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20 April 2011 – Wells Family Newspaper Articles April 21, 2011

 Here is a collection of Wells Family Newspaper Articles that I’ve gathered off of genealogybank.com.  Most of them mention Hopkinton, RI as the Wells Residence.

MATTHEW WELLS:  This is either Matthew Wells Sr. (1735-1818) son of Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall or his son Matthew Wells Jr. (1765-1852) son of Matthew Sr. and Bridgett Burdick and husband of Elizabeth Coon.  It could also be both of them.

MORTGAGE – Providence Gazette 27 Jan 1787 – Matthew Wells of Hopkinton Mortgage

MORTGAGE- United States Chronicle 15 Mar 1787 Matt Wells of Hopkinton paying Mortgage

Paper- United States Chronicle – 1 March 1787 Matthew Wells of Hopkinton

Paper- United States Chronicle – 8 March 1787 Matthew Wells

Paper-United States Chronicle 11 June 1801 Matt Wells of Hop Selling Farm

Paper- United States Chronicle – 1 March 1787 David Maxson Westerly-Matt Wells of Hop

(CAPT.) EDWARD WELLS:  I think this is Capt. Edward Wells Jr. (1726/7-1798) son of Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall and husband of Elizabeth Sheffield.

Newport Mercury 28 Mar 1763 – Capt Edward Wells of Hopkinton Lottery

United States Chronicle 13 Sep 1787 – E Wells of Hopkinton

CAPT. WILLIAM RANDALL WELLS: This is William Randall Wells (1816-1872) son of Randall Wells Jr. and Patience Coon and husband of Esther Crandall Burdick.

Daily Constitution Dec 7th 1872 a Conn paper -Death of Capt William Wells of Ashaway

Daily Constitution Dec 17th 1872 a Conn Paper – Capt William Wells suicide

HENRY M. WELLS:  I think this is Henry Manning Wells (1805-1857) son of Ens. Thomas Wells 5th and Mary”Polly” Robinson and husband of Catherine G. Coombs.  He is buried in First Hopkinton Cemetery.

Newport Mercury 11 Nov 1837 – HM Wells of Hopkinton in Gen Assemble – Top Right

Rhode-Island Republican 10 May 1837 – Henry M Wells of Hopkinton Gen Assembly- half way down

JAMES WELLS:  James (1760-1835) married Ann Love.  I do not know who his parents are.  He and Ann Love were the parents of Anna Maria Wells who married John Hagadorn Wells.

Newport Mercury 9 May 1835 – death of a James Wells of Hopkinton

Newport Mecury Dec 16th 1820 – marriage of James Wells and Ann Love

THOMAS WELLS:  Son of Thomas Wells the 4th and Sarah Thompson.

United States Chronicle 19 July 1787 Thompson Wells of Hopkinton Subscription Papers – Bottom

JONATHAN R. WELLS: Jonathan Russell Wells (1819-1864) was the son of Russell Wells and Lydia Rogers Crandall and the husband of Martha Ann Rogers.

Manufacturers and Farmers Journal Dec 24th 1857 Jonathan R Wells -under WESTERLY

ENSIGN THOMAS WELLS:  Ensign Thomas Wells 22 April 1755 Hopkinton to 20 Apr 1829 Hopkinton.  Husband of Mary “Polly” Robinson.  Son of Thomas Wells the 4th and Sarah Thompson.  Buried at First Hopkinton Cemetery.

Norwich Courier May 6th 1829 death of Thomas Wells 5th

WILLIAMS ROGERS WELLS: Williams Rogers Wells  (1855-1926) was the son of Jonathan Russell Wells and Martha Ann Rogers and the husband of Pauline Rudiger Stillman.

NY Herald Tribune April 14th 1897 WR Wells

Springfield Republican Dec 30th 1926 a MA paper WR Wells OBIT

THOMAS RANDALL WELLS: Thomas Randall Wells (1816-1903) also known asn just Randall Wells sometimes, was the son of Russell Wells and Lydia Rogers Crandall and the husband of Harriet A. Taylor.

Hartford Daily Courant Aug 3rd 1876 – Fire of mill of Thomas Randall Wells of Hopkinton

RANDALL WELLS: Randall Wells Sr. (1747-1821) was the son of Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall and the husband of Lois Maxson.

Paper- United States Chronicle – 9 July 1764 Randall Wells and Rogers

Bristol County Register 15 Apr 1809 – Randall Wells

MISC. THOMAS WELLS (probably more than 1 Thomas here)

United States Chronicle 12 May 1785 – Capt Tom Wells 2nd Hopkinton – third down of third column

Providence Patriot 28 June 1826 – Thomas Wells Hopkinton Gen Assembly-3rd Column half way down

Providence Gazzette – Obit Sarah wife of THomas Wells of Hop

CHILDREN OF WALLACE RAY WELLS:  Wallace Ray Wells (1856-1921) was the son of Silas Crandall Wells and Sarah Coolege and was the husband of Lucy Lillian Gray.

Springfield Union Dec 28th 1958 a MA paper Obit Ruth A Wells do Wallace Ray

Springfield Union Oct 10th 1954 a MA Paper OBIT Ethel Wells do Wallace Ray

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