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Photo of Russell Wells (1780-1859) son of Randall Wells of Hopkinton May 20, 2014

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So as a follow up to my post of a few days ago, I heard back from the person I contacted on ancestry.com about the photo of Russell Wells, my third great grandfather.  They said that they had an original copy of the photo and that it appeared to have been taken at the same studio in Westerly as the photo of Russell’s son Jonathan that they had.  Written on the back of the photo was Uncle Russell and since there aren’t any other candidates for an “uncle” Russell, I think it’s a safe bet this photo is of Russell Wells (1780-1859) Son of Randall Wells and husband of Lydia Rogers Crandall.

If anyone out there has other photos of Russell that we could compare this one to and get some confirmation, that would be wonderful.  I’d love it if all the distant Wells cousins could share their old photos here.  If you have any old photos that I could post, that would be wonderful.  Please feel free to email them to me at jegeoghan@hotmail.com.

Here’s the photo of Russell Wells.  Can anyone out there confirm/deny this is him??


Russell Wells


2 Responses to “Photo of Russell Wells (1780-1859) son of Randall Wells of Hopkinton”

  1. Dee Kieffaber Says:

    Jennifer, I was wondering if you found anything more abt. Russell Bart Wells 1868-1937. He is a brick wall for me, I was wondering who his parents were.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      I don’t have a Russell Bart Wells in my database. What part of the country did he live in? Bart might be short for Barton. I have a bunch of Bartons in the tree with 4 Barton Wells’, but none of them match your dates.

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