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1 Oct 2012 – Road Trip Report: Frances Latham Dungan Clarke Vaughan October 1, 2012

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While I was at the Paradise School with the lovely ladies from the Middletown Historical Society I asked them if the photo I had below from findagrave.com of my 8th great grandmother Frances Latham Dungan Clarke Vaughan looked like it could have been taken in the Common Burial Ground (God’s little Acre) in Newport, RI.  I asked because the photo shows the place as completely unkept and overgrown and when I’d visited there a few years ago, it’s a very well taken care of cemetery and even though I searched, was unable to find the stone in the vast burial ground.  They told me that about 20 years ago it was completely overgrown and they finally went in there and were taking care of it now but that the photo did reflect the state it was back then.  After we finished checking out Samuel Hubbard’s stone (see previous post) one of the ladies was kind enough to go over to the Common Burial Ground with me and show me the spot.  Here is a picture of me with the stone.

I am related to her through her son Jeremiah Clarke Jr. ( 1643 to 16 Jan 1729) and his wife Ann Audley, who are my 7th Great Grandparents.

Jeremiah and Ann’s sons Jeremiah Clark III and Samuel Clark are both my 6th Great Grandfathers.  Jeremiah III married Elizabeth Sisson and had my 5th great grandmother Sarah Ann Clark.   Samuel Clark (1675 to 1761) married Hannah Wilcox and had my 5th great grandmother Hannah Clark.

Here’s some info on Frances and her husband Jeremiah Clark I found:

The New England historical and genealogical register, Volume 74, Henry Fitz-Gilbert Waters, New England Historic Genealogical Soc., Vols. 37-52 (1883-98) include section: Genealogical gleanings in England, by H. F. Waters., Page 132-133. 

 8. Jeremiah or Jeremy Clarke, of Newport,RI, son of William (7), baptized at East Farleigh, co. Ken, England,1 Dec. 1605, died a Newport,and was buried there in Jan. 1651/2.  The Friends’ records contain the following entry.

 Jeremiah Clarke, one of the first English Planter of Rhode Island, he died at Newport in said Island and was buried in the tomb that stands by the street by the water side of Newport, upon the – day of the 11 mo., 1651.

He married, perhaps secondly, in England,about 1637, Frances (Latham) Dugan, who was baptized at Kempston, co. Bedford, 15 Feb 1609/10,(Blaydee’s Genealogia Bedforsienais, p. 159) died in the first week of Sept. 1677, in her 67th(sic) year, and was buried at Newport, her gravestone in the Newport Cemetery bearing the following inscription:  Here Lyeth ye Body of Mrs. Frances Vaughn, Alius Clarke, ye mother of ye only children of Capt’n Jeremiah Clarke.  She died ye 1 week in Sept., 1677, in ye 67th year of her age. 

She was the daughter of Lewis Latham, Gent., Sergeant Falconer to King Charles I, by his wife Elizabeth, and widow of William Dungan, Gent., perfumer, who was son of Thomas Dungan, Gent., of Lincoln’s Inn, and nephew of Sir Walter Dungan, Bart., of Castletown Kildrought, and Possecktown, co. Kildare, Ireland, ancestor of the earls of Limerick and of royal descent.  Frances (Latham) (Dungan) Clarke married thirdly, on or before 18 Jan. 1656 (?1655/6), *Rev. William Vaughan, who died on or before 2 Sept. 1677, a letter of that date from Samuel Hubbard of Newport to his children at Westerly, RI, stating that “Mr. Vahan is gone to his long home and his wife is like to follow him if not dead.”

     About the year 1637 Jeremiah Clarke, accompanied by his wife and her four children by her first husband, William Dungan, and also probably by his wife’s widowed sister,Ellen Sherringham, emigrated to New England, and in 1638 was admitted an inhabitant of the island of Aquidneck.  On 28 Apr. 1639 he and eight other signed the well-known compact of Pocasset (later Portsmouth),RI, prepatory to the settlement of Newport.  On 25 Nov. 1639 he was chosen constable, and was reelected in the following spring, and on 29 Jan. 1639/40 he was selected to supply the treasurer’s place “till his returne from the Dutch.”  On 10 Mar. 1639/40 he had land recorded to the amount of 116 acres, and a few days later he and two others were chosen to lay out the remainder of the lands at Newport.  On 16 Mar. 1640/1 his name appears in the court roll of freeman.  On 17 Mar. 1641/2he was elected lieutenant of the militia of Newport,and on 13 Mar. 1643/4 he was chosen captain for Newport, then the highest rank attainable.  On the same date he was elected treasurer of Newport,and held this office for three years, and in May 1647 he was elected general treasurer of the Colony, and served in this capacity until 22 May 1649. On 16May 1648 he was chosen an assistant, and in the same year pending the clearance of President William Coddington of certain accusations, he was authorized to act,and did act, as President.


i. Gov. Walter, of Newport,b. about 1638; d. 23 May 1714, in his 77th yea; in the Clifton Burial Ground, Newport; m (1) in 1660 Content Greenman, b about 1636 ……………………

ii. Mary, b. in 1641; d. 7 Apr 1711; m. (1) in 1658 John Cranston, Governor of Rhode Island, 1678-1680, b. in 1626, d., while serving as Governor, 12 Mar 1679 …………….

iii. Jeremiah, b. in 1643; d. 16 Jan 1728/9; m. Ann Audley,who d. 15 Dec. 1732, probably dau. of John and Margaret of Boston, Mass.  Nine children.

iv. Latham, b. in 1645; d. 1 Aug 1719; m. (1) Hannah Wilbur,dau. Of Samuel and Hannah (Porter) …………

v. Weston, b. 5 Apr (or 2 July) 1648; d. in 1728; m. (1)  at the Rhode Island Monthly Meeting of Friends, 25 Dec 1668, Mary Easton,  ……………..

vi. Rev. James, of Newport,b. in 1649,d. at Newport1 Dec 1736; m. Hopestill Power ………..

vii. Sarah, b. in 1651; d. about 1706; m. (1) John Pinner,who d., probably s.p., in 1674; m. (2) Caleb Carr …………

(the ….. indicate there was more info in the book that I didn’t transcribe.)


Here’s the photo on findagrave.com.  You can see how wild the cemetery looked.  Below is the photo I took just a few weeks ago for comparison.


4 Responses to “1 Oct 2012 – Road Trip Report: Frances Latham Dungan Clarke Vaughan”

  1. Richard Fontaine Says:

    The Sisson familiy is intertwined with the Hamilton Family from this period. Do you have any other Sissons in your background?

  2. Richard Fontaine Says:

    Thanks Jenifer. It took me a while to respond, largely because I just saw your answer, but I do appreciate all you do for the descendants of these families.

  3. I am glad I found your blog. I was looking for info on Rev. William Vaughan, 3rd husband of Francis Latham. I am descended through her first husband William Dungan down through Rev. Thomas Dungan. I just wanted to fill in something about Vaughan. I believe he died without issue and felt badly that no one knows anything about him. Frances was quite a woman.
    Bronwyn Tippett Bauer (female)

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