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25 Sep 2012 – Headstone of Samuel Hubbard September 25, 2012

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On my road trip last week, I visited the Paradise School, a one room school-house built in 1875 that is maintained by the Middletown, RI Historical Society.  The society is in the possession of my 8th Great Grandfather, Samuel Hubbard’s headstone.  They are storing the headstone in the basement of the school because the stone was found in a rock wall that was being repaired at the White Hall Farm which is the location of the cemetery that Sam was buried in along with the rest of his family.    The nice ladies of the historical society opened up the school house for me so I could go take a look at the stone for myself.   Samuel was born in the year 1610 in England the son of James Hubbard and Naomi Cooke and died 10 May 1689 in Newport, RI and was married in 1636 to Tacy Cooper.  Here is a photo of me and his head stone which is the stone right in front of me.

Here is a large picture of Samuel’s stone.

When we finished in the basement, the ladies drove me a couple of miles up the road to the farm where the stones were found.  Here’s some pictures of the house and rock walls that the stone was found in.

It wasn’t until I started to go through the pictures for this post that I realized that the other stone in the wheelbarrow was a Langworthy stone. It says something like   Here was M…..  Langworthy… Aged 25 Days of … Aged 16 Y ….  Months …. 1626.   Now Samuel’s daughter Rachel Hubbard married Andrew Langworthy and Rachel is supposed to be buried in the same cemetery as her father was so this is probably the same Langworthy family that Rachel married into but who died in 1676???? Any one out there have any ideas???  To the best of my knowledge it wasn’t Rachel who was supposed to have died in 1699.  If this person died in 1676 and was 16 years old, that would mean they were born about 1660 which would put them at about the right age to be the child of Rachel Hubbard and husband Andrew Langworthy but our into on their children is sketchy at best.  Here’s a picture of that stone:

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9 Responses to “25 Sep 2012 – Headstone of Samuel Hubbard”

  1. Mary Millet Says:

    Wow! This is so timely! I am leaving for Rhode Island this Saturday, and Paradise School was on my list. However, do you think that it would be a big bother for them and I should just love and be grateful for your photos? I called the Whitehall museum today, and a woman from the Historical Society talked with me, but she had no idea of Samuel’s headstone. Mary Millet Samuel’s my 12th great grandfather, actually. As is John Crandall. As for the Langworthy, I’ve not traced that family back that far. My first connection is Ann Langworthy who married Joseph Crandall II in 1715. Thanks for sending this today. Mary Millet

  2. Richard Fontaine Says:

    Great post. When I was researching the Hamilton and Clark families from the perspective of the Seventh Day Baptist community in Westerly, RI and Alfred, NY for my half brother and sister and their family, I started with the Hubbard Family. I never would have thought their tombstone was still around. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. Richard Fontaine

  3. bramblebury Says:

    Hi! i was so interested in your find of Samuel Hubbard’s headstone. This year my brother and I found our 2x great grandfather’s tomb stone – his name was also Samuel Hubbard. He lived near Leicester, England.

  4. Roger Says:

    Looking forward to many trips back to RI. My youngest just enter Johnson & Wales. Have traced back to Hubbard/Langworthy who later merged with Kenyon/Burdick. Hoping to fill in those stories as I find them.

  5. Carolyn Jury Davis Says:

    Amazing to know that Samuel’s headstone is still in existence! I am a descendant through their daughter Ruth. My maternal grandmother was a Burdick and my mother and I joined the DAR through Abel Burdick. I look forward to someday after retirement to making the trip to Rhode Island. I am also attempting to track down Samuel’s father’s or grandfather’s testament said to be at the SDB archives in Janesville, WI.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Hi Carolyn. Yes, it is amazing to see the stone in person. I’ve often wondered if it’s still be stored in the basement of the Hist Soc. Kinda sad, really. It should have a place of prominence for such a founding member of the area. If you ever track down that Bible, let me know. – Jennifer

  6. Richard Hamilton Fontaine Sr Says:

    Okay your lady, you have made a wonderful discovery that I have touted to all of those Hubbard and other descendants for the last five years. What you have contributed in this one small discovery alone is amazing and just a small part of what you have done in expanding the awareness of all of us about the depth of our Rhode Island families contribution to the concept of freedom in Rhode Island and in the country called America. Thank you young lady, you have done much more than you know. Richard Hamilton Fontaine

  7. Lyn Burdick Says:

    Hi!!!! I am descended from Samuel and Tasy Hubbard. Where is this located if I were to take a road trip from Syracuse, NY?

    • jgeoghan Says:

      You’d have to reach out to the Middletown, RI Historical Society and ask them what the stone’s present location is. I got the feeling they didn’t like the stones lingering around in the basement of their one room school house. I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved it.

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