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15 March 2014 – The books are finally out!! March 15, 2014

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So today I finally published the first two of my novels concerning the Wells Family of Hopkinton, Rhode Island.  YEAH!!!  Only three more to go.  All five books are written so it’s just a matter of finishing the editing and getting them up on Amazon.  I’m aiming to have the last three up by the fall.

The books are called:

The Purity of Blood Volume I and Purity Lost: The Purity of Blood Volume II

They are E-Books and available on Amazon.com for your Kindle or device with the Kindle AP.

My main Character, Sara, shares my Wells family tree so if you’re a Wells with family tracing back to Hopkinton, you might enjoy the books.  I hope you do!!

For more info, check out the novels Facebook page of www.FaceBook.com/JenniferGeoghanNovels


One Response to “15 March 2014 – The books are finally out!!”

  1. patrogers8 Says:

    Big Congratulations on your books!!!! :)))) That has to be the best feeling ever!! Can’t wait til the Rogers one comes out!! How much do they cost? Pat

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