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Genealogybank.com – Wells Family Newpaper Articles December 1, 2010

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I joined genealogybank.com this week.  Yes, I gave in to the persistent emails advertising them that family tree magazine kept sending me.   Was it worth the $55 (per year) membership??  Perhaps, judge for yourself when you see the following.

Here is an interesting article from the Pawtucket Times, dated January 6, 1910 and tells the story of the Wells family Violin.  Not just any violin, but a violin of the Devil!    It says the violin was passed down in the Edward Sheffield Wells line (of Hopkinton, RI).  One would assume from that it started perhaps with Edward Sheffield Wells Sr, then to Edward S. Wells Jr. Then to Augustus Lewis Wells Sr. and then to Augustus L. Wells Jr.  and then to A.L. Wells Jr to his sons Russell and Elliot.  

Here is the article:Pawtucket Times Jan 6 – 1910 Wells Violin Article

Here is an interesting article from the Pawtucket Times dated November 3, 1899 that talks about the Bethel Mill in Ashaway.  I’ve been doing some research on the Mills of Ashaway/ Hopkinton  in an effort to collect all the info I can on Jonathan Russell Wells and son Williams Rogers Wells as they were both involved in the industry.   You have to read down a bit in this article.  It starts with the line ” The woolen mill at Bethel, a small hamlet about half-mile north of Ashaway, has changed hands and will soon be in operation”    The T.R. Wells and Co is Thomas Randall Wells (who is commonly seen as T. Randall or just Randall Wells) who is the son of Russell Wells and Lydia Rogers Crandall.   It then mentions W.R. Wells which is Thomas’ nephew.  W.R. is Williams Rogers Wells, son of Jonathan R. Wells.  Jonathan is the brother of Thomas Randall Wells.

Here is the Article: Pawtucket Times 1899-11-03 WM R Wells and Mill

Here is an interesting death notice I found in the Plain Dealer (a newspaper from Ohio) dated November 12, 1917.  Talks of the death of a Mrs. Guy Wells who committed suicide by drinking acid.  I don’t know who she is but thought it very odd.  Let’s face it, you have to be pretty despondent to drink acid of all things.

Here is the Article:Plain Dealer -Ohio- death of Mrs Guy Wells in Waynesfield

Here is an article from the Providence Gazette dated May 9, 1772.  It lists the Justice’s of the Peace for Hopkinton as John Mason, Jun. Thomas Wells, jun. Nathan Burdick, Edward Wells and David Randa’ Esquires.   I tried to figure out by the dates who these Wells’ men are but am still not sure.

Here is the Article: Pape- Providence Gazette 9 May 1772 Edward and thomas Wells of Hop Just of Peace

Here is an article from the Bristol County Register dated April 15, 1809 I think it’s listing attendees to the Republican Convention.  Lists Randall Wells of Hopkinton.  This could be Randall Wells son of Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall.  He lived in Hopkinton and his dates are 1747 to 1821.

Here is the article: Bristol County Registe 15 Apr 1809 Randall Wells

Here is an article from the Newport Mercury dated March 21, 1763 that talks of a meeting held at the house of Capt. Edward Wells.  This might be the Capt. Edward Wells son of Edward Wells and Elizabeth Randall, brother to Randall wells above. 

Here is the article: Paper- Newport Mercury 21 Mar 1763 – Edward Wells of Hop

Here is another article from the Newport Mercury.  This one dated March 28, 1763.  It talks about a Lottery that Capt. Edward Wells is having at his house in Hopkinton.

Here is the Article: Paper- Newport Mercury 28 Mar 1763 Edward Wells of Hop Lottery


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