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New Photos of Jonathan and Martha Ann May 11, 2014

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So I’ve discovered how totally cool my ancestry.com app is on my Kindle.  In an effort to shape up my family tree on ancestry.com so it shows on my Kindle, I’ve been adding tons of info into it on-line.  In the process, I came across someone with a ton of family pictures in his/her Wells tree.  Of course I have no idea where these photos come from so I emailed him and asked him for some more info.  After all, I’m always skeptical when it comes to stuff like this.  One person posts a picture they’re pretty sure is someone but maybe it’s not.  And then before you know it, a hundred people have that photo on their tree as if it were gospel.

However …. since I already have pictures of Jonathan Russell Wells and his wife Martha Ann Rogers to compare these to, I feel pretty safe in saying these are actually photos of them.  So here you go.  Enjoy.  I’ll keep you posted if I hear back from the person on ancestry.  What intrigued me was that they had a photo of Jonathan’s father Russell.  I’ve never seen a photo of Russell before.  What made me doubt it was that this person called Jonathan’s father Ronald Russell Wells.  Ronald??? Yeah, not so sure about that.

Martha Ann Rogers 1825-1903

Martha Ann Rogers 1825-1903


Jonathan Russell Wells 1819-1864

Jonathan Russell Wells 1819-1864


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