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November 7, 2010 – Two more Wells Letter from Sarah Chadwick November 7, 2010

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 Here are two more letters in the Wells Mystery Letters collection.  Both to the Mary that was the Niece of Emma B Wells of the letters in this past weeks post. 

Norwalk  July 12, 1864

 Cousin Mary,

I received your letter last Friday night  it found me as well as usual.  The box came to hand last night it came through all safe.  I am very much obliged to you for that   Ribbon and flowers you no send (seed) to have sent that plated spoon.  Tell Sophia that I thank her very much for Jennies likeness (?) it is just as natural as it can be pretty to, Tell Aunt Olive that I got Edwards photograph and sat down that afternoon and answered her letter and have written to her and since.  Mother and Mrs. Hill are going down to Liverpool Thursday to pick currants for there is none here  They are going to be gone about two weeks and then I shall take the team and go after them They will go down as the cars for our horse has had a thistle (?) in it’s shoulder and is not well enough to xx much yet.  Passres (?) is out of the Army again he has been rejected he was not old enough he is not 17 yet.  Uncle David had one boy in the Army his John.  Uncle James Coure (?) is in the Army xx . I Received a letter from Cousin (?) Matilda last week  they were all well.  Is Ethan and Lirey (?) Paysse giving X School at the center this summer  Well I do not think of any thing more to write this time  give my best respects to Frank.  Folks and all of the school girls write soon good bye.

Your truly

Sarah M. Chadwick


Norwalk, May 2nd, 1864

Cousin Mary,

I received your letter about two weeks ago but have been sick again and have not been able to write but am better now.  Mary, I want you should xxx my, Bed and things.  I want them, if I am going to be sick all of the while I want it Send all that belonged to me and I want that gold pin that you have got that your Father gave me that came with my book when you send them, send them in Hiram’s name or in his care and then I shall be sure and get it.  I will pay the freight on it in Norwalk we are living in Hastland (?) this summer it nine miles from Norwalk now but I do not know how long we shall stay we hoped to go to Michigan in August or September xxx we will if I am able to go and I hope that I shall be now be sure and send me them things Pin and all. I am getting tired and weak and must stop writing.  Write soon and be sure to send them. Give my love to all.

As ever your Cousin

Sarah M Chadwick

PS   Mother says tell Mary that she does not want my bed to xxx xxx any thing else of mine.


Write as soon as you get this  please



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