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9 June 2011 – Davis Newbury and Lydia Williams June 9, 2011

Before I begin, an FYI if you received my post from yesterday via email.  For some reason all the pictures and some text got cut out of it and I had to re-do it and so you didn’t get the whole thing.

So yesterday I found on findagrave.com some grandparents of mine!! YEAH. My 4th Great Grandparents to be exact.  They are Capt. Davis Newbury and his wife Lydia Williams.  Also buried with them was two of their daughters, Eunice and Betsey. 

Eunice and Betsey died at the same time.  I found this note a while back about them:

Connecticut Gazette: August 14, 1822…At Montville, of the Typhus Fever. August 9, Eunice Newbury, aged 18; and on the 11th Betsey, her sister, aged 25; daughter of Capt Davis Newbury.

So it was Davis and Lydia’s Daughter Sally Newbury that married Daniel Rogers.  Sally and Daniel had Martha Ann Rogers who married Jonathan Wells of Ashaway, RI.  Davis and Lydia (and Eunice and Betsey) are in Comstock Cemetery in Uncasville, CT.  Here are their headstones:


One Response to “9 June 2011 – Davis Newbury and Lydia Williams”

  1. Hello Jennifer. My name is Craig Fleming. Davis Newbury is my 4th great grandfather. I’ve just started a genealogy search and I find it fascinating (and addicting.) You can reach me at craig.fleming@csulb.edu.

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