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November 7, 2010 – Wells Letters November 7, 2010

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Here are 2 more of my Wells Letters collection that I bought off of EBAY.

Mt. Vernon  June 22nd, 1857

Dear Brother

I must apologize for not writing sooner to you, by saying that work has been so pressing that I have hardly had time to write.  I have 13 acres of corn and about 3 acres of garden to tend to.  My corn looks well, have had it out and shall go through it with a plow again this week.  It is nearly knee high but it has been so showery for 2 weeks that the weeds grow faster than the corn.  We have 6 cows and sell the mornings milk at 4cts pr qt.  The nights milk we make butter from.  We milk at 4 oclock AM and 4 PM.  I am through and at home by half past 6 so you see that we have to be stirring.  I have not tried to dispose of the nights milk as it would take off too much of my time from my crops.  We shall probably have a sufficient quantity of apples, cherries and peaches for our own use, although the Curculo has stung the cherries and some other insect is playing the devil with the apples, by eating a hole as big as a pea into the centre of the fruit.  Crops generally look well, wheat looking poorest of any—-

Out healths are all very good, mine is much better than when I was in the store.  I have been so busy thus far that I have not had time to be sick.  I like the Milk Business very well as I think it will pay.   No Trust is the motto and all are willing to pay for their feckets (?) from x tx 4 weeks in advance, without grumbling.  After the middle of November I shall get 5 cts going with it but once a day, mixing the Nights milk without skimming with that of the morning.  Tell Solomon I hope to prove him a false Prophet yet, I have not sold at Independence yet although I hope to do so before the year is out——-Grace (?) and Solomon must both write to me and let me know how the world goes with you and whatever news will be interesting.

From your affectionate Brother

E. Wells

E Wells Family Group Sheet    Henry Wells Family Group Sheet

I think E Wells may be Epaphroditus Wells, son of Henry Wells and husband of Emma B Linslie (Linsted).  “E” was born 3 Dec 1808 in Stonington, CT.  He also had a brother names Solomon (Mentioned in the above letter) and Emma B Wells his wife is probably the author of some of the letters below in previous posts.

Here he is on the 1860 Census:

Here is another letter:

Garettsville  July 10, 1867

 Dear Sister Mary

I received your letter on the fourth was glad to hear from you.  I have written to you once before but from what you said in your letter I took it that you had not got it yet.  I dinisted (?) to bannersville (?) and thought that it was the place.I did not go any where the fourth there was a celebration in Parkman and fireworks and ball in the evening, Louisa went  with Horace Hatoh.  I went to one of the Bot-aner (?), I guess you will have to channg (?) home for my stockings and shoes wont hold out much longer I tore a hole in my dress not loss than half a sand long the other day I am going over to Franks Saturday to see Jennie If School don’t keep I have fun to chunck (?) turse (?) since I have ben here we are all xxting to night I am so homesick I don’t know what to do I have been xxxx home 2 or 2 times I told Mrs. Tilden that I would eat all the xxxx Cherries I could and make myself sick and then you would come home you need not stay always because you have got a good place to stay our currants are xxxx xxx Byrons Udalls house took fire the fourth but the boys yelled so loud that folks some and put it out.  I must stop writing from you affectionate sister.


Ms Mary Talbot  , Tugh (Looks like this is who the letter was addressed to, see original)

This letter seems to be written by Alice who is mentioned in another of the letters in a previous post.  The other letter says: ” Hiram  July 10, 1867…. Dear Mary,  …. We received your letter the fourth and was very glad to hear from you.  Alice began to get a little homesick and so wrote you a letter the week before she directed it to Beansville(?) so don’t know whether you got it or not – Alice and I stayed at home the forth it was a pretty lonesome day for us we was going to Parkman to the fire works in the evening but we had a XXX XXX (xxx seing?) afternoon so we did not go Ralph and Louisa went to Parkman to the celebration and stayed to the diner in the evening.” and is signed Cordelia Tilden.

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2 Responses to “November 7, 2010 – Wells Letters”

  1. William J. Coffill Says:

    Hello. I came across your site when researching an 1849 letter from J. B. Wells (which I also acquired on eBay) in which he writes of “Epapho” who was planning to leave for California. I would be glad to send you a copy if you’d like one.

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