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17 Sep 2012 – Road Trip Report September 18, 2012

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WOW I’m having a great genealogy road trip and have tons of great info to report on.   Today I’m going to talk about my trip last week to the Rogers Cemetery at Mamacock Farm on the grounds of Connecticut College in New London, CT.  The cemetery is pretty easy to get to.  If you go, park in the athletic Department parking lot across Mohegan Ave from the main campus.  Walk down to the lower level in the back where the track is and go down the road that lead down to the next level off to the right of the track.  This road had a barrier across it but I just walked around it.  It will lead down to a lower practice field.  Keep gong down to the bottom level practice field that is down the gravel path to the left as it forks when you continue down.  When you get to the lower field go to the far left corner closest to the river and you will see a path off into the woods.  Go up the path about 20 feet and you will see a boulder in a small field.  This is where the cemetery is.  There are only 4 stones with any markings on them left and a small handful of field stones.

Here is the cemetery:

Here are the remaining stones:    Ichabod Rogers (1709-1711) and wife Mary Savol (died 1808) and their son Savol Rogers (Born 1754 and died at sea)

Here is the stone for William Peck.  Don’t know much, well really anything about him really other than that he’s buried here:

Here is a footstone that says “E R” but there is no headstone to match it:

Here is a stone that I was unable to make out anything on:

Here are some field stones that I was able to find in the brush:

Here is the path from the field that leads to the cemetery.

Unfortunately what I wasn’t able to find was any evidence of stones for who I really wanted to find. Namely my 6th great-grandfather John Rogers (1648-1721) or his son John Rogers Jr (1674-1753) and his wife Bathsheba Smith (died 1721) or any other of that generation of Rogers.  From what I understand the cemetery was flooded several times from storm surges and flooding on the river.    Right behind the cemetery are some train tracks and then the river so it’s easy t understand how this could be true.  I had hoped to find some records of this cemetery in the New London Historical Society when I visited on my trip.  They have books from a WPA project that surveyed all the cemeteries in the county.  I should say most of them as they didn’t have this one in the book that I could find and I looked pretty hard!


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