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The Publication of my 3rd Novel – The Rogers family one. May 21, 2014

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I’m happy to announce that Book Three in my series, The Blood that Binds, The Purity of Blood Volume III, is now available for purchase on Amazon.com. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have one more book under my belt.

As many of you know, I’ve written a series of novels that have a main character similar to myself.  Not only is she an amateur genealogist, but she’s also a member of my Wells family.  Outside of herself and her parents, every member of the Wells family mentioned is a real ancestor of mine.   Books I and II in the series focus on the Wells family history, but Book III is the Rogers side of the family.  So, if you’re a member of the Rogers family out of New London County, CT, you may enjoy my telling of our families story (in my own unique way).  I warn you though, these are sequels and if you just read Book III and not I and II, you’re going to be a little a lot confused.

To celebrate the publication of Book III, I’m putting Book I on special until Sunday May 25th. It is FREE!! All you have to do is download it off of Amazon. And of course leave me a good review on Amazon after you read and love the book. (Insert Shameless plug)

Seriously, I hope you take advantage and get Book one (The Purity of Blood Volume I) I’ve poured my soul into these books and have been gratified and humbled by the reaction I’ve received from my readers. A few years ago I started writing and in a million years never thought the day would come when I’d be pursuing a career as a writer. I always knew I had the talent, but I think I lacked the drive. Somewhere, I have no idea where, that drive just finally materialized in me. It was as if I suddenly at the age of 43 discovered what I wanted to be when I grew up. I guess I’m a later bloomer. But the point is that I’ve bloomed, Baby!

The cover is an image of The Old Lighthouse Museum in Stonington, CT where a lot of the action in the book takes place. A big thank you to the good people at the museum for graciously allowing me to use their fine establishment in my novel.  I hope you enjoy it!!

The Blood that Binds: The Purity of Blood Volume III

The Blood that Binds: The Purity of Blood Volume III

The Blood that Binds: The Purity of Blood Volume III

After a tumultuous first year at New Paltz University, summer’s finally here for Sara Donnelly … but she’s not exactly excited about it. Heading off to spend the next few months at home in Wading River should sound like a good thing, but it also means she’ll be parted from her fiancé Daniel until the fall.

After only a few weeks at home, the summer takes an unexpected turn when Sara’s pulled from her job to spend the remainder of her break with her brother Roger up in Connecticut. But something’s amiss in the small museum where Roger’s just been hired as the new curator. When one of his employees mysteriously goes missing, Sara happily comes to Roger’s rescue by agreeing to fill the vacancy. But spending time with Roger isn’t the only reason she’s happy. From the small museum inside the lighthouse perched on the edge of the sea, it’s only a short drive to where Daniel will be spending his vacation at her grandfather’s house in Rhode Island.

Shortly after her arrival in Stonington, Sara finds things in the small seaside borough of Connecticut are not exactly what she’d expected. Roger’s unwittingly fallen into company with an ancient secret society bent of defending their ancestral lands from any and all vampires. Over his head and worried he’s unexpectedly brought Sara into harms way, Roger quickly realizes his shadowy new boss has designs on his beautiful little sister.

Caught in between two worlds, Sara has to find a way to keep the love of her life alive as well as decide exactly how much she’s willing to divulge to her big brother about the vampire that’s about to marry into the family.



2 Responses to “The Publication of my 3rd Novel – The Rogers family one.”

  1. patrogers8 Says:

    Jennifer how EXCITING this is for you, and us!!! I can’t wait to get started reading though I have like four books on my night stand, lol.
    You have used the names of our relative’s as fact, how much of the rest of the stories are fact??
    You might be a late bloomer, but YOU DID IT!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    • jgeoghan Says:

      There are so many fascinating stories in my family tree. I was truly blessed with such interesting ancestors. Yet, I’ve always wondered what they were like beyond the dry facts of the life they left behind. What were their personalities like? My finding ways to weave their stories into my modern day story, well, it was kinda like a dream for me. I hope that I’ve done them justice. Since I know feel a great affection for my fourth great grandfather Randall Wells, I have to imagine I did. I know it’s all made up, but I feel a stronger connection to him than I do my actual grandfather who I never knew either.

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