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29 Sep 2011 – Mystery Burdick Cemetery in Stonington September 29, 2011

So here’s an interesting item that’s been sitting in my “To be investigated” pile for some time now.  I’m hoping someone can tell me a bit more about this cemetery, like who is buried there. 

I found the following information on the internet some years ago.  I’ve never found any other info on the cemetery but it certainly sounds promising.  If you know anything about it, Please let me know!! 

BarnIsland Wildlife Management Area, Stonington, CT: “There are 30 or more Burdicks there with accompanying very old stones in decent shape. The cemetery is located on the state-owned Barn Island Wildlife Management Area. To visit the cemetery turn off Route 1 in Stonington, CT onto Greenhaven Rd. and travel a couple miles and then turn right on Stewart Rd. At the locked gate you must park your car and then walk the dirt road about 1/4 mile past a dilapidated stone gateway and the cemetery is on the left. During summer months there are many birds, as well as quite a bit of poison ivy and large mosquitos.”


7 Responses to “29 Sep 2011 – Mystery Burdick Cemetery in Stonington”

  1. Devan Cole Says:

    Are the Burdick’s in any way related to a Braddock family?

    I did a simple Google search and found this:

  2. Elizabeth Burdick Says:

    The cemetery on Barn Island contains the remains of my ancestors, including Benjamin Burdick, who both my grandfather, father, brother and nephew were named for and Emily Cooper, who my late sister was named for. I have visited the cemetery many times. My Uncle and Dad know more of the history than I. What is your connection?

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Peter Burdick (husband of Esther Gavitt) is my 2nd Cousin 6 times removed. Not much of a connection but the cemetery had little info that I could find on line and sounded like it would be an interesting hike to find. I love a good hike in the woods looking for a cemetery. It was easy to find and a pleasant walk if you ever want to go yourself. -Jennifer

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