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It’s almost time!!!!! March 9, 2014

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Hello everyone. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve written a series of novels that I’m going to be self-publishing very soon now.  I’m hoping to have the first two novels up for sale on Amazon in about 10 days!!! What I really need is for people to go to the FaceBook page for my books and like it.  It’s www.facebook.com/JenniferGeoghanNovels Would be grateful if you could check it out and like it for me.

As friends/family of the Wells family, these books should be interesting to you as my main character is a genealogist and a member of the Wells family of Hopkinton.  Two main characters in the books are Randall Wells and Lois Maxson, my forth great grandparents.

I’ll be posting again when the books are actually up for sale.





2 Responses to “It’s almost time!!!!!”

  1. Judy Uhl Says:

    Boought the first book. Looking forward to reading it. I too am a writer of fiction. Working on a novel. Impressive that you have cranked these out so efficiently!!!!

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