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24 Sep 2012 – Road Trip Findings: Albert Rogers Crandall September 24, 2012

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While in the DAR Library in Washington DC, I came across a book on the history of Rock County, WI.  In it I found a biography of Albert Rogers Crandall (16 Sep 1840 to 12 Jan 1926) who is my Second Cousin Three Times removed and the son of Deacon Jarius Crandall and Julia Ann Wells.    Jarius is the son of Rogers Crandall and Lucy (Potter) Barber and Julia Ann is the daughter of Captain Harris Wells and Sally Fish.

Here is a scan from the book: Rock Co WI Histoyr 1908 Albert Rogers Crandall and below is a transcription of what it says about Albert.  Sounds like he was a really interesting fellow!!

Rock County, Wisconsin: A New History of Its Cities, Villages, Towns, Citizens and Varied Interests, from the Earliest Times, Up to Date, by William Fiske Brown, M.A., D.D. Beloit, Wisconsin, 1908, Pages 864-866

Albert Rogers Crandall, M. A., Ph. D., who ranks among the leading educators of Wisconsin, is a native of Little Genesee, New York, and was born September 16, 1840, son of Jarius and Julia A. (Wells) Crandall, natives of Rhode Island.  They settled in Allegany county, New York, in 1832 and spent the remainder of their lives there.  The genealogy of the family runs back to early colonial days, its first representatives in this country having come from England to this country as early as 1635, settling finally in Rhode Island.

     Our subject developed a fondness for study in early life and after closing his preliminary studies in 1858, entered the academic department of Alfred university, at Alfred, NY.  In response to President Lincoln’s first call for volunteers, young Crandall enlisted and entered the Civil War, and at the expiration of his term reenlisted, service two and a half years, reaching the rank of first lieutenant by promotion.  Resuming his studies he spent three years as a student of Milton college, receiving the degree of B.A. and later the degree of M.A.  After leaving college, he was one year principal of Big Foot academy, at Walworth, Wis., after which he spent five years at Harvard university as a student in the Museum of Comparative Zoology.  At the same time he mad a special study of botany in the Botanical garden, and during one year was an art student in the Boston Lowell institute evening school, and during all these years spent his summer vacations in field studies and as a collector for the Museum of Comparative Zoology his journeyings extending over parts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine to Ottawa region in Canada, western New York and along the Appalachian belt from the Catskills to northern Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

In 1873, Mr. Crandall was appointed assistant to Prof. N.S. Shaler of Harvard university in the work of the Kentucky geological survey.  In 1873 he was instructor and three years later became professor in the department of natural history of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky, at Lexington.  In 1875 he was instructor in the summer school of geology organized by Prof. Shaler at Cumberland Gap, Kentucky.  In addition to his other duties, Prof. Crandall continued work on the geological survey until 1892.

During the ears 1896 and 1903 he was professor of natural history at Alfred university, and since the latter date has filled the same chair at Milton college, Milton, Wis., his chosen place of residence.  Prof. Crandall has written many papers and delivered various addresses on his specialties and is widely known in educational and scientific circles for his published works on the geology and botany of eastern Kentucky.

On February 16, 1874, Professor Crandall married Miss Ellen A., daughter of Truman and Phebe (Wilcox) Saunders, the former a native of New York and the latter of New England ancestry.  Of three children born to them, Alberta has since 1903 been principal of the piano and organ department of Milton college, where she was a student in the school of music from 1893 until 1898.  From 1898 to 1901 she studied and taught the piano at Alfred university.  During 1891-3 studied under Dr. W.S. Matthews, and in the New England Conservatory of Music at Boston; Ellen, who since 1904 has been instructor of the violin, viola and violoncello at Milton college, and an orchestra leader, was a student in the school of music there from 1893 to 1898, taking violin lessons of Prof. Hardige, of Watertown, Wis., one season, studied and taught the violin at Alfred university, 1898-1901: studied the violin at the Conservatory of Music, Corning, NY, under Prof. Bastleman, 1900-01, and from 1902 to 1904 was a student of the violin and of orchestration at the New England Conservatory of Music at Boston, and William T., graduate of Milton college, is at the University of Wisconsin, pursuing post graduate studies, and a member of the university orchestra.


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