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5 Oct 2012 – Road Trip Report: Mills of Ashaway / Westerly RI October 5, 2012

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Located at approximately 58 High Street in Ashaway, I discovered the location of Williams Rogers Wells’ mill.   I did a post about it a while back.  Here is the link to it: https://wellsgenealogy.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/jan-6-2010/

Here is what the mill used to look like:


And here is the site today:  I suspect the above photos were taken from about 20 feet or so into the paved area in front of me in the photo below.

While out driving around Hopkinton/Westerly with my friend I spotted the old burned out mill in the photos below.  The photos were taken in Ashaway/Hopkinton from the corner of Laurel Street and Maxson Street looking across the river.    The mill was on the other side of the river putting it in Westerly right as Potter Hill Road goes over the bridge.  Does anyone know what mill this was.  I would have loved to have investigated it further but the padlocked fence kept me out with the limited amount of time I had.



5 Responses to “5 Oct 2012 – Road Trip Report: Mills of Ashaway / Westerly RI”

  1. Sandra Says:

    I, too, would love to know about this former mill. Someone told me it was called Potter’s Mill, but I know very little else.

  2. Shauna Vandervoort Says:

    I am a Wells and have been looking for more info about my dad as well as that part if my family. My folks divoriced when I was 4 years old. I didn’t know my dad very well thru my growing up years. His name is Warren Keith Wells b. Jan 9th. I don’t know the year. He passed away in Oct 1985. Let me know what you think and ill keep searching for more information about that side of my family. Thank you. Shauna

    • jgeoghan Says:

      There are many Wells families here in the US. I looked up your dad on ancestry.com and if the family trees on there are to be believed as correct (always be sceptical until you see documentation) then you are probably not related to my Wells family. However, there were at least two folks on Ancesty that had your father in a tree with a photo of his headstone. I’d start there in your search. – Jennifer

  3. Christal Says:

    The pictures you took of the mill are of the Potter Hill Mill. http://www.potterhillmill.com/timeline.htm

  4. Johnna Ferrance Says:

    That is the Potter Hill Mill

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