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12 Nov 2011 – Relatives Buried outside the USA November 12, 2011

When I was putting together my book on burial locations of the family, I came across some burials outside the good old US of A.  Here are a few of them

Abbey Church of Saints Peter & Paul “Bath Abbey”,Bath,Somerset,England(http//www.bathabbey.org)  I’d love to get confirmation on this.  I’ve seen them in a few books but I’m the first to admit that the info on Matthew Randall varies quite a bit from source to source.  Anyone live in Bath that can go take a look for us???

Matthew Randall …     About 1600 – Jan 16, 1639 (My 8th Great Grandfather) Matthew is the son of John Randall and Unknown BLU.  Matthew was a former Mayor of Bath.

Elizabeth Moorford Randall … About 1605 – Feb 23, 1639/40 (My 8th Great Grandmother)

Agnes Cullen Randall    … Jan 1, 1570/71 – Feb 19, 1627/28   (Matthew was married twice, to Elizabeth and Agnes. I’ve seen both Elizabeth and Agnes listed as the mother of John Randall Sr. but I tend to think it was Agnes based on the dates.)

Brookwood Cemetery, Brookwood,Surrey,England

Brookwood Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Britain and probably in Western Europe. ( http://www.brookwoodcemetery.com)

 William James Stillman … Jun 1, 1828 – Jul 6, 1901 My 2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed) William is the son of Joseph Stillman 3rd and Elizabeth Ward Maxson of Plainfield,NJ.

Marie E. Spartali … Mar 10, 1844 – Mar 6, 1927 … w/o William James Stillman

“In memory of William James Stillman Born 1828 atSchenectady.U.S.A.Died 1901 at Frimley.  And of his wife Marie Spartali Stillman Born 10th March 1844  Died 6th March 1927.  Wonderfully out of the beautiful form soars her clear spirit waxing glad while and is in its first home there where it is.  Vita Nuova   “The Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou was made to serve.”  Isaiah 14:3  “Thou hast made us for thyself O Lord and our heart is restless until it rests in Thee” S. Augustine

 Lydeard St. Lawrence Churchyard Cemetery,Lydeard St.Lawrence,Somerset

Thomas Saunders Sr.    … 1559 – Jun 11, 1609 (My 9th Great Grandfather)  Thomas is the son of John Saunders and Unknown.  He was married to Ann Blake below.

Ann Blake …   1561 – Unknown  (Ann’s parents, John Blake and Jane/Christian Jugg, are buried in Over Stowey,Somerset,England)

Manila American CemeteryAnd Memorial,Manila,Philippines

Charles A. Erbig … 1914 – Jul 25, 1942 (My 1st Cousin 2Xs Removed)  Charles is the son of William Edward Erbig and his wife Ida.  William E. is in OakGrove Cemetery.  Grave Number: D 1 106 … Service Branch: Army … Rank: Corporal


2 Responses to “12 Nov 2011 – Relatives Buried outside the USA”

  1. Kris VanDenBossche Says:

    Barbara Fallon posted a photo of Charlie Erbig and the Bradford RI baseball team from 1936 on facebook. Here’s the URL http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2743259060866&set=o.136779689743865&type=1&theater.

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