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30 June 2011 – Elder John Crandall Christening Records June 30, 2011

As promised, here is a copy of Elder John Crandall of Westerly, RI christening records from Westerleigh Parish in Westerleigh, Gloucestershire, England.  Elder John was born in 1617 in England and died 29 November 1676 in Newport, RI.  I remember seeing this document on-line years ago but the scan was so low resolution that it was unreadable.  This scan is pretty good.  I also have a copy here where I circled the information as you have to hunt for it on this old document from 1617!


2 Responses to “30 June 2011 – Elder John Crandall Christening Records”

  1. Steve Crandall Says:

    Hi, Jennifer. My name is Steve Crandall and I was doing a little genealogy research on my family name when I came across your site. Thank you for posting pictures like the Christening documents and others. My father has just come into possession of some photos that HIS father took during a trip to the Crandall homestead in RI. They have pictures of the same house you show on your page. Based on the meager research I’ve done, it appears I might be the 8x great-grandson of Elder John Crandall himself. Pretty neat stuff. Thanks again!

    • jgeoghan Says:

      The post I did on the Crandall House is one of my most popular. I’d love to do a follow up on it with new photos of it more in it’s prime. If there’s any chance you could email me some photos, I’d love to post them and share them with all our cousins. If so, you can email them to me at jegeoghan@hotmail.com. Thanks for reading my blog!! – Jennifer

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