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November 10, 2010 – Wells Family Letters November 10, 2010

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Here are 2 more of the Wells letters I bought on EBAY.  It’s my plan when I get them all transcribed and posted to take a more big picture look at them to see if I can’t find a way to find some of these folks’ descendants.  I like this first letter.  SOme odd ailments!

Addressed to: Mrs. Mary A Talbot   care of Frank Wells, Garrettsville, Portage Co., Ohio

From: Mt. Vernon, Jan 28

 Mt. Vernon  xxx1868

Dear May

I can hardly realize that two years and one has passed since you were here.  How are you getting along.  Well I hope.  By mere accident, we herd that you were married and I know nothing of your where abouts but thinking these few lines might find you, I improve the present opportunity in writing.

When you were here, you was so innocent about getting married and I suppose it was a settled plan then.  Is the gentleman married that brought you those nice peaches__

The September after you were here I went to Minisota.  Jennies husband said if I would come he would give me twenty five dollars and Mr. Chamberlin gave me a pass (?) up the lakes to Milwauke and back xxx quietly I accepted this kind offer.  I made up my mind I rest and have a good visit for I was completely tired out but providence ordered otherwise.  I had been their about 2 weeks when I received a letter from home stating Sister Betsy was not expected to live.  I received the letter in the eve and started for home the next morning.  When I got home, I found her better.  She had a terrible carbuneli(?) on her bowels.  It was as large round as a breakfast plate and she suffered a great deal.  The Dr. said her being so fleshly saved her live as it had something to feed upon.  She eat out the center with casti (?) and when he took it out you could see every movement of the bowels-

The day after Thanksgiving I received a letter from my brother Williams daughter.  She stated her mother had been quite unwell all summer and was sick only a short time previous to her death.  She had a tumer in the bowels which enlarged so rapidly that it caused her death in a short time.  I can’t realize that I shall never see her dear face again.  I loved her very much, she was a dear good woman.  Brother Talbot has moved twice since spring.  He bought a pretty place on High Street, made some improvements and sold it for $3000 and bought another for $2000.  The location is not as good as the one on High Street but they have less dust and noise being xxxx the depot their was a constant din – I received from Jean a few days since they were all usually well.  Your uncle’s health is better for the last few weeks. I can see thathe has gained some flesh all the fall and fore part of the winter he ad a troublesome cough and was so weak he consulted Dr. xxx but did not take his medicine but for the last few weeks he has been smoking and taking medicine that I think is helping him.  He is industrious as ever.  Last week with help, he got up a good wood pile.  This week he is draning (?) inamure (?) from Vernon, he usually improves the good roads in winter for that business.  Sister Betsey sends much love and says she would like to step in and have a chat and give you a good shakin up.  Give out best love to Solomon and his fife and all enquiring friends.  Kiss Alice for me and tell her I say she must be a good girl and mind sister. 

Yours affectionately xxx Emma  Write soon.

Envelope address to: Miss Mary A Wells, Garrettsville, Portage Co., Ohio

Cancelled: Findley Ohio, Sept 15

 Oak Ridge  Sept 11, 1864

My Dear Niece,

A long time has elapsed since we have had any correspondence.  Owing I suppose to the miscarriage of a letter I wrote you the last letter and in it I made some inquires as to your business matters which I suppose did not meet your approbation.  And did not know to the contrary until Helen received a letter from you stating you had written to me last also that you expected to make us a visit this summer.  I  deferred writing then thinking you would be out here but I have not seen any thing of you.  So I concluded I would write again.  You are aware I suppose that I was to Utica last winter on a visit and it was my intention to visit you on my way home but I received a letter from Frances that they had sold their place and was going away the next week, which hurried me right home.  They had a sale and sold off their things before I got back I was very much disappointed that I could not visit you for with two or three dollars more expense I could have seen the rest of my friends.  I had a first rate visit there.  They were all very kind to me and seemed to be very pleased with my coming to see them.. I was there six weeks.  Austin has gone to Indiana to keep sheep on the prairies he lives in Jasper County.  He has a brother living there was the reason of his going there.  After he sold out he had some notion of going ti Iowa but concluded he would wait until war was over.  You can’t imagine my feelings when I get to thinking sometimes about my family.  They are all away from me.  Frances in Indiana, John in Utica and Helen is in Findlay going to school and when she gets through I suppose she will go off somewhere to teach where I cannot see her very often.  I wish when you receive this you would write me a long letter and let me know how you get along and if you are still living in the house alone and how Franks family is and Henry’s family if you see Uncle Sol, give my kind regards to him.  My health is quite poor.  I think if I could staid in Utica two or three months and Doctored my throat it would got better.  But I came home and had to go into hard work and what medicine I took did not do it a bit of good for two cents I would go away now and stay all winter and let them take care of them selves.  Stewarts folks are well, his oldest girl Mary has gone to Illinois to teach school among her Mothers friends.  She and her sister younger have both been teaching this summer.  When you write I wish you would let me know if you know any thing about your Uncle Epaphro’s family.  I must bring my letter to a close and promise you a longer one next time.  My love to Alice and accept a share for yourself.

This from your Aunt

S.A. Coats

PS: If you write to Frances, Direct to Renselear Jasper County Indiana.


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