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November 15, 2010 – Family History EXPO and DNA Testing November 15, 2010

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So I was up at the Family History EXPO up in Atlanta this past weekend.  Had a great time.  If you haven’t been to one of these things before, boy, you’re missing out.  Took 10 classes in everything from learning how to better use my roots magic software to using a GPS for genealogy.  Working my German roots to how to get the most from my digital camera in my study of my family tree.

There was a booth in the exhibit fall that was a company called Family Tree DNA.  I’ve been wanting to get my parents to do DNA testing but can’t seem to figure out which company would be the best to use.  Has anyone out there had DNA testing? What were you experiences like?  Let me know the good and bad and help me choose.   Basically with my Dad, I’d like to find out where his father’s, father is from in Ireland.  Hoping that the test could show me a large concentration of his male DNA in a specific area of Ireland.

With my Mom’s maternal side, I think the direct maternal line comes from germany.  We also think that those ancestors in Germany may have been Jewish.  Would be nice to know if we could confirm or deny that rumor.

So if anyone out there can help me out with some suggestions, that would be great.


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