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Solomon P. Wells House and the Wells Archaeological Site Mystery May 12, 2014

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So I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about the Solomon P. Wells house located at 24 Church Street in Westerly/Bradford, Rhode Island.  I was going through some files of mine and came across a paper I had in my “look up one of these days” pile and found a reference to it.   First of all, I’m not exactly sure who Solomon is.   The only one that I know of is Solomon Perry Wells (1824–1898) but he seems kind of late time wise and although he’s buried in town, died down in West Virginia where he’d been living for a while.  Read below and if anyone has any idea who this Solomon is and what they found at his Archaeological site, I’d love to hear from you.  – Jennifer

From: http://www.preservation.ri.gov/pdfs_zips_downloads/national_pdfs/westerly/wesy_bradford-village-hd.pdf

24 Church Street:  Solomon P. Wells House ca. 1789: A 2 1/2-story, clapboarded 3-by-3-bay, flank-gable, Colonial building with Greek Revival trim. A 1-story, 1-by-4-bay, hipped-roof addition is located on the west elevation, with a 2-story, 1-by-3-bay addition on the east. A large stone chimney is located on the west end of the ridgeline, and pilasters are positioned on each end of the façade.  A drylaid, rubble-stone wall appears to the west of the house, and a 19th century, 1-story, 2-bay, flank-gable shed with vertical siding is located northeast of the house. The property also contains Wells Archaeological Site RI-1852

24 Church Street: Wells Archaeological Site RI-l852, late 18th century: This site represents the archaeological component of the Solomon P. Wells House 24 Church Street. Cultural material collected in a 1990 archaeological survey included domestic curved glass, ceramics, pipe stem, coal, quahog shell and building nails, brick, window glass, tar paper items, dating from the late 18th through 20th centuries.





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