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19 Jun 2012 – Need some advice on GPS models June 19, 2012

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So I’m starting to gear up for my genealogy road trip in September.  One thing that I would like to bring along is a GPS device that I can use to record the specific coordinates of some cemeteries that are back in the woods away from roads.  I think I’m looking for more of a hiking GPS.  One that would work in a car probably wouldn’t work as I have to get off of the road for a while to get to the cemeteries I’m going to.  I also want to be able to enter in GPS coordinates and be able to find the cemetery again if I go looking for it.   unfortunately I do not have a fancy phone that might have this as a feature in it.  Was hoping someone out there might be able to give me some advice as to which GPS might be the best to buy at a reasonable price.  I’ve done a little research and havent’ been able to find what I’m looking for and got a few odd looks from salesmen when I explained what I wanted it for 🙂


2 Responses to “19 Jun 2012 – Need some advice on GPS models”

  1. Henry Lucas Says:

    It looks like you are on the right track. A GPS device for hiking would work out much better than the vehicle mounted/dashboard display. The cell phone variety is dependent on cell service for that particular phone and provider. There are a number of hand-held GPS instruments, some with very elaborate world wide maps. They tend to be very expensive. Others allow you to buy charts limited to regions in the U.S., and some have color screens showing varying elevations. If you won’t be looking to scale Mt. McKinley, elevation probably won’t mean much. There is a brand “Trex” that might work well in this application. Other brands are Garmin, and Magellan. GPS coordinates would be great in listing cemeteries where our ancestors lie buried. Most of the literature published listing family cemeteries and burying grounds was accomplished before the advent of portable GPS systems. Good luck!

  2. Bruce Crandall Says:

    I’ve had a Garmin eTrex Summit for over ten years that I use to pin-point historical markers and tombstones. My recently acquired iPhone has a similar ability.

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