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November 29, 2010 – Capt James H. Wells November 29, 2010

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So today I was surfing around in the Google News Archives looking for information on great-grandfather Williams Rogers Wells and came across an obituary for a Captain James H. Wells who I’m really sure who he is.  His obit ran in “The Day” newspaper on December 8, 1908 but doesn’t list his exact date of death.

According to his obit, he was born Jan 21, 1850 to Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wells in Waterford, CT.  Further research on ancestry.com shows that his mother was a Cynthia Wheeler.   Cynthia and Russell also had a son named Charles.

James married a Sarah and had 4 children: Francis, Fanny, Sara and one who had already died.  It’s and interesting obit and I’d like to know who this fellow is.  If you know who his father Russell was a son of, I’d like to know.

Here is the obit:Wells – James H Wells UNKNOWN PERSON


One Response to “November 29, 2010 – Capt James H. Wells”

  1. visionshare Says:

    Interesting my full name is, James Herbert Wells III. From Illinois, my sister tells me our family was from Conn.

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