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25 May 2011 – Tip for Searching Google for your Family May 25, 2011

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I saw this and thought I’d share.

How to Let Google Do Research for You
When you’ve formulated an effective Google search for genealogy info, it’s time to set up a Google Alert so Google will automatically deliver newly posted, relevant information right to your inbox.   Caffeine, Google’s new web indexing system, means that Google Alerts will more quickly deliver results for the genealogical searches  
By setting up a Google Alert for the searches you have already conducted, you won’t have to go out every day on the Web and search for that topic to see if there is anything new. Instead, Google will do the work for you. To set up a Google Alert:  

1. Log into your Google account.  
2. Go to google.com/alerts.  
3. Type your search terms into the Create a Google Alert box  
4. Select the type of search you want (“comprehensive” will search for websites, videos, Google Books, news, etc.).  
5. Select how often you want to receive search results.  
6. Choose where you would like your Google Alert delivered, such as an email account or RSS feed.  
7. Click Create Alert

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