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11 Feb 2012 – The Randall Wells House February 11, 2012

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I received this suggestion as a place to visit on my upcoming genealogy road trip:

“Should you fine the resting place for Randall Wells and his wife Lois Maxson, might there be a way to take a photo or two? And maybe some info on how to find the site? Past information indicated Randall’s house may still stand nearby, and Randall’s gravestone may still exist. I live in California but get to the east coast from time to time, and would like to visit that site. Randall Wells served in the Rhode Island militia during the Revolution, starting out as an ensign, but was a captain when it ended. Good hunting!”

Well, I actually had the opportunity to be invited to see the Randall Wells house on my last trip up to Hopkinton in 2009.  The house is located off of Route 3 not very far south of 95 on the East side of the Road.  It can’t be seen from the road as it is set back from the road.  There was a family still living in the house so if you go looking for it, please don’t trespass.  Here are some pictures I took of the lovely old home.




2 Responses to “11 Feb 2012 – The Randall Wells House”

  1. Henry Lucas Says:

    What beautiful pictures!! What a fine house, and how truly amazing it still stands. Those photos really made my day. I had no idea as to what condition in which the house may have been, but I’m so happy it still stands. Thank you very much for sharing those photos, and giving information on where the house is located.

    Is there any chance those photos could be sent to me? I would be very happy to pay a small fee for them. While I live in California, my sister lives in Connecticut and I’ll share those photos with her. We had no idea we had ancestors that lived in Rhode Island until 5 years ago, and we have visited Hopkinton a few times since then just to see where those Wells families lived.

    Thanks again.

    Henry Lucas

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