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18 Sep 2012 – Burdick – Culver Cemetery in Stonington, CT September 18, 2012

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While in Stonington, CT on my road trip I stopped into the Burdick – Culver Cemetery.  I had the directions below that I followed and they were pretty accurate.  Here they are:

There are 30 or more Burdicks there with accompanying very old stones in decent shape. The cemetery is located on the state-owned Barn Island Wildlife Management Area. To visit the cemetery turn off Route 1 in Stonington, CT onto Greenhaven Rd. and travel a couple miles and then turn right on Stewart Rd.  This road will turn into a one lane unpaved road but keep going.  At the locked gate you must park your car and then walk the dirt road about 1/4 mile past a dilapidated stone gateway and the cemetery is on the left.

Here are a few pictures of the cemetery:

Here is a list of the stones that I found that had writing on them:

If you want to see pictures of all the stones, go check them out on www.findagrave.com here’s a link to the page:   http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=cr&GScid=2199054&CRid=2199054&pt=Burdick-Culver%20Cemetery&

Benjamin Burdick: Died 7 Jan 1855 at age 78

Esther wife of Peter Burdick: Died 18 Feb 1813? At age 83

Peter Burdick: Died 7 Feb 1828 at age 98 

Elnathan Burdick: Died 25 Jul 1832 at age 89

Anna, wife of Elnathan Burdick: Died 23 Feb 1822 at age 68

Ezekiel Dreskell: Died 17 Oct 1793 at age 9

Desire wife of John Hubbard of Westerly: Died 13 Jun 1796 at age 29

Nancy Burdick: Died 10 Aug 1869 at age 88

Cinthea Burdick daughter of Peter and Esther Burdick: Died 6 Nov 1800 at age 10

Mary Burdick: Died 14 Jul 1881 at age 81

Betsey Burdick daughter of Elnathan: Died 1817

Polly with of Benjamin Burdick: Died 28 July 1856 at age 67

Benjamin Burdick: Died 27 Jan 1872 at age 63

Meriba Burdick with of Benjamin: Died May 1858

Mary Burdick: Died April 1842

Mary Wentworth: Died 28 Jan 1875 at age 62

Lydia Culver: Died 18 Feb 1833 at age 9



10 Responses to “18 Sep 2012 – Burdick – Culver Cemetery in Stonington, CT”

  1. Cathy Tubridy Says:

    I used to live in Brookfield Ct on laurel dr. Half the rd were burdick’s, and an old cemetery down the road had many buried there.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Interesting. Any idea what the name of that cemetery was in Brookfield, CT??

      • Sherry Van Valkenburgh Says:

        Laurel Hill Cemetery. My mom, Fayleen (maiden name) Burdick is buried there, along with dozens of other Burdick relatives. I lived on Laurel Hill Rd. from age 10- 19. It is a beautiful cemetery. Used to play there as a child. Yeah, I was a weird kid. Lol.

  2. Becky Says:

    Hi! I am descended from Jeremiah Clarke’s daughter, Mary, and John Stanton, through their son Henry Stanton, who moved to NC in the 1700’s. I have been interested in genealogy and history for about 30 years. I accidentally happened on your picture with Frances Clarke’s Tombstone. My sister and husband think we may resemble each other, even though we are probably about 9th cousins. I wonder if the Clarke family had red haired people?

  3. Reid Burdick Says:

    I never knew that it was Burdick-Culver Cemetery. We have always heard it as just Burdick Family Cemetery. I have visited there a few times over the past years and it is an interesting place. Peter Burdick is our family link to the SAR and DAR. He was rumored to have served 12 half days and was discharged from the Stonington Militia ! Thanks for the info.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      You’re welcome. It’s the neatest little cemetery if you have a chance to go find it. I nice little walk down a dirt road in the prettiest woods you’ve ever seen to get there. – Jennifer

  4. Kerry C Wells Says:

    My husband was Eliot Chambers Wells, Jr. son of Dr.Eliot Chambers (Austin) Wells, DDS, son of Augustus Lewis Wells, Carriage Maker of the 19th century ( as he put it in the 18th century Manufactory Bible.) You have an incredible website…thank you so much. I too have the article of the violin story and a story of an auction of the house. We also are grateful to have the Grandfather clock apparently built by Augustus dated in the 1700. We also have his family Bible, but without many inscriptions. I look forward to further looking into the information you have gathered. We visited Hopkinton before my husband’s death in 2000 and were fortunate to be invited into the Randall Wells home, the Wells home across from the Spicer Tavern, and also the Thurston-Wells home. We also went into ChimneyOrchard cemetery across from the Randall Wells home which was totally neglected. Thank you again for all you have done to enhance our search.
    Kerry Wells

  5. Jessica Cancel Says:

    I wish I still lives in ct. So I could go see that cemetery. I’m doing my Burdixk family tree and I love to see stuff like this. Thank you.

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