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28 Sep 2011- Wells & Stillman Family Hand Written Family trees September 28, 2011

I’m not sure if I’ve posted these or not before.  Here are some great really old hand written family trees that were written by Williams Rogers Wells (1855-1926) of Ashaway, RI, son of Jonathan Russell Wells and Martha Ann Rogers.

This first one details the Stillman line.  Williams was married to Pauline R Stillman (1855-1922) of Alfred, NY, the daughter of Phineas Crandall Stillman.  This paper starts with Phineas and ends with George Stillman and Jane Pickering, the first Stillmans to come to America.

This family history above is cool enough but when I turned the paper over, I realized it was written on Williams’ company letterhead, see below.

This next one was written on June 30, 1892 and details the descendants of Randall Wells (1747-1821) and Lois Maxson (1748-1819) and ends with Williams and Pauline’s children.

This next one gives a history of Williams going back to Edward Wells (born 1694) and Edward’s father Thomas Wells.  It also gives a history of Wallace Wells (born 1856) son of Silas C Wells.

These last three tell of Williams, Pauline and lists information on all of their children.


4 Responses to “28 Sep 2011- Wells & Stillman Family Hand Written Family trees”

  1. I am only a person who knew a member of this tree but I think what you have done by offerring to find and post this hand written document is a great gift not only to all families of this tree but to anyone interested in the history of this group of people and in America. Thank you for your work. Richard Hamilton Fontaine

  2. Judy Hayward (Granddaughter of Lois Wells Lipphardt) Says:

    Thank you for posting, Jennifer

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