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November 19, 2010 – Grandma Geoghan’s Cocktail Recipes November 19, 2010

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My cousin sent me my Grandmother’s cook book earlier this year and I’ve had a project going to transcribing it to create a family cook book adding in recipes from my other grandmother, my mother and also me.  While working my way through Grandma’s cookbook today I came across a section of cocktail recipes.  Does it say something about your family that they have cocktail recipes in with the apple pie recipes?  Humm… Food for thought, if you’ll pardon the pun.  Here are good old Grandma Geoghan’s cocktail recipes. 

Claridge Punch

1 teaspoon powdered sugar                 

Juice of ½ an orange

Juice of ½ a lemon                               

2 ounces brandy

2 ounces Jamaican rum (light)

Shake all ingredients with finely cracked ice.  Strain into 16 ounce glass.  Fill glass to brim with finely strained ice.

Cranberry Cocktail

4 cups cranberries                               

 4 cups water

2/3 cups sugar

 Cook cranberries and water until all the skins pop open which is almost 5 minutes.  Strain through cheesecloth.  Bring juice to boiling point add sugar and boil 2 minutes.  Serve cold.  This may be put into sterilized bottles, cooled and sealed for future use.  Before serving add a little lemon juice or orange juice.

The Ocean Wave

Juice of 1 lime                                      

2 ounces of Gin

½ ounce cream dementh (green)          

Dash of green chartreuse

1 teaspoon powdered sugar

 Shake well and serve in 12 ounce glass.  Pack shaved ice.

Peach Flo

2 ounces gin                                        

1 ounce lemon juice

1 ounce heavy cream                           

 1 sweet peach

1 teaspoon powdered sugar                 

Cold charged water or soda 

Crush peach and powdered sugar together.  Put gin, lemon juice, heavy cream and crushed peach into cocktail shaker with several cubes of ice and shake vigorously.  Strain into 8 ounce fizz glass, fill glass with cold charged water or soda.

The Scarlett O’Hara Cooler

2 tablespoons grenadine                       

Juice of ½ a lemon

1.2 teaspoon sugar                              

2 ounces White Havana Club rum

Dash of anisette

Put the grenadine into a 12 or 14 ounce glass.  Fill glass almost to the brim with shaved ice, keeping the grenadine on the bottom of the glass.  Shake lemon juice, powdered sugar and rum in cocktail shaker with ice.  Carefully strain into glass containing grenadine and ice taking care to keep 2 distinct levels of color.  Then fill glass to brim with strained ice.

Shelbourn Punch

2 ounces gin                                        

1 ounce lemon juice

1 ounce orange juice                            

1 tablespoon simple syrup

¾ ounce Puerto Rican rum (dark)        

1 ½ ounce whiskey

1 tablespoon Jamaican rum 

Shake all ingredients together with find ice, stir entire contents into 12 ounce glass.  Then fill glass almost to brim with finely cracked ice

 Shelbourn Zombie

½ ounce Cuban Rum (Dark)                

½ ounce Puerto Rican Rum (dark)

½ ounce Puerto Rican Rum (white)      

½ ounce Mexican Habanero rum

½ ounce Arrack Pnnah?                      

 ½ lime (juice only)

1 teaspoon brown sugar                       

2 stalks fresh pineapple

Put all ingredients into cocktail shaker (except pineapple) with ice and shake well.  Strain into 12 ounce glass; fill glass to brim with finely shaved ice.

Arrack is a type of alcohol produced in Asia and parts of the Middle East. Traditionally, arrack has been produced from fermented palm sap, although ingredients like rice, other grains, sugarcane, and molasses can be used to produce arrack as well. This beverage is quite popular in Indonesia and parts of Sri Lanka, and some mixed drink recipes call specifically for arrack since it has a distinctive flavor. Do not confuse arrack with arak, a Middle Eastern drink made from raisins; arak has a flavor like anise, similar to the Greek ouzo.

 Traymore Zombie

1 ounce passion fruit                            

1 ounce Porto Rican rum (white)

1 ounce Porto Rican Rum (gold)          

1 ounce brandy

½ ounce Jamaican rum

 Shake together.


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