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November 5, 2010 – Another Wells Mystery Letter (1866) November 5, 2010

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As I’ve mentioned before, I came across a seller on EBAY who was selling old letters from the 1800’s.  There seem to be folks who collect the envelopes for the stamps and cancellations by the post office.    I came across him because he was selling letters written to and from members of a Wells family.  Over the past few years, I’ve bought all the ones he sold.  I probably have about 10+ of them.  I lost one auction for a lot of 4 or 5 letters but I emailed the fellow who won and explained that I was interested in the letters for their genealogy content and he was kind enough to scan the letters for me.  I hope to someday find a descendant of these Wells’ and put the letters in the hands of someone who will appreciate them with the love that only a genealogist can have (you know what I mean).

Anyway, here is another one of the letters:

Mt. Vernon  Feb 2X, 1866

Dear Mary,

Your welcome letter we received and was glad + hear you arrived all safe  I should have written to you before this but for the last four weeks have been about half way sick  For two weeks I scarcely sat up_I am now able to be around the house and hope to regain my usual health in a few days  How is your health this winter  We often speak of you and wish we could run in and chat with you once in a while  For I can realize how very lonely you must be  Has Frank sold the homestead  Give my love to him and his Wife and tell them we shall be glad to see them   Your uncle has taken a severe cold (and has taken to the bed this afternoon he is now enjoying a good sleep) + hope it will not settle on his lungs.  We had a letter from Aunt Adeline  She though of going to visit Frances about the middle of last month, she though John would be able to go with her at that time as he was gaining his health quite rapidly  I have not answered her letter but intend doing so in a few days.  Give my love to Alice  Bessie will write her this evening. Our Christmas tree looked splendidly and such a time as we had getting home.  The rain just poured down and we got wet as drowned rats.  Remember to Solomon and his wife and Henry and his wife and tell them we shall be glad to have them visit us _ I Received a letter from Jeannie last month and as it may be interesting to you I will copy a part of it _ We have had a festival held on the evening of Jan 1st. at which we made something over $100 Henry procured Rev David Burt of Winona to deliver a lecture one of the finest we ever heard  250 or more persons were present and after the lecture we sold cake cold meat tarts by the plateful with a cup of excellent coffee accompanying each plate.  Besides several gallons of ice cream were sold _ then there was fine music both vocal and instrumental, and every body agreed in saying that they had a “profitable and pleasant time” for my own part I was glad when the 1st of January had come and gone.  What with family cooking, a house full of company to entertain children to look after responsibility and anxiety in regard to the festival and the unfortunate absence of my girl Rhonda (she went home to spend Christmas and froze her feet on the way) I felt fit for nothing for several days – She had taken her baby to the Hall and was helping set tables when Henry came and told her a company of six from St. Charles had come to attend the festival and was waiting for tea  They staid all night and to breakfast the next morning  I think she had a busy New Year don’t you  Do write again soon I remain as ever your affectionate Aunt

All send love to all            

Emma B Wells.

Here’s a recap of people mentioned in this letter:

From: Emma B Wells (Aunt)  Mt. Vernon

To: Mary (Niece)

        In Mt Vernon area with Emma:   Bessie

        In Mary’s Area – Unknown: Frank (selling homestead), Alice, Solomon and his wife, Henry and his wife

 Had a letter from Aunt Adeline (and John) to visit Frances

Jeannie (received a letter from)

So if you know exactly who these folks are, let me know.  I’m still working on it.  Will post more letters soon.


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2 Responses to “November 5, 2010 – Another Wells Mystery Letter (1866)”

  1. Judith Hayward Says:

    In reference to the Wells Family letters that are not your family, I would love to see the scanned letters to see if they are my relatives. Thank you in advance

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