distance.  It has telephone/power poles that run along side it.  They may indicate the presence of a road or possibly railroad tracks.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know.  Keep in mind that this is an old negative and there may be more burials since it was taken so that grassy area may now be filled with other stones.



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