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Jan 1, 2011 – Franz Haver (Xavier) Kranz January 1, 2011

A while ago I came across the record below.  I think it found it on familysearch.org   It was listed as “Bavaria, Germany, WWI Personnel Rosters, 1914-1918 Record for Franz Xaver Kranz”.   I got excited as I thought he must be an uncle of mine, brother of John Kranz my immigrant ancestor from Arzheim Germany as the fellow here, Franz had the same names for his parents.  John or Johannes was born in Arzheim on December 10, 1872.  When I was up at the Family History Expo in Atlanta this past fall I had the opportunity to show the document to a great gal who worked for the Family History Library in the German section and she gave me the translation in the second picture.  So yes, this is my uncle Franz (or Haver/Xavier).  I knew I had an uncle Xavier as he was listed in the handwritten family history written by John pictured below.

So what does all this tell me?  Well it tells me that Franz/Xavier served in the Germany Military for quite some time and probably served in World War I by the dates.  It says he was single so I don’t know if he ever married or had children or if he even lived through World War I.   I can only hope so.  What it also tells me is that he propbably didn’t immegrate to America as he brothers John and Stefan did so I need to keep looking in German records for more info on him.


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2 Responses to “Jan 1, 2011 – Franz Haver (Xavier) Kranz”

  1. Tom C Says:

    Do you have any more information regarding the Franz figure in your tree? I came across a photo of a person in WW1 and WW2 in my grandfathers belongings of a German from the Bavarian area that is dressed in Military clothing and the name Franz and cant really make out the last part but its looks like Xaver or Haver

    • jgeoghan Says:

      I believe you are talking about Franz Xavier Kranz. His name has many variations. This one being what I think of as the American variation. They seem to have called him Haver a lot in letters. In German church records, his name is Francisci Xaverii Kranz. He was born 9 May 1848 in Neuburg an der Donau, Bavaria. He married Elizabeth Hahn in 1872 in Arzheim, Pfalz, Bavaria. Elizabeth and her family were from Arzheim and they couple settled there. He died on 26 July 1927.

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